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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Another Beautiful New England Season!

The Presidential Range covered in foliage
resembles a beautiful patchwork quilt!
After spending the weekend in the White Mountains of New Hampshire this past weekend, I knew that the colors here in northeast Massachusetts would be spectacular this year, and they are!

Our collection of fall colors in the shop offers a wonderful echo of this season's beauty. And our 100% cotton, quilt-quality fabrics range in prices from $3.50 per yard to $12.00 per yard. When I get a bargain, you do, too.

Elizabeth Golz Rush fabrics
are on sale through November!
Quilters' Quarters is fortunate to have several local artists who share their talents and products with us, and so with you. Elizabeth Golz Rush brought several bolts of her Northcutt Fabric line to our shop and because of her generosity, I am able to sell some of her beautiful fabrics to you at a very reasonable price, here in the shop. Because our supply is limited, these fabrics may not appear on our webstore page. But you can telephone us (978-352-2676) to check our inventory of her fabrics, and order from a distance.

Wilmington Prints has also sent us a beautiful selection of ten inch squares and five inch charms; these will be added to the webstore soon if enough quantity is left after we've offered these at the Hammersmith Quilt Guild's annual show in Saugus, Massachusetts at the end of this month. Rick and I will be at the show vending fabrics, quilts, precut batiks and more.

Winter scenery backgrounds in ten inch fabric

 Christmas/Winter Pre-cuts, Wilmington Prints

Beautiful birch tree blender and wildlife scenery

For the outdoors enthusiasts in your circle, we have some fall and winter fabrics in bolts and precuts; these will be available on the webstore page by early NOVEMBER.

I've ordered more copies of The Quilter's Quarters volume 1 and have these in the shop and also available at this page of the webstore.  This is the collectible edition of the paperback, with color images of the quilts that will become part of the story as the mystery series develops; the images will not be repeated in the later stories, which will keep the cost at a more reasonable level. I sell the paperback, full-color volume in the shop for $15.99, which is far less than Amazon does. It is available as a kindle edition, though the quilt images  are far better on paper.

Watch for the second volume of this mystery series, Winter Wonders in the Quilter's Quarters, due to be published this winter, 2016-2017!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Driveway is newly paved ... and a smidgen wider!

We left for the wedding just as the construction cones were being placed at the end of our new pavement ~ clearing snow will be much safer this year as all the rocks and pebbles are now out of the path of the snow blower and our house and shop will be spared any further dings!

Previous Post: 10/12/16
We've just heard that our driveway will be inaccessible beginning tomorrow (Thursday 10/13/16) morning ... While the shop could be open for 'walkers' who are able to park on the other side of North Street, or on side streets nearby, and enter to the shop through the side gate near the front door of our house (the south side, toward the school,)  the local paving company is coming to repair our driveway and will be closing it off tomorrow morning to begin work.

We had planned on being closed on Friday and Saturday of this week anyway, as our son is being married this weekend. That has not changed. We are closed this weekend. And that will give the new pavement a chance to set.

We look forward to seeing you again next week!

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Terry and Rick

ps - did you know that our son, the groom, always celebrates his birthday the week of Columbus Day? When he was a young child, I used to tell him each October that the trees were putting on their best colors to celebrate with him! His wedding will be a lovely event in our beautiful New England Foliage Season!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Almost 200 Quilters Found Our Shop!

Humble Beginnings Adventure was a great weekend ~ we did in fact have more than one hundred seventy quilters visit us on Friday and Saturday, and a dozen or so more on Sunday morning. The rain didn't dampen their enjoyment of the quilt shops they visited. Rick and I, and Ann Lainhart, want to thank all of you who visited us and participated in the shop hop. Each of you received a 'bounce back' coupon that can be used at each of the shops and we look forward to seeing you again!

Sherri of Nashua NH won the 1915 Singer Model 66 Red Eye hand crank sewing machine - congratulations, Sherri. Maureen, Nancy and Kim each won one of our door prizes here at Quilters' Quarters for finishing with our shop and turning their passes in for the drawings.

For our "Feel Good Shopping" program, we  had a very successful return to share with the Georgetown Public School Lunch Program ... between the 10% of last week's sales (larger than typical, due to the Adventurers)  and donations made by local quilters , we were able to send well over two hundred dollars to assist students whose lunch accounts are in arrears this year, providing them with a full lunch rather than a partial one as designated in the new school policy this year. Thank you to everyone who purchased fabrics during the Adventure, and especially to those who made an individual donation! We will continue the donation envelope here at Quilters' Quarters, and Rick and I will continue our donations and invite others to do so as well. Our plan is that on the first Monday of each month, we will be able to drop off money to the school superintendent for those lunches. And now, we're looking for our October recipient's nomination ... any suggestions?

More fabrics continue to arrive ... visit our Quilters' Quarters Facebook page for frequent updates of inventory. I do have Humble Beginnings Adventure kits in stock for those who may have missed the adventure, and have a few finishing kits available as well.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mid-way through the Adventure~

Oh, the rain! Despite it all, we had a great second day of Humble Beginnings Adventure at Quilters' Quarters! Quilters good naturedly dashed between the raindrops to visit our shop, and the tents we had in the back yard that held sale fabrics, wooden art and most importantly, refreshments that included chocolate!

 Because who doesn't need chocolate on a rainy day! :Thanks to all who stepped gingerly over the puddles that are where the driveway used to be... and will be again in a few weeks. We didn't want you to have to step through fresh tar, and though the puddles did dry up eventually, we had to move the check-in, IN. 

Thanks for everyone's patience with Mother Nature, and for sharing your good cheer with us. We have met so many wonderful new friends, and hope to see you all again in the months ahead! Thank you, thank you for helping to make this Adventure a successful one! 

We're looking forward to tomorrow ... begging your pardon for the interruption in road access due to the worthy 5K walk/run race for Melanoma ... we'll be open Sunday from 10 to 7, but North Street will be closed from 11:30-ish to about 1pm. Parking will be a challenge, but side streets are not long walks from our shop. We'll keep the light on for you! 

Remember, someone will win this American Treasure: 1915 Singer Model 66 with Red Eye Decals and a white oak hand made base by Rick Palardy! It comes with a tall goody bag with lots of great quilter gifts as well! Visit those shops and make sure your pass is handed in with all six shops' marks!