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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Row by Row officially begins on Father's Day, June 21st.

Row by Row™ officially begins on Father's Day, June 21, 2015. Our shop is not typically open on Sundays; we will be here and will not turn anyone away should you have a visit planned along the way. Our official Row by Row™ opening day will be Wednesday June 24th, and we will be open from 11am to 7pm. We will open earlier for those traveling if you call us before hand at 1-978-352-2676 Our normal shop schedule is Wed. through Saturday, 11am-7pm.  

Come visit us to collect your free pattern of our 2015 row, 
Windows on the Water.
 Or buy your collectible 2015 Row by Row™ Peddler Pins: we have both styles available.

 We also have the coveted, out-of-stock Timeless Treasures fabric for making the official 2015 Row by Row™ Tote Bag, and will have paper copies of the pattern available at our shop as well. 
Tote pattern is free when you purchase 1/2 yard of the special Water Row, or you can download it free at this Timeless Treasures Link

And of course, our 2015 "Water Theme" license plates are available, 
as are a few remaining 2014 "Four Season" license plates.
And remember, we are the ONLY shop in the country to have the official Row by Row™ Massachusetts Post Card Kits!

Please be sure to visit Quilters' Quarters on your journeys this summer! We have kits for our row, and all of the above available for your shop hop pleasure!

And, if you hear that some quilters who feel pressured to be winners have 'cheated' by acquiring patterns ahead of time ... here is the official response from the Row by Row™ coordinators:
 " If there is ANY QUESTION of the authentic nature of a submitted quilt (especially in the first week) we will ask the maker to not only disclose each store ( as they are required to do anyway) but produce a copy of the pattern from that store and of which they used to make their row."