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Monday, March 15, 2021

Last Week of Winter


Winter began early (Halloween), left for a while but then came back, and plans to stay through this last final week. 

I've had the first of the vaccine shots this week, and in a month I will have the second.  By the end of April/beginning of May, I'll be ready to open the shop to those who have also had their full vaccine doses. I will continue wearing a mask to protect both you and me. I will ask you to do the same, until the CDC advises it is safe to go without.

The shop has about half the inventory I had at this time last year, and I won't be buying anymore this season. The newest fabrics in stock are the Maywood Silver Jubilee blue and whites ... There are plenty of others that I'd bought for last year, and then gave about half of them away to the mask makers.

I'll be in the shop on the same days as 2019 ... Thursday, Friday and Saturdays, noon to 5pm, beginning the first week of May, 2021. I look forward to seeing all of you!

Be safe, be well, wear your mask~


Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Winter has arrived!

The shop space is nearly two hundred years old, and has surely survived larger storms than this week' Nor'Easter ... We received about 15 inches of light snow, and have more due to arrive over the next few days.

I had the front downstairs window replaced last summer, as it had age-related water damage ... this photo shows how that can happen over time. By the way, this is a color photograph, shot through the house window. Other than the overhead wires, one might mistake it for a vintage photo, circa 1835...

There won't be any scheduled visits in the shop this weekend ... Spring will eventually find its way here, though some say the groundhog who dared to poke out of his burrow yesterday may have seen his shadow, and so we may be in for more snow in March... our seasons seem to be shifting ... can we all say "Climate Change?"

Be safe, be warm, and be happy that your mask will at least be a welcome addition to your winter outerwear!

~ Terry

Monday, January 18, 2021

Special Fabric, Special Offer

 Almost a year ago, I saw a special blue and white fabric line from Maywood Fabrics in celebration of their 25th Anniversary, and I pre-ordered five of their Silver Jubilee bolts, with some of their fat quarters and 5" charm packs.  They have now arrived at Quilters' Quarters .

To celebrate the beginning of a new year, with a vaccine on its way to most of us, I'm going to set these bolts of fabric aside and use them as a reward for those customers who do accept the Covid-19 vaccination. I will sell this fabric AT MY COST (50% discount off Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price)  to quilters who bring proof of innoculation (you will receive a validation card when you are vaccinated.) 

Fat Quarters will be sold separately, @retail $3.50 each.

Charm Packs will be sold retail, $13.50, includes 42 pieces

This is a bolt of a 'center panel' for this Silver Jubilee line: the panels measure a bit less than a yard, and will be sold for $10.00 retail.

And these are the four prints from which I will cut reward yardage for those quilters who have received the Covid-19 vaccination: MSRP $12 per yard (special reward cost: $6.00 per yard

This special reward for vaccination sale will end at the end of the "vaccination season" or December 31, 2021, whichever comes first. Regular Quilters' Quarters discount percentages for this special fabric will then resume. (20%, 40%, 50% for charity purposes.) If for a medical reason you and your doctor agree that the vaccination for Covid-19 is not permissable for you, a note from your doctor will be accepted rather than the vaccination validation card. And as the vaccination is not yet proven to prevent person to person transmission of the virus, masks will continue to be required until the CDC declares them no longer necessary.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Another Year, Another Giveaway.

 Wishing all of Quilters' Quarters customers a Happy New Year. As the pandemic continues, so does the free fabric offering for all who are making Covid-19 face masks for charities. Just call the shop and let me know what amount and color/style of quilt quality cotton fabric you need, and I will put them in a bag and hang the bag on the shop front door for contact-free pickup.

I have started a new page here at the blog, for my 2021 Quilt Journal, and you are welcome to view it at this link.

You can also scroll down in the right hand margin of any page to find Quilt Journal pages dating back to the shop's first full year, 2014. Many of the fabrics shown in the quilts are still in the shop, though some of the earlier years' bolts have been depleted.

As always, everything at Quilters' Quarters is sold with a discounted price.  Fabrics, Threads, Warm and Natural Battings, Needles, Pins, Rulers, Cutters, Olfa rotary blades ... if there is something specific that you need I can probably order it and have it delivered to the shop within a week after ordering.  I usually order once ever eight to ten weeks, or when I have an order of more than the required minimum of $150.00. 

Visit the blog, and scroll down to read the December 2020 entry that explains how the shop is operating during this pandemic.

I encourage all to take the vaccine when it is offered ... to follow through for the second booster shot, and continue wearing your mask until the CDC tells us they are no longer needed. No one knows yet how soon and how long you will be immune to Covid-19 after vaccination; please be patient and keep us all safe.

Quilters' Quarters will not be fully open to the public until it is fully safe. 

Thank you for your patience and cooperation with the CDC.

~ Terry

Monday, December 21, 2020

December 2020 Update


Updated 12/2020

Quilters’ Quarters 59 North Street, Georgetown MA 01833

Covid-19 Changes:

Customers making masks or nurse caps for charity receive FREE FABRIC via storm door pickup. Call ahead to request amount

Customers who wish to visit the shop can do so by appointment; groups limited to 3 due to small area of shop. Masks and distancing required in the shop. Hand sanitizer is available in the shop as well. Appointments can be scheduled by telephone, limited to Saturday afternoons.

Quilters’ Quarters gives standard discounts. First visit earns 20% discount on all fabrics and notions. Following visits earn 40% discount.  Purchases that result in items made for charities will earn 50% discounts (which is my cost price.)

Gift certificates in any amount are available, and there is no expiration date for those.

If the vaccines are successful and the risk of Covid-19 is declared by the CDC as safe, the shop may re-open for regular hours. Until then, for as long as the risk continues, Quilters’ Quarters will operate as above.

Telephone: 978-352-2676


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving Day, 2020

 I am grateful to all who have dedicated their time and skills to the mask-making this year. It has been my privilege to provide free fabric to those earnest souls who have given so much of themselves to help promote the health of others

.  Wishing you all a peaceful, safe Thanksgiving! Keeping Rick and many others in my memories today.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Late October,2020

The number of  Covid-19 cases in Massachusetts is trending upward,  and Quilters' Quarters will remain closed to the public. Individuals who want to stop in on a Saturday afternoon may call for an appointment, to be sure I am here to open the shop. (978-352-2676)

Fabrics for Covid-19 Face Masks, Surgical Caps and Surgical Gowns (for those willing to make such for charity) are free and can be ordered by telephone and picked up at the door, contact-free. Thank you to all who are volunteering their time and skills for these public health items, and for your generosity in not asking for payment from those who requests such effort from you. I'm happy to provide the fabric and threads needed for this work.

The re-opening of Quilters' Quarters will depend on the availability and acceptance of a proven vaccine. Until then, curb-side (aka storm door) pickup will continue.

Donations have dwindled this month, but I was able to forward $100 to our latest charity, Lazarus House in Lawrence, Massachusetts. This organization assists homeless parents and children with clothing, meals, etc., and Quilters' Quarters is connected to them by the Kindness Collaborative, a Facebook Page that has dozens of volunteers doing great things to help residents of the Merrimack Valley. 

I have no Halloween fabric in stock, but can advise you to contact Bits'nPieces in Pelham, NH  if you are looking for it ... I believe they may have every Halloween fabric ever printed! 

Stay safe, stay warm, wear your mask, keep your distance, wash your hands and be well.  

Tall Order~!