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Sunday, February 11, 2018

It's always six more weeks of winter... the coward!

  The barn without its furnace has been bitterly cold this winter, and my few forays  for fabrics have been brief and expedient ... there will come a day of reckoning when sorting, restacking and display -shuffling will have to occur. But not until we have a span of at least 48 hours above 50 degrees... 'til then, the clutter and dust bunnies will have their way.  

I haven't added much to the contents, but a few items were ordered on request... 
Someone who has added winter weight ...
I ordered extras, just in case.

Nice to have a spare in case you don't have a sharpener...
or time to use it.

Thread Snips ... ordered a dozen as bonus/giveaways ...
apparently ordered twice! Received two dozen!

And, whenever that lazy rodent ever does decide to come out for spring, and the temperature rises to accomodate his wishes, and ours, I'll have a new promotion in store for you ... think of it as a new lending library of sorts ... I mean, of tools! Stay tuned ... and be sure to add your preferred email to our followers' list.

Oh, fabrics...  yes, there will be new Spring fabrics ... some have already arrived ... here's a sneak-peek:
blender for Wilmington Prints "Garden Gathering"


Quality cotton

and book pages to match!