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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Holiday on Main Street, Georgetown MA

This Saturday, December 7th, local small businesses in Georgetown are pooling our resources to participate in a shopping event. Lisa Scala, of Scala Art Center on West Main Street, is the proprietor of this event, and Quilters' Quarters, though not on East or West Main Streets, is offering door prizes, free fat quarters and friendly company to all those who venture 1/4 mile from the square where East and West meet North Street.

Come in and see what you'll find ... a bin full of FREE donated fleece fabrics (dark, solid colors.) Zippers at VERY low prices, Skeins of embroidery floss at half price, tins-full of old buttons at a penny apiece, fabric cut from the bolt with a 20 to 40% discount .... notions, rulers, cutting mats, rotary cutters and blades ... all at the same discounted rate... and no single use plastic bags!

I look forward to seeing you this weekend ... If you begin at my shop and then work your way to the library around the corner and then on toEast Main, and then West Main, I will give you the event card to have punched by shops you stop into along the way, and then you can drop your card off at Scala's to be entered for the raffle basket ... And to make that easier, you can pick up your punch card and a MAP showing the shops in this event at the start of the day. Quilters' Quarters, just two doors north of the red brick Perley School building, will be opening two hours earlier at 10 am for this December 7th event. Park in the driveway or in the street. (You can ignore the no parking signs ... they only apply Monday through Friday!) Or, as it is a weekend, you can park right at Perley and walk in the clean fresh air from Quilters' Quarters to the library and then on to the Main Street shops!

Please plan on spending a few hours right here in town, visiting your local small businesses and supporting our efforts in keeping Georgetown's downtown a vibrant commercial area where your shopping needs can be comfortably met.

See you soon!


ps: bring a new, unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots to Quilters' Quarters, and receive an additional free fat quarter!

Saturday, November 30, 2019


I have good news and bad ... let's start with the good news!
Every Quilters' Quarters customer will receive a free fat quarter with their purchase today, in celebration of Small Business Saturday. Your choice of any fabric in the shop for this promotion!

 This promotion will be repeated on Georgetown's "Holiday on Main Street" event Saturday December  7th, from 10 am to 5 pm.

Click on this Facebook link to this event for more details!

The bad news is that my credit card tablet stopped working earlier in November, and though I have purchased a newer device, I remain, despite numerous efforts, unsuccessful in uploading the credit card reader site on the new device,.  Until this is resolved, I can only accept cash or checks, or put your purchases on a TAB, and ask you to send or bring a check later. i will not charge any interest, and trust your honesty in doing this. Please and thank you for your patience. I apologize for this inconvenience.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Five New Bolts from Quilting Treasures

Beautiful fabrics that have that soft 'hand' that quilters love and search for ... now printed digitally allowing greater depth of color.  My first reaction to the rep's news that QT was going digital was hesitation ... would printing the artwork in that way enhance the detail but lose the quality feel? I am so relieved that this employee-owned company has lived up to its reputation. And, in a few weeks, pre-cut strips of more Quilting Treasures' fabrics will be arriving.
With Blenders of Paw Prints and Wood Planks.

Why put a flamingo on your neighbor's lawn, when you could
offer a lap quilt or toss pillow  instead?

This is a green ombre square print that brings that
popular game to mind...
Here's a close-up of the paw prints and planks of wood that enhance the Labrador print:

Our Dalmatian of years ago did leave paw prints on my heart!

This beautiful wood print would have been a favorite of Rick's ...
and will add such depth and warmth to your projects

 These new bolts have arrived with 2019 retail prices, but remember that at Quilters' Quarters, you will always receive your shopper's discount~ $11.60 per yard at 20% discount is $9.25,  and our frequent customers or those making charity projects receive even larger discounts. Share this email with your friends and neighbors, and let them know that they will receive discounts, too.*

Thank you for reading this post, and enjoy a warm, loving Thanksgiving with those who matter most in your life!
~ Terry

* Here is a reminder of Quilters' Quarters discount pricing: 
All quilters will receive a minimum of 20% reduction in price. Those who become 'frequent flyers' and share their ideas will be considered members and will receive 40% discounts on all fabric cut from bolts. (Wow ~ $11.60 per bolt minus a 40% discount will cost only $6.96 per yard!)  And people doing charity work (for hospitals, first responders, veterans, nursing homes etc.) will be able to purchase fabrics at cost, which is 50% of the current retail pricing. Even fabrics that I buy online or at the warehouse which already have lower retail prices are discounted at these special rates ... So come see them all!

Friday, October 25, 2019

Feels like Fall ~

It's getting chilly out in the evenings, but I'm back in the house by five pm, so the cooler evenings are not a problem for the shop.  The new heater is working well when I do turn it on, which hasn't been too often yet.

It dawned on me that putting the Sweet Sixteen in the room that had been Rick's toy shop meant either starting up the wood stove, or using the portable electric heaters... guess which won? 

There is still a lot of stored pine lumber in the far end of the back of the barn, but a friend's grandson / woodworker is coming tomorrow to see if he can use any of it.  And in time, I will contact the Vo-Tech schools to see if any of the specialty wood Rick had collected would be appreciated by their students. Step by step, inch by inch, I'll make progress in converting his wonderful workshop into a classroom for quilters.

I squeezed in a trip to the Pembroke New England Quilt Supply this past week, and gathered some new batiks and prints and blenders ... not too many, as I still have outstanding orders with Quilting Treasures that ought to arrive sometime this month or next. 

Some beautiful new Batiks , some soft cotton prints and blenders, all at warehouse prices... come and see what's been added recently.

There are only sixty more days until Christmas, and though that day doesn't hold the joy that it once did when Rick and I celebrated it together with our children and grandchildren, I will look forward to seeing friends and family as time allows.  The shop will keep the new regular hours, three days of five hours per week, and the discounts will continue as established.  So bring a friend and enjoy the colors~ and thanks for following this blog.
~ Terry


Sunday, October 6, 2019

Out with the Old, and In with the New...

Many who have visited the shop have noted the old treadle machines that Rick and I collected and restored, and passed on to new 'caretakers.' Other than the Featherweights which we sold for a church benefit, many of our Foster Machines were given away to young students and older enthusiasts ... one was a shop hop first prize, and one was a quilt show raffle item ... others just came and went as we had time to find missing parts and spend elbow grease cleaning and restoring these old treasures.

It's time now for me to let go of that passion; not only do I miss Rick's company, enthusiasm and talent in restoring these beauties; I also lost the source of my machines' missing parts ... Cindy Peters passed away not too long after Rick, and without Rick and Cindy, my interest in restoration has waned ... so I am in the process now of finding new homes for those machines that we did NOT have time together to fix, clean and restore. There are only a few left in the shop, and a few more in the house.

In their space, I will be bringing a new adventure to life ... I am purchasing a "Sweet Sixteen" sit down long arm quilting machine.  Unlike a full size long arm, with which the quilter moves the machine across the span of the quilt, this sit down model uses Free Motion quilting skills, so I and a few of my friends are boning up on teaching our muscles to remember the motions of making feathers, curves, arcs, swirls and such... One of us has read a book that calls it 'train the brain' to facilitate muscle memory. Who said we can't teach old dogs new tricks?

While it is sad to say goodbye to old treasures, it is a wonderful blessing to be able to replace them with new opportunities. I trust that our 'fosters' will have happy landings in their new settings...

Stay tuned for more information ahead ... I'll also be adding our Bernina 180 Embroidery Machine to the shop ... we're turning the back room into a place for individual lessons! Now, I just have to learn how to make that embroidery machine module sew where I want it to sew! Rick had mastered it, and he could make it do wonderful things ... I have a few new coaches that are trying to help me learn new things... it's not a new model, so we ought to get along... and maybe my coaches will offer classes for others, too. 

As always, thanks for following the Quilters' Quarters' blog. Please feel free to invite your friends to sign up at the top of the page to follow with you. Remind them that ALL quilters get 20% off fabric and notions, and that some who visit often get more. All charity project materials are sold at 50% off, as well.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Zanzibar prints and a few others...

 Beautiful new prints titled Zanzibar by Quilting Treasures arrived this week!

The teal blue is from a line called KASHMIR prints, also from Quilting Treasures.

And this fun bolt features balloon animals!

All of these Quilting Treasurers feature new digitized printing, allowing more vibrant colors without losing any of the well known 'soft hand' that makes this employee-owned company so famous and respected. Retail price for each yard is $11.60, but Quilters' Quarters always has a discounted price ... 20, 40 or 50% less!

The shop will be closed on Friday October 4th as a friend is in need of hospital transport ... but will be open as usual from noon to 5 pm on the Thursday and the Saturday.

Come on in and see what else is in store! 

Thanks for signing up to follow this blog. If you are reading this in your email, please feel free to share this with your email friends. Fabric discounts continue in 2019 ... all customers will receive a 20% discount; folks who become frequent customers will receive a member discount of 40% on everything cut from the bolt. Quilters who are working on charity projects can purchase fabrics for those at 50% discounted!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Do you want to make some toss pillows?

I can purchase pillow forms from an online wholesaler.  I had ordered some a few years ago for a customer, and she was pleased with them ... I think she ordered the down filled forms ... 

This week, I ordered some regular poly-filled forms, because they were more affordable and I knew they could be washed and dried as needed. I plan to turn a spare bedroom into a playroom, and wanted to use the bed as a day-bed, so needed pillows to dress it up.

Imagine my surprise when the smaller, 16" x 16" pillow forms arrived ... six of them ... in a box that I thought must hold only two!  And then I opened the box ... and found what appeared to be six flat, seemingly-deflated, balloons! But they were not as light as deflated balloons would have been...and so I tentatively reached into the box and drew one out.

It was a wrapped white fabric (I thought,) wrapped in a clear plastic bag. When I slit the bag open, nothing happened ... until I pulled the item out of its plastic wrapper ... it began to decompress ~ it had been vacuum-sealed into the wrapper. I had my doubts ... I'd seen vacuum-sealed vegetables at my mother-in-law's house years ago,  and while the bag was deflated, the green beans had their same size and shape, before and after opening.  But within moments, the pillow form achieved its intended shape and size ... I measured it ... and then struggled to put it into the fabric cover I'd made for it. It fit perfectly, and retained its shape!  When I opened the second one, I put it into its fabric cover more quickly, before it reached full size, and it was a bit easier!

I've made four pillows so far, and will make a few more to fill out the look of the intended day-bed. In time, my grandchildren will perhaps enjoy their soft cushy nest. Meanwhile, I'll order more pillow forms and make some up for gifts.

The forms took only two business days to arrive. If you want some, let me know what size you'd like. And if you're not sure how to make a pillow, I'll be happy to show you a way with just fabric, no zipper. If you'd rather a zipper, we can figure that out together, too.

I'll price these forms to agree with the regular retail price at fabric shops, but remember, you'll always get your Quilters' Quarters discount! 
Yes, that sad looking thing on the right is the pillow form

But to its left is a pillow made with one of these 'flat' forms! 
It fills out nicely and fairly quickly once the
plastic wrapper is removed!

Two sixteen inch and two twenty-two inch pillows ...
it's a start!

You'll find a complete size and price list, but for a start here are a few of the sizes available at the online warehouse ... I can order what you would like and it will be here within a matter of days.

Pillow Form Size
Feather/Down filled

16” square
18” square
22” square
24” square