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Terry's 2020 Quilt Journal

December 31, 2020

I began this quilt in early October, for my granddaughter Zoe's elopement! She and  Ethan have been friends for many years, and decided that 2020 was the perfect year for a quiet, private ceremony! 

I made one side of the 92" x 104" quilt of rose print fabrics, for the bride, and the other side of woodland fabrics for the groom.  It took two and half months, but I finished it a few days after New Year's Eve.  I brought the unfinished quilt up to Maine on Winter Solstice, so she and Ethan would know what their present was, but had to take it back to complete the outer sashing and the binding.  My trusty domestic Bernina 125 handled the piecing, the quilting and the sturdy Kona fabric binding ... and once I get the label onto it, I'll bring it back north to the couple.

And yes, we did 'socially distance' during our Solstice visit ... with just the six of us present. 

November 25, 2020

Finished this quilt for a Navy veteran just in time to give this to him tomorrow for Thanksgiving Day... my neighbor asked me to make this for him, and I am happy to be able to do this during this difficult year. 

August 21, 2020
My youngest granddaughter turned one year old earlier this month ... I had chosen the fabric for her birthday quilt while I was working on her brother's (and in hind sight, that was a good thing because just a few weeks later I was into daily Covid-19 mask production.) But I finished her play-space quilt in time to drop it off at the gate, sad that I could not see her due to the social distancing we are all practicing.
I used a Red Rooster panel of a doll house for the front, bordered with a  heart print. And the back is a beautiful Timeless Treasures foliage print/panel.
A few fabric dolls from the dollar store gave her something to play with on the quilt, and completed the quilt. I wish I could see her playing with it!

March 6 2020

A most important little lap quilt for my two  year old grandson Ian has been in the works this busy week, too. It is a two sided quilt... North Pole on one side, and South Pole on the other. Both panels are from Quilting Treasures; the polar bears are a full 42 x 36 inch, while the penguins are only 28 x 42, so I added a border to the penguins of the bears' blender fabric called Aurora Borealis ... Northern Lights. I bound the quilt with that blender also. I wonder if the South Pole has Southern Lights??? Oh well... they do on his quilt!
North Pole Family

South Pole Family

March 4, 2020
I spent the end of February and the beginning of March working on this beautiful two-sided quilt, and last night I brought it to a friend at the library meeting ... I featured floral fabrics on one side, and birds on the other.  Each block is 8 inch finished, (8.5"cut) with sashing of 1 inch (1.5" cut.) I used a soft green petal print for the floral sashing, and a warm yellow calico for the birds. The quilt has seventy squares in all, thirty five on each side, in seven rows of five. The overall measurement is 46" x 64". I also used the yellow calico for the binding, and quilted it on my domestic Bernina, using the serpentine stitch on the bias (diagonally through each square.)

All of these fabrics are available at Quilters' Quarters, of course. I'm so spoiled to have all of these fabrics at hand! But I do share them with all of you, too.

Fifteen floral bolts, cut to 8" squares, and sashed with 1"green petal sashing.

Can you find the hummingbird amid the morning glories?

The bird squares sashed with yellow calico

Closeup of the birds' side of the quilt ... shared with some butterflies, of course!
I also finished the sweet Three Yard Easy Peasy quilt for my former neighbor, who moved to Maine. I used the main bird fabric for the backing as well, and widened it with borders of the blender fabrics. Here's a photo (taken outside) of the back, and since the wind picked up and blew the quilt off the clothesline, the second photo (of the finished front of the quilt) is inside!

The back with its its 5" x 7" border blocks of blender fabrics.
The finished front

February 22, 2020:
I finished one and one half quilts this week.
The first: a baby quilt for a friend's great-grand-niece ... I used three fabrics - a panel, a floral and a sky.  I backed and bound it with the sky fabric, and free motion quilted it on my Bernina.

A sweet bunny panel from the Wilmington Prints'
line titled Garden Gathering.

And the second is for my neighbor who moved to Maine this year, and shortly after arriving, lost power and heat in an ice storm ... I promised her a warm lap quilt, and want to get it to her before winter ends! The top is finished, but it still needs backing, batting, quilting and binding ... and a label! This is a 3-yard quilt in book called Easy Peasy, available in Quilters' Quarters at a discount. 

Quilting Treasures line of fabric called First Frost;
This one features our local birds, with
blue snowflakes and light green fern puffs.
Cardnals, Chicadees, Sparrows and more...

January 2020:
New year, new quilts, and some continued goals ... The emergency comfort quilts will continue, as will the veteran's appreciation quilts. But I've started the new year with a new style ... the 'stained glass' look, using a black on black sashing and batik blocks.
Of course, Pretty Kitty will judge block placement.
I found this pattern on a Facebook page called "My Hobby is Quilting," It is attributed to Connie K. Campbell, and is titled "Scattered."
three more rows to go to finish the center of the top