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Monday, May 28, 2018

Thanks for your patience!

The shop is up and running, finally, on a regular schedule: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, noon to 5 pm. Sometimes visitors come by on another day, or earlier or later in the day, and I always open for them. If my Chevy is in the driveway (with the Happy Quilter license plate) and I am not out on a walk, I'll be in the house. Just ring the back doorbell and I'll happily invite you into Quilters' Quarters. Or call me to arrange a time that better suits your schedule and mine.

This month I have been laying bricks to connect the new driveway to the front door of the shop ~ it is a work in progress, and I've asked shoppers to enter by the side door to avoid jostling the bricks before I finish the task with sand in the crevices. It's a job Rick and I intended to do together once his shoulder had healed, but I'm learning to do more things independently now without his strength and patient skills. I'm sure he is still guiding me, though, as laying and lifting bricks and re-tamping pounds of sand is beginning to come naturally to me. I'm more than half-way there.  (And yes, I'm working carefully to use this task as good therapy for my healing broken arm.) I'm sure the arrangement I've chosen has a quilt block name, but don't know what it is... two vertical, two horizontal ... almost a post rail fence?

New bolts of fabrics continue to arrive, one or two at a time. These are stragglers from the orders I'd placed last summer, and each arrival is a surprise! Here are a few that came in this week, from Wilmington Prints ~ one horizontal and one vertical panel that could be used as a center block for a quilt or wall hanging; the other could be fussy cut for appliques... 

Panels are priced at retail, but at Quilters' Quarters all fabric is at least 20% discounted ... more for members and charity work! These panels measure 24", and the fabric retails for $12.00/yard, so the 2/3 yd. panels are priced at $8.00, and the discount lowers that to $6.40 each! I have beautiful blender fabrics that will enhance each of these scenes ...

Come see us soon!

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ps: I invite you to check the updates on another page of this blog ... my 2018 quilts journal ... All of my work is done with fabric from Quilters' Quarters, and I'm happy to share patterns with you.