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Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Middle of July?

It's 59 degrees out here at noon in Georgetown, Massachusetts. It was in the high eighties and low nineties with incredible humidity the past few days, and now the storms have brought our temperature down to the spring temps we never had this year. What a strange weather pattern we are experiencing here in New England ... what must our out of region summer travelers think?

Row by Row ™ has had a very slow start here, but Quilters' Quarters made  a very moderate preparation for it ... Of the fifteen row kits put together, I still have six in the box. If those begin to sell (at $9.00 each) with the license plates (at $5.00 each) I'll make more, week by week. Our row has received many compliments, and I'm sure you will enjoy putting it together, hero by hero!

The labels? They're not in the kit ...
I printed them on fabric on my inkjet printer.

You'll want to personalize yours, I'm sure! 

In the meantime, that fabric I'd bought for our Junior "Hereoes on the Go" row?  After learning that each shop must offer the program's junior rows only in order to be able to award a winner's blue ribbon for a junior finished project - each shop has five to award - so, I've begun making comfort quilts and bringing them to our police and fire department, to be used with children who are at a fire or accident scene. Lemonade from lemons ... another way to Feel Good by helping others!

Please remember that Quilters' Quarters likes to encourage quilts for charity ... whether it's a quilt of valor, or one given to a homeless shelter, or raffled off at a fundraiser ... or pillowcases for children in hospitals,  or in the back seat of a cruiser or rescue truck ... you will be given a full 50% discount on fabrics that you purchase for those endeavors. We have one customer who has already made (some with our fabrics) over a hundred "weighted" quilts that help calm some with varying conditions ... what an amazingly generous quilter! We have others who have made scores if not hundreds of pillow cases for Boston Children's Hospital ... I am always so inspired by the things quilters do 'out of hand' for others; what a wonderful community to be a  part of. Won't you join us?

I'm teaching a free 'beginning quilters' class at the Georgetown Senior Center (just two doors south of Quilters' Quarters on North Street) on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, from 2 to 3-ish in the afternoon. You're welcome to stop in to see what we're doing~

I appreciate the many expressions of condolences for the passing of my husband and better half, Rick Palardy. There is a limited supply of his wooden creations in the shop for sale, and sadly, when they, too, are gone, there will be no others.

In Rick's memory, I've initiated a scholarship for our local high school. This award will be given to a male and a female student who intend to pursue a career in the manual trades (construction, highway, fire, ambulance, police, and other roles that protect and improve our community. There is a page on my website to help people donate via PayPal ... click this link to reach that page ... Donations are also accepted at the Georgetown TD Bank on Central Street, and in Quilters' Quarters as well. If you're on Facebook, visit this page to keep track of our progress. With your generosity, the first two scholarships have been awarded, and we are well on our way to funding next year's.

Thanks for following us at the blog ... if you received this in an email, feel free to share it with your friends who will enjoy the fabric discounts and Feel Good Shopping incentives at Quilters' Quarters!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Yes, Today is the Start of Summer Hours, and Row by Row™ 2017 at Quilters' Quarters!

Our shop will now be open four days a week, from noon to six pm.

I did manage, in these thirty-six hours, to get the Junior Row by Row official patterns printed ... and the Ninth Row patterns as well.

Patterns AND KITS are also ready for our 2017 row, HEROES ON THE GO, honoring the public safety community that keeps us all safe ... and we include school bus drivers and teachers as well.

Please plan to visit our shop ...

Go to the official Row by Row™ website to see which other shops are participating ... there are thousands across the globe this year.

If you have someone aged 6 to 14 shop-hopping with you, you might enjoy visiting the Junior Row by Row page that has special activities, tips and printouts for you.

See you soon!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Row by Row begins Wednesday, June 21st!

In thirty-six hours, Row by Row™ 2017 will begin, and Quilters' Quarters is getting ready ... kicking into high gear now, to get kits together, free patterns printed, fabric license plates ready and ... oh, we're also offering free patterns for Row by Row JUNIOR this year ... and, wait, there's something else ... a NINTH ROW! Yes, Row by Row is offering a chance for you to help a charity of the shop's choice by making a ninth row for your quilt! (Hmmm ... I wonder what I'm supposed to have ready for that?  I've only 36 more hours to figure it out ... but I will, I promise.

But here is what we have in store for you later this week: 
First, our 2017 Massachusetts HAPPY QUILTER fabric license plate, in retro blue (well, it's more lilac than blue, but go with me here. ) If you can tell me the last year Massachusetts used bluish-purplish plates, you'll win a prize! 

Next, of course, is our row for 2017: designed by contest winner Kim Schweisberg, I'm calling it HEROES ON THE GO! Kim did some research on the blog, found out about Rick's and my dedication to public safety, our connection with the  Erie 4 Fire Association (which just happens to be THE OLDEST STILL OPERATING PRIVATELY FUNDED FIRE SERVICE IN THE U.S.A!) And Kim dug a little further, finding my books on education and medical conditions ... and ... voila!  Police, Fire, Ambulance and a School Bus grace our row this year. Well done, Kim!

I misunderstood the intent of the Junior Row by Row event ... and I began creating our own Quilters' Quarters junior row and titled it JUNIOR HEROES ON THE GO!  Unfortunately, I later learned that I missed the part of the directions that said all shops must use one of the five authentic Row by Row™ - designed junior rows ... or the rows won't count toward a blue ribbon for the first five young quilters who bring their finished rows in to my shop ... And so I put my junior row idea to rest, for now. Maybe in the future I'll bring it back out. 

Meanwhile, I'll get those free patterns printed up so I'll be ready to hand them out to Row by Row visitors beginning in thirty-six hours! Phew! Clock is ticking and I STILL have to find out the details for the NINTH ROW opportunity. I did make the shop's donation ... did I receive the free pattern template? Time will tell...

Oh, and yes, all shop fabric is reduced at 50% IF it is being used for a charity project! That's the wholesale price that I've paid ... no profit for the shop, other than the happy feelings of helping quilters help others. So many of you do so much and I'm honored to be able to help you out!

When you visit, be sure to ask about Quilters' Quarters' spectacular deal on Oliso Smart Irons! Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Black are currently in stock! And I guarantee I'm lower in price than you'll find in other quilt shops or online!

Looking forward to seeing you again!

Be well, be happy, and quilt on!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Beautiful Fabrics Arriving at Quilters' Quarters!

I have a friend who has been searching for a fabric for several years ... once long ago, she had made a quilted item using this certain red poinsettia cloth, and would like to replicate it but cannot match her remnant to a new fabric.

Often, quilters will buy only as much as they need for a designated project, because we all have to live within our means ... You know the old saying borrowed from woodworkers: Measure Twice Cut Once ... Rick once made a plaque of that for quilters, and added the line Or Buy Extra Just In Case!

I've been able to buy dozens of bolts of Quilting Treasures' former lines of fabric at a reduced wholesale price, and you now that means you will have a reduced retail price ... because when I get a sale you get a sale. I don't really worry about whether a fabric print is this years, last years or from a decade ago, which is why warehouse shopping works for Quilters' Quarters.

I'll post photos of those gorgeous 'curiously left behind' bolts when they arrive later this week ,.. until then, come on in and see some of the fabrics that I'll soon have to be moving into my own storage areas to make room for the new ones ... my fabrics are ALL on sale at 20% off while they last ~ unless you are using them for a charity project ... then, they are 50% off!

Quilters' Quarters has also just acquired several bolts of Ann Lainhart's beautiful fabrics that lend themselves so well to her fussy-cut patterns, and though I can't discount her bolts, I can tell you that I'm not taking a commission for selling them, so they are also priced reasonably. That's another old saying that's worth remembering: For those who have been shared with much, ' paying it forward ' is expected (well, I paraphrased that, because I don't know who originally began that similar saying and don't want to plagiarize ... or, because I can't remember the exact words. 😉 Here are some photos of Ann's lovelies ... all are 44" wide bolts of quilt quality cotton fabrics:

Prints, solids, florals, abstracts ...
and they all work together beautifully!

Uniquely blended solids and prints,
some with metallics, and some without

Silver and Gold metallic medallions

Three different colorways of medallion prints 

hummingbirds and favored blossoms in ten inch blocks

Large and small butterflies and florals

cardinals and beautiful backgrounds

Cats and dogs galore~

Quilters' Quarters Spring Schedule continues until June 23rd ... Thursday and Friday 12-5pm; Saturday 12-3pm. Call to arrange other hours (978-352-2676)

Feel Good Shopping continues through Spring ... 20% off all Quilters' Quarters fabrics, unless for a charity project ... then it is 50% off! See this page:

Donate to the Rick Palardy Scholarship Fund; see this web page for further details:
There never was a better man than Rick!
We need to help more become like him ♞

Saturday, April 22, 2017

April Showers ... but We Have Flowers (fabric, that is!)

April weather here has lived up to its "April Showers" reputation ... but sadly, wildfires rage in south-western Florida where residents are still in drought conditions.  Mother Nature seems to be rebelling against those in power who deny climate change caused by man's excesses ... and Mother Nature usually wins whatever conflict engages her.


Here in the quilt shop, despite the freezing temperatures that have delayed my cleaning the back of the barn for a group-sized workshop, quilters have been coming in to restock their shelves for projects ahead. For the entire month of April, I've offered 20 - 50% discounts on fabrics and notions. Quilters' Quarters has a good supply of batiks, of fifties-style strawberry prints, of pastel florals and ginghams, and many juvenile prints. We also have many bolts of quality flannels in juvenile prints and two color checks. As always, if I get a sale on 'last year's' prints, prices reflect those lower costs.  And if there is still an abundance of fabric bolts that don't yet fit on the shelves that Rick made for the shop, the discounts will continue into the month of May.
We have an abundance of fabric!

In late June (when the real summer begins at the Summer Solstice date of June 21st) the shop's abbreviated Spring hours will revert to our summer schedule of four days a week (Wednesday through Saturday) and longer open hours (11-7.)
Remember, though, if you need something outside of shop hours, you can call and ask me to be open when you can be here, and I'll try to accommodate you.

Quilt Quality prints, fifties-style

My inventory of vintage and antique sewing machines is beginning to dwindle, slowly. I still have one Featherweight (1950) available for sale, and a few model 99s, 66s and 128s for sale, some with and some without tables. The featherweight 221 will sell for $400, and the others will range between $60 and $120.

1950 Singer Featherweight 221 

I look forward to seeing "On The Go" Row by Row™ 2017 designs in our Quilters' Quarters contest.  Remember, the chosen design will win a $100 prize! The deadline for submissions is 4/29/2017.  Click on our RowbyRow2017 page for details.

I appreciate the many expressions of condolences for the passing of my husband and better half, Rick Palardy. There is a limited supply of his wooden creations in the shop for sale, and sadly, when they, too, are gone, there will be no others.

In Rick's memory, I've initiated a scholarship for our local high school. This award will be given to a male and a female student who intend to pursue a career in the manual trades (construction, highway, fire, ambulance, police, and other roles that protect and improve our community. There is a page on my website to help people donate via PayPal ... click this link to reach that page ... Donations are also accepted at the Georgetown TD Bank on Central Street, and in Quilters' Quarters as well. If you're on Facebook, visit this page to keep track of our progress.

Thanks for following us at the blog ... if you received this in an email, feel free to share it with your friends who will enjoy the Spring discounts at Quilters' Quarters!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Let's Try Again!

I'm game if you are. I don't see snow in our ten day forecast, so the shop will AGAIN try a re-opening tomorrow...

Remember, anyone who quilts or belongs to a guild or supports the quilt museum or is just a friendly-quilty-customer will receive a 20% discount on fabric for this opening and the rest of this month. (Guild members will receive that discount FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR ... have you thought about joining a guild?) And those who are buying fabrics, threads, etc. for charity projects will receive a 50% discount on those materials ... that's pure wholesale purchasing!

I've made a sample quilt top featuring some of the Spring fabrics here in stock at Quilters' Quarters in Georgetown Massachusetts (just two doors north of Perley School.) And I'll share the pattern for the featured block in this design: it's the Nine Patch Swap, offered by Missouri Star Quilt's Jennie. It's very easy to do and brings a lot of colors together in a block.

So come on in ... your patience will be rewarded!

And a reminder: every month, we donate ten percent of our gross sales in our best week to a non-profit charity ... and we accept donations for the Georgetown School Lunch Program every day ... Since January 1, with out sporadic openings for friends who call, we made enough sales through the end of March to have donated more than a hundred dollars to the lunch benefit (which offers free lunches to students whose accounts are in arrears and would otherwise have only a cheese sandwich and a piece of fruit ... which is not bad, but not nutritionally complete.)

You can always call if you need something during our closed days ... if I can, I will open for you. 978-352-2676.

Be well ... Spring might finally be arriving ... at a quilt shop near you!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sharing Tips While Waiting for Warmth

As the shop is still closed, I decided I would use this post to offer some reminders that are answers I've suggested to questions that arise in lessons.

Threads and Thread Spools
  • Thread comes in many different styles today, and so do thread spools. An easy way to remember which spool for which spool holder is this: 
  • Vertical Spool Pins (standing upright) take thread spools that look like those you have known all your life. The thread is wound on them vertically, and so comes off the spool best on a vertical spool pin. All old sewing machines have Vertical Spool Pins and have a piece of felt, or a lovely little crocheted doily, underneath the spool of thread - which protects both the machine's surface and the thread spool itself.
  • Horizontal Spool Pins (which look like they are laying on their side) seem to have arrived when machines began being made of plastic, and they are best used with spools that are 'cross wound' (like Mettler, Aurifil and others) The spool of thread remains stationary on the horizontal spool, and an 'end cap' is placed at the end of the pin to keep the spool from being pulled off.
  • Cones are like cross wound spools, and they must have their threads pulled over the top of the cone ... a thread spool stand is often recommended, but I find a teacup behind your machine works just as well.
  • Bob, at Superior Threads, has a great video that explains these different types of spools and spool pins (and advertises his company's thread spool holder which accommodates all types of spools.) It is well worth watching ~ forgive him, for he does confuse the words horizontal and vertical at one point in the video ... but he does know what he is talking about.

Old Sewing Machines
  • Vintage and antique machines require oiling, and manuals are helpful in showing you exactly where to oil the machines. For Featherweights, there are some ports that require oil every eight hours of use, and others that only require semi-annual attention. Whatever machine you have, a manual can be found online, and is essential for good maintenance. You can maintain these machines yourself as well or better than any sewing machine shop. 
  • Cleaning the surface of a vintage or antique, black, heavy sewing machine requires only sewing machine oil, a soft cloth, and elbow grease. Water based products (household detergents) will damage or possibly remove the decals on a machine.
  • Some of these machines  (including those dated 1930s and later) have electric motors that will also need attention and care. Worn electrical wires can be replaced simply with a trip to the big box hardware stores. Motors require Lubrication, not Oiling. Any place that requires Oiling (see your manual) does NOT take Lubrication. Make sure you have the right product:
  • Oil = sewing machine oil. Light weight, clear or white in color. When it yellows, throw it out.   Apply only ONE DROP where indicated in manual.
  • Lube = grease ... like vaseline, or sewing machine lubricant, Usually in a squeeze tube, clear or white in color, applied to gears or into the ports of a motor. See your manual for clear directions and frequency.
  • P B Blaster = a penetrating spray that will lubricate hard-to- turn or remove SCREWS ... not meant for lubricating a motor.
  • Evaporust = a solution that is reusable, biodegradable, harmless but does a terrific job in just a few hours of soaking to remove rust from chrome faceplates, throat plates, screws and other shiny metal parts. 
Modern Machines
  • Machines between the decades of nineteen fifties through early seventies may also need scheduled oiling, according to their manuals. But machines from the eighties and later have been manufactured NOT to need oiling ... they are constructed with a different type of lubricant that is more or less permanent in its viscosity. Check your machine, and if it does not ask you to oil it, don't. But check carefully so that you won't miss it if it does need oil.
I am happy to help anyone with a question about their machine ... while I am not an expert at modern machines that have circuit boards, computer connections, visual screens etc., I can help you maintain your own machine and trouble shoot tension problems if it is an older model... and you have a manual (or I can find one online for you.) Most problems are related to tension setting or timing, and on the old Singer's I'm very familiar with solutions to those problems. One very simple suggestion is to make sure you have the same weight thread in both the top feed and in the bobbin, as a difference will affect your tension. 

I still have several functioning sewing machines in the shop that are for sale; treadles, hand cranks, electrics ... dating from 1920's through 1970's.  Sadly, Rick is no longer here to make new wooden bases for them, but there are people online who do the same type of work and do ship their products from here in the United States. I can help you find them. 

You can stop into the shop to see me, or send me an email to arrange help with your sewing machine. 
  • Email -  (Yes, PENS ... I sew and I write.)
  • Shop phone - 978-352-2676  please leave your name and number first, then a brief message and I'll get back to you. (I don't have caller ID so need that info.)
Happy Sewing - see you in April!
Shop Hours: Thursday noon to 5pm, Friday noon to 5pm, Saturday noon to 3pm