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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Late October,2020

The number of  Covid-19 cases in Massachusetts is trending upward,  and Quilters' Quarters will remain closed to the public. Individuals who want to stop in on a Saturday afternoon may call for an appointment, to be sure I am here to open the shop. (978-352-2676)

Fabrics for Covid-19 Face Masks, Surgical Caps and Surgical Gowns (for those willing to make such for charity) are free and can be ordered by telephone and picked up at the door, contact-free. Thank you to all who are volunteering their time and skills for these public health items, and for your generosity in not asking for payment from those who requests such effort from you. I'm happy to provide the fabric and threads needed for this work.

The re-opening of Quilters' Quarters will depend on the availability and acceptance of a proven vaccine. Until then, curb-side (aka storm door) pickup will continue.

Donations have dwindled this month, but I was able to forward $100 to our latest charity, Lazarus House in Lawrence, Massachusetts. This organization assists homeless parents and children with clothing, meals, etc., and Quilters' Quarters is connected to them by the Kindness Collaborative, a Facebook Page that has dozens of volunteers doing great things to help residents of the Merrimack Valley. 

I have no Halloween fabric in stock, but can advise you to contact Bits'nPieces in Pelham, NH  if you are looking for it ... I believe they may have every Halloween fabric ever printed! 

Stay safe, stay warm, wear your mask, keep your distance, wash your hands and be well.  

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