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Thursday, April 28, 2016

More shelves, more fabrics, more kits ...

Rick has been busy ... and UPS and FedEx have been busy ... and the shop continues to expand.  Some old fillers are gone, and more will be going (with sales as a result ... watch for them here at the blog and at Facebook.)

But in the meantime, here are some more new fabrics that are now in stock at Quilters' Quarters:
Rick has built and installed
new storage by the front door.

The new Mirah batik collection
is beginning to tell its stories

Extra-wide fabrics for quilt backs,
in flannel and cotton

The new line at Quilting Treasures: Ink and Arrow.
Can you see why it is called that? 

This bolt is part of the Scots line of florals,
featuring the national treasure, the thistle. And
it works beautifully with the "For Love of Country"
blenders shown below

QT For Love of Country

QT For Love of Country blenders
that go well with the Scots Floral line.

Another For Love of Country beauty

Quilting Treasurers "Northern Lights"
panel and blender bolt.

Northern Lights panel is a full yard in length

Bolts are priced individually, from $7 to $11;
when I get a sale, YOU get a sale, too.

Beautiful colors for summer and fall; even winter!

Blues of sky and of sea:
nautical fabrics are on SALE: $5.00 a yard.
Sky fabric prices vary by bolt.

A few pre-quilted for backs or robes
A few batiks for piecing ease.
And a LARGE bolt of Celtics fleece!

Spring into Summer with florals and birds.

Little pre-cuts on a little furniture display
We have solid bolts that blend with
some of the new prints from Wilmington Prints,
Quilting Treasures and more.

Of course, we have the new QT
24" x 44" Flying Ace panel to add
to our Snoopy Collection!

You will also find an update at the Row by Row™ 2016  page of this blog. I'm working on the "Home Sweet Home" fabric row for Quilters' Quarters.  The kits will have quilt-quality fabrics from Dan Morris, and Elizabeth Studios, as well as precuts from  Quilting Treasurers and Moda. You'll also be able to add your own fabric embellishments, embroidery, pins, buttons ... whatever your creative self comes up with! "I think you're gonna like the way it looks..." to paraphrase a television commercial. 

Please share this link with your quilting friends and relatives, so they, too, can find and enjoy Quilters' Quarters.   And thank you for your loyalty!

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Moving and Consolidating for more space at Quilters' Quarters

No, no, we're not changing our address. But, as my parents would sometimes say, "The movers and the shakers are here again."

Rick and I are doing our best to make the shop as user-friendly as we can ... we're buying a wider variety of fabrics to entice the quilting community ... but we're holding on to our notions and threads, antique sewing machines, lapel pins and all the little things that generate commentary among our customers.

As we buy more bolts of quilt-quality fabrics from well-known companies, Rick is building more shelves to hold them. If you haven't been to Quilters' Quarters recently, you'll notice the changes right away. The scent of freshly-cut wooden shelving enhances the visual eye-candy of colors being displayed.

And sales reps from companies like Moda, Quilting Treasures, Wilmington Prints and Mirah Princess Batiks are bringing new choices to us each month. Timeless Treasures, Benartek, Riley Blake and other familiar names are still arriving from online distributors,  as well.

One of the bigger changes (ironically) is our decision to buy smaller in size: pre-cuts will begin to appear in more abundance, as they can show the variety available in smaller spaces. We'lll have charm packs of 5" squares and layer cakes of 10" squares in full 40 count and smaller 20 count sizes, to help customers sample fabrics and prints at lower prices. And we're planning on holding a few outdoor tent-sales during the good weather ahead!

Our friend Ann Lainhart is expanding the beautiful pre-cut fabrics she shares with us, adding half-yards to her collection in our shop. 

The big event for Quilters' Quarters this year will be the Humble Beginnings Adventure in the fall. The six small quilt shops will be hosting quilters on Friday Saturday and Sunday September 30 through October 2. Our shop hop also coincides with the Merrimack Valley Quilt Show in its new venue in Newburyport (Sept. 29 and 30), just seven or eight miles north of Quilters' Quarters ... so plan on seeing that show while you're in our area for weekend shop hopping! 
Humble Beginnings will introduce you to six small but growing quilt shops ~ an adventure pass can be purchased for $6.00 at any of the six shops, and will provide you with a different quilt block pattern with fabric enough to make two blocks  at each shop, for a beautifully designed quilt, with a unique sample quilt using these blocks on display in each of the six shops. How great a deal is that!

Quilters' Quarters has already sponsored two community groups through our "Feel Good Shopping" promotion, in which your shopping with us provides ten percent of your purchase prices to a local non-profit organization. And of course, each customer also will receive ten percent of their five visits as store credit. And best of all, we keep track of your amounts FOR you, filing the Five Box Loyalty cards here in the shop so you don't have to remember to bring them each visit!

Please share this link with your quilting friends and relatives, so they, too, can find and enjoy Quilters' Quarters.   And thank you for your loyalty!

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Terry's webstore: (remember, if you see something here at the blog and you don't see it at our webstore, just email me and I'll put it up for on-line sale.)

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Friday, April 1, 2016

April is Not Always the Cruelest Month ...let's make it Happy!

I read a poem long ago; it started with this claim:

"APRIL is the cruellest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.
Winter kept us warm, covering
Earth in forgetful snow, feeding
A little life with dried tubers."
T.S. Eliot, 1922-1965

Not true, I thought. It can't be true ... so many beautiful buds begin forming, and opening this month. And lilacs don't bloom until May ... and April showers do bring May flowers, with fresh spring breezes that blow the winter dust away...

Our summer fabrics are beginning to arrive and join the spring lines. These bolts just arrived from Wilmington Prints, and are fabulous in their color and design:

Flowers of the Sun

Flowers of the Sun border fabric


Beautiful "Spring Forward" fabric

"Spring Forward" blender fabric

My newest book title denies T.S. Eliot's claim of April's cruelty, instead celebrating our ability to improve our health when given challenge.  Stop in at the shop to pick up a copy for $6.00 (no tax; I've already paid it.) Or to order it online at $2.99 for your kindle or computer, with a free preview of the first chapter, click HERE:

Continue scrolling down to see more new fabrics now in stock at Quilters' Quarters.  And thanks for sharing this blog update with your friends and fellow fabric enthusiasts!

Feel Good Shopping promotion update: As April started late in the week, Quilters' Quarters is going to sponsor the Friends of the Georgetown Council on Aging from April 1st through the end of next week (Saturday April 9th.)  Ten percent of gross sales during those shopping days will be donated to the featured group, allowing Quilters' Quarters shoppers to feel good about supporting another local group. And of course, your purchase total will be recorded on your Five Box Loyalty Card towards your own store credit award! 

Looking forward to seeing you and making April NOT the cruelest month!