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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ten Days of Winter Closure Left

Ten days until Quilters' Quarters re-opens.

Soft 'Pre-opening' sale on Wednesday 3/1/2017 with a special 25% discount.

Grand Re-Opening Sale of 20% discount on Thursday 3/2/17 through Saturday 3/4/17.

Spring 2017 schedule will be Thursday and Friday, 12-5 and Saturdays 12-3. Other hours more convenient for individual customers can be arranged by appointment (call 978-352-2676 or email

Summer 2017 schedule will resume evening hours to accommodate Row by Row™ travelers, with Thursday, Friday and Saturday hours from 12-7.

As the sun begins setting earlier, Fall hours may return to the Spring Schedule.

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Late Winter Update

Quilters' Quarters and Wooden Toy and Gift have been in hibernation this month and last, The plan is to reopen the the fabric and notion part of the shop at the beginning of March, with a schedule of Thursday and Friday, 12-5 and Saturdays 12-3. Other hours more convenient for customers can be arranged by appointment (call 978-352-2676 or email

Wooden Toy and Gift's founder and wood artisan, Rick, passed away this  Christmas; it will take a little longer to organize the space of that shop to display the beautiful items he had made. Some will be for sale; others will be displayed in memory of his talents and spirit.  The kind thoughts and prayers that have been shared on behalf of Rick are very much appreciated.

Antique Sewing Machines for Sale!
Many of the vintage and antique sewing machines will be offered for sale in the shop this year. The goal of Quilters' Quarters has been, and will remain, to teach visitors how to maintain their own family treasures. The machines in the shop have been acquired at low prices, with minimal parts to bring them into working order, and will be sold at the combined costs of those parts, with a small labor fee. The machines include some early twentieth century dated model 66s with beautiful Red Eye decals and the familiar, easy to use metal rotary bobbin; model 99s (which is, basically, a 3/4 size Singer 66);  model 27s and 128s (with a vibrating shuttle 'bullet' bobbin) with unique decal decorations. The machines may be in a five or seven drawer treadle table, or in a portable case/base with hand crank option. These machines will sell between $75 and $150 each.

More Sewing Machines:
Newer vintage machines dating in the 1960s and early 1970s have been professionally serviced before being brought to Quilters' Quarters, and are for sale by their quilter/owner, with a 'best offer' pricing. One of these is the coveted 'work horse' White model 77, known for powering through many layers with its strong electric motor. Another is a Singer model 257 with metal, not plastic, gears. Both of these come with a sewing cabinet.

And the Desirable Featherweight 221 is Available~
Three Singer Featherweight machines, model 221, dating in the 1950's, will be sold at a higher price as they were purchased more expensively. Beginning price for a Featherweight will be $400.00  One of the three has already been reserved. And the highly regarded David McCallum's Singer Featherweight 221 and I maintenance books, with  a flat spring binding, full size pages and clear illustrations, are also available in the shop for a reasonable price at Quilters' Quarters.

Quilters' Quarters is again enrolled as a Row by Row™ shop for 2017, and there is a page for this event here at the blog, in the right hand margin's table of contents.

I look forward to seeing each of you this spring, summer and fall. New fabrics have arrived and will bring the new seasons to you and yours. For our early visitors, dressing warmly in layers is recommended as the weather may still be quite cold in March, and the shops are, of course, in a barn. We'll have some heat, but not a lot.

Terry Crawford Palardy
Author, kindle books can be purchased here at
Paperbacks also available in the shop, and at Amazon.