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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mid-way through the Adventure~

Oh, the rain! Despite it all, we had a great second day of Humble Beginnings Adventure at Quilters' Quarters! Quilters good naturedly dashed between the raindrops to visit our shop, and the tents we had in the back yard that held sale fabrics, wooden art and most importantly, refreshments that included chocolate!

 Because who doesn't need chocolate on a rainy day! :Thanks to all who stepped gingerly over the puddles that are where the driveway used to be... and will be again in a few weeks. We didn't want you to have to step through fresh tar, and though the puddles did dry up eventually, we had to move the check-in, IN. 

Thanks for everyone's patience with Mother Nature, and for sharing your good cheer with us. We have met so many wonderful new friends, and hope to see you all again in the months ahead! Thank you, thank you for helping to make this Adventure a successful one! 

We're looking forward to tomorrow ... begging your pardon for the interruption in road access due to the worthy 5K walk/run race for Melanoma ... we'll be open Sunday from 10 to 7, but North Street will be closed from 11:30-ish to about 1pm. Parking will be a challenge, but side streets are not long walks from our shop. We'll keep the light on for you! 

Remember, someone will win this American Treasure: 1915 Singer Model 66 with Red Eye Decals and a white oak hand made base by Rick Palardy! It comes with a tall goody bag with lots of great quilter gifts as well! Visit those shops and make sure your pass is handed in with all six shops' marks!

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