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Thursday, March 26, 2020

What is under your needle this week?

I'm continuing to make fabric masks ... I just finished #40,  and am gradually improving my speed.  All of mine go out as soon as theye are finished ... and none have yet made it to a local hospital.  Some went to Boston Children's with a friend of mine, and I brought some to our post office for the counter clerks, and to the cashiers at our local grocery store. The fire and police department accepted several, and family and friends have the rest. 

Tomorrow I must do my taxes and file those returns ... they are a weight on my shoulders that I need to shrug off. I know we have a federal extension of time to July, but the state form date hasn't changed, and can't be completed without the federal, so best to just get it done and file those folders of papers papers papers away.

Once the taxes are done, I will move back to doing more face masks, and if they aren't needed here in town by someone, I will get them to a local hospital. I am having fun making these ... I have a shop full of fabrics to choose from, and as I knew most of the people who received the first few dozen, I picked fabrics I thought they would like.  Here's a photo of some of the scraps from this first bunch of masks.

All of these fabrics are available at QQ, and if you are
using them for charity (ie, face masks, etc,)
I will give a 50% discount.

If you've heard from anyone that "Your masks are ineffective and more dangerous than helpful because they aren't up to OSHA measurements," here's a link that voices a different opinion. That the hospitals are asking folks to make these masks nationwide tells me that they know where they can be used and are smart enough not to assume more efficacy than we can offer. 

I wear my mask whenever I go out of the house, whether to shop for groceries, or to take a walk.  I don't have any reason to believe that I have the virus, or that the people I may pass by have the virus, but by wearing the mask, I'm reminding myself and others that we need to assume any one of us could be a carrier unaware, and keeping our physical distance, washing our hands, and avoiding crowded spaces is our responsibility, to ourselves and to others.

Happy stitching!  

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