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Saturday, July 30, 2022

Featherweights for Sale!

 As August begins, it is time for me to release some of the Featherweights I'd impulsively purchased a few months ago... a few were priced lower as they needed some T.L.C., which I was happy to learn about and provide. And a few were priced higher as they were sold by restorers like myself who enjoy bringing these vintage beauties back to life. There are wonderful vintage sewing machine pages on Facebook (I'll add the links to the bottom of this post) and at YouTube (Rick and I learned so much about treadles and handcrank restorations watching you tube videos.)

When I puchased my first Featherweights, a 1946 and 1950, they were recognized and valued for their 'portability.'  Made primarily of aluminum, they weigh only 12 pounds or so as compared to the   vintage sewing machines made of iron that easily weigh 30 to 40 pounds "naked" (meaning out of their wooden cabinets and cases.) Those Featherweights purchased in 2015 were both bought for about $300.00 each. I was contacted by eBay the next day with an ad for a celery-white 1964 Featherweight which was sold without its case, and I purchased that also, for about the same price.  Soon after, I gave the 1946 to a friend who had given me a treadle, and gave the 1950 to another friend who made quilts for charity. I kept the white one, for a few years. 

In today's world, the 1950 "Centennial" machine would probably list between $500-$600 ... and the 1946, because of its early 'scroll patterned' face plate, would sell similarly. You see, these mechanical sewing machines gain in value with their years, and will live on forever, and can be easily maintained by their owners. A drop of oil her and there, and some motor lube once a year is all the maintenance they need.

You can read more about my acquisition of vintage machines at this link:

 I gave two more of my earlier purchases away this past spring to relatives: a very early1935 (First years of Featherweights, dated 1933 and 1934, are currently selling for over $1,000.) And my  first purchased 1964 celery/white that I finally got an original mint green and white case for. I gave another celery/white 1964 to a good friend who fell in love with her rare yellow and white case from Scotland. (All of the 1964 white Featherweights, I'm told, come from Kilbowie, Scotland, although this one for sale, dated 1968-1969, comes from Clydesbank, Scotland.)

You may want to take a look at eBay to get a sense of what these sweet little machines are selling for... often, the shipping costs add fifty to a hundred more to their listed price.

So here is a list of the Featherweights I have on hand available for money-saving LOCAL purchase now:

1947 Black Featherweight  price $500 


  • Serial Number AH223104
  • Striated Face Plate
  • One vintage box attachments (presser feet)
  • Vintage manual
  • Vintage buttonholer with manual and 4 templates
  • Case in good condition; Side attachment holder in place.
  • Three new bobbins; three vintage bobbins

But there are still two more left to buy: 

1952 Black Featherweight  price REDUCED TO $400 PLUS SHIPPING $50 in USA (BY UPS.)


  • 1952 Featherweight model 221 Serial # AL164899.
    Sews very well, and decals look pristine (see photos)
    Newer Singer (221 model) User Manual (blue cover dated 1955)
    Odor-free original carry case with one key, dent in top caused by unremoved spool pin during prior shipping (see photo). Both latches work, hinges and handle are secure.
    Five Original Simanco feet (see photo, including standard Singer foot on machine) plus one or two included that I can't identify...
    Five new 221 bobbins, plus one original bobbin in machine with original Simanco bobbin case (see photo)
    Small bobbin-case screwdriver
    New Electronic (for Singer three prong) foot control, power cord (see photo)
    Singer Buttonholer number 160506 with all original parts, manual and green snap case (see photo)
    • I bought more machines than I needed for friends and family gifts. This 1952 is in the best shape and condition of all. I am offering it for what I paid this past spring.
    $400.00 plus $50 shipping and packing here in the states (UPS)

1968-1969 Celery/White Featherweight $750 (plus shipping)

  • Serial Number FA103798
  • New BobbinWinder (original plastic wheel was cracked )
  • New 'Red S' Label (original was missing)
  • New Clamshell Singer Foot Pedal
  • Vintage White buttonnholer with manual and 4 templates

While these are not the best pictures, you are invited to call to make arrangements to come look them over and try them out. 978-352-2676. If I don't answer, please leave your name and number with a message and I will get back to you. I have been receiving a lot of scam calls and usually let voice mail answer them.

Oops: here are the Featherweight Facebook pages where I learn so much from other Featherweight Fans:

Monday, June 27, 2022

Summer is here!

 I can't believe it is already the end of June! Spring began with cold  then hot then cold  and more cold, but the heat returned this past weekend. My son installed with windows' AC units but I haven't needed to turn them on yet. Happy to have them in place when they are needed, though.

This morning I met a new group of friends, having joined a peer group of people with ms ... And I will meet a new neurologist in a few weeks. I've denied the diagnosis of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis for the past eleven years since retirement. When the medication I was taking for the first four years of the belated diagnosis ended with my early retirement with multiple sites of multiple skin cancers, I was so discouraged that I stopped the nightly injections and ignored the diagnosis. Friends have suggested that, given the changes I've made in my life this past year it may be time to ask for an update on my MRIs. So I'm jumping back into the circus ring, at least for a while.

Meanwhile, the fabric inventory in Quilters' Quarters is dwindling slowly, going out without cost to those doing charity quilts. I'm putting all the money that people wish to pay in return for the fabric into the Rick Palardy Scholarship Fund and optimistically believing we will again have enough for at least three $500 scholarships next year.

I've acquired seven Featherweight machines and am in the process of using and repairing, if needed, each of them with the intention of giving or selling five or six away, keeping only one or two here. The FEATHERWEIGHT FEVER WORKSHOPS I offered last month had only two takers, so I have discontinued that offer. If anyone wants to learn to maintain their sewing machine feel free to call me to schedule an appointment. And if anyone is looking for a local purchase of a Featherweight with all the trimmings, give me a call!

Friday, March 4, 2022

March Madness!


Well, in order to be ready for our April Spring Workshops, or what I like to call FEATHERWEIGHT FEVER, I purchased a couple of Featherweight 221s from eBay and have been practicing repairs and mainenance on them. In mid-April I plan to hold a few small group (3 to 4 person) workshops on regular cleaning and oiling of these beautiful portable machines. I will repeat these so the groups can remain small. There will be no fee for the FEATHERWEIGHT FEVER workshops other than voluntary reimbursement if you need SMO (sewing machine oil) or SML (Singer Motor Lubricant) I will have some of each to share in the shop, or you can pick some up at a fabric shop of your choice, or online. 

WHAT? NO WORKSHOP FEE? Yes, that is not a typo ... I am no longer in business for profit (and that's a well established truth!) My goal in re-opening the shop under its formal business name of Terry's Thoughts and Threads (I write and I quilt) is to help quilters and sewists to enjoy their machines. After all, the Featherweight was designed to be self-maintained by the owner of the machine, and you will be doing the work yourself, with guidance from your manual and a few tips I can offer. 

 I'll be scheduling participants who have and want to learn more about their Featherweight 221 sewing machines first, and in May will open the workshops for maintenance on other Singer and Brother machines, and ask only that you bring your manual with your machine. If you have misplaced your manual, I will have some available in the shop for the workshops, but I recommend that you find and keep your manual (or look online for a free replacement) for future reference and maintenance. 

I will, later in the year, offer writers' workshops as well.) In time I will change my email address from needlesandpens to end all of the commercial messages that continue to flood my inbox for the now-closed Quilters' Quarters retail shop, so watch for that new email here at the blog.

And yes, there will be more workshops ahead in an effort to see the leftover fabric in the shop put to good use!

Winter weather has worn me out and I am ready for Spring! 

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Starting Over Again


Wishing everyone  a Happy New Year.  

The Quilters' Quarters journal pages  of this blog
will continue to share photos and stories of quilts I've made each year as time goes on. 
(See table of contents in the right margin for these and other related pages)

But because the Quilters' Quarters retail shop is now closed, I'll be adding a new page to my other, older blog, which you can find at this link: 

Terry's Thoughts and

This is where I have read and reviewed books for many years, though not so many recently. I plan now, looking ahead: 

  • to go back to that activity ...  reading and reviewing authors
  • to also return to my own writings ... I have a few books to finish, and others to begin, and I'll update readers on my progress
  • and to begin scheduling sewing lessons for students of all ages. 

Please visit my old blog.  I'll keep you posted there, 

    Terry's Thoughts and Threads has always been my formal business name with the State of Massachusetts; Quilters' Quarters was a DBA ("doing business as") for the retail shop which we opened after I retired from teaching public school. While Rick was opening Wooden Toy and Gift and I was still teaching, I had begun reading and reviewing books and making and selling / donating quilts.  It seems right that I am going back to that title now.

    It's a new year, and a new beginning. People keep telling me I still have things to do before my story closes.  So, on I go.

    ~ Terry