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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Over Sixty Inches in Sixteen Days

Yes, winter has caught up with us here in North East Massachusetts; it's nearly the middle of February, and spring is less than forty days away. Rick has been kept busy every day for the past three weeks blowing snow from the driveway, the pathways, the sidewalk ... and shoveling the steps and the fire hydrant near our home.

While I've been comfortable inside the house, kept company by the pretty plants that weather over in our attached greenhouse, I've been staying busy planning and drawing quilt designs and figuring out which fusible interfacing is right for a  T-Shirt quilt. I finally called Pellon and asked if the bolt that I'd bought (lightweight) would be enough for the job, as it didn't match the sku (stock keeping unit) number that I'd read in other Facebookers' posts would be perfect for the job. With relief I heard that yes, I had the right alternative. The one praised on the web was only available to Joann's Fabric Store. But the one I had was as good.

My 2015 quilt journal is beginning to grow, and I'm happy to add each project to the page as the year progresses.  Do you keep a journal of projects begun and finished? It's a very satisfying task, takes only a few minutes now and then to update,  and is a good record of the work that I've done. I encourage you to keep a journal, too.

I'm looking into a new thread supplier: Superior threads is one recently  recommended by quilters that I trust.  I'll try to order from their wholesale pages to get the best prices for Quilters' Quarters' customers. I read that lint in the sewing machine is a non-event with this brand, and that breakage is rare. It's worth giving it a try, if we can afford it - it's more expensive than the other top of the line threads that we stock. The colors are vibrant and the variety of weights offer many choices to hand and machine quilters.

A beautiful shipment of pre-cut strips has arrived at the shop, ordered last fall from Quilting Treasures.
  Some are warm, some are cool, and some are in the design of the Lola fabrics.  A box of earth tone fat quarters in many colors also arrived (and joined the abundant collection of fat quarters that we always have on hand, courtesy of our quilt artist Ann Lainhart.)

We also have plenty of checked flannel prints on hand. And we're planning another trip soon to New England Quilt Supply where we will be able to look at quilt quality fabrics for spring and summer projects.

Please remember, our winter hours are 2 to 7pm Wednesdays through Saturdays; we can always accommodate different hours on request.

I'll be in the shop for Sit 'n Sew drop in sessions on Friday Evenings (6:30 - 9:00) and Saturday afternoons.  Bring a friend, bring a project, bring a question, bring a snack if you want.  I'll be out there working on something  and will be happy to answer questions that I can, or research what we need to know.

I'll be sharing my vintage sewing machines with you in the shop - I'm doing my best to learn all that I can to maintain and restore these old beauties.  I'll be happy to share what I learn with you. Maybe you have one in your attic that you'd like to be using, too.  I hear they are fabulous for piecing and quilting - who knew?!  Read what I've begun learning about these precious beauties at my new page, Vintage and Antique Sewing Machines. 

Don't forget our Valentine's Day contest - we've extended the deadline to February 28th, due to the statewide emergency/driving bans this month. We have only one entry so far, and two drawings planned, so you have an excellent chance of winning!

Thanks, again, for following our blog. If you haven't signed up yet, it's easy - just enter an email in the top of the right margin, and you'll receive our semi-monthly newsletters.  We're planning a bi-monthly fabric contest this year, too, and you don't want to miss the heads-up that will be in the newsletters.

The park bench under the most
beautiful red maple tree out front
is buried beneath the snow,
but in time it will emerge!
Please share this blog with your friends to let them know that we're here and we want to be helpful to them.  We can't beat big box stores like Joann's with large discount coupons now and then, but we want to be predictable and stable for our customers.  Come visit and let us know what you want to find in a community quilt shop!

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We're expecting more snow this coming weekend, but we'll keep the light and heat on for you!