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Friday, May 14, 2021

Good News!

 Quilters' Quarters again accepts Credit Cards!

Credit/Debit card purchases have fees that are charged to the shop, and some shops inflate prices to cover these fees ... Quilters' Quarters will not do that. But while you will still receive the regular discount, I will add the sales tax to your net total (gross total minus discount.) Taxes ARE NOT charged on your discount total.

Cash and Checks are also accepted ... in fact, cash and check purchases are so valued that your 6.25% Massachusetts Sales Tax will be paid by the shop when you buy with cash or check.

This way, I am not penalizing credit card users, but instead am offering a reward to cash and check users.

As a retired school teacher, I understand the importance of sales tax in supporting our communities, and will honestly pay them FOR cash and check customers each quarter, and will forward them to the state with the sales tax revenue collected from charge card customers. No worries, and my thanks!