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Thursday, August 10, 2017

More in Store at Quilters' Quarters~

I've been downsizing our collection of vintage and antique sewing machines, and several have been re-homed this spring and summer. But a new collection has just found its way to our little quilt / fabric shop.

Come in and see THREE Featherweight 221 Singer Sewing Machines, each complete with its handsome case, traditional foot pedal and wiring, the original box filled with assorted presser feet, extra original bobbins, the original bobbin case, and manual!
These machines are dated 1950, 1953 and 1957. All are in good running order.
Click on each image to enlarge it for more detail.

The second Featherweight, dated 1953, sold today! Only two more machines from the Newburyport UU church to sell. Remember, all proceeds from these sales benefit the church's charity work. Here they are: 
1957 Featherweight 221 with everything shown in photo;
the one remaining FW for sale at Quilters' Quarters.
Proceeds will go to the
UU Church of Newburyport, MA

Singer model 285 with original stainless steel
foot pedal, manual.
Portable with latching case, but very heavy

Previously: 9/7/2017: 
Three Featherweights owned by UU Church in Newburyport
now for sale at Quilters' Quarters.

I am selling these for a local church organization that, as has happened with other machines in my past, were found in a closet and have been unused for who knows how long. I am not taking any money for cleaning, servicing and advertising these treasures as I believe that the proceeds will be taken by the organization and put to good use in their charitable works.  That's a major part of Quilters' Quarters and our Feel Good Shopping program, after all.

Each machine will be cleaned and oiled; I will run it to be sure all is in good condition, and will sell for what I see now as a standard price: $400.00 each. (Yes, you can find Featherweights at lower prices, but they are often in weak or ill-used condition, without essential parts, manual, case, wiring, bobbins etc. You must come in to the shop to see and appreciate these extraordinarily-well-preserved machines!)

And there is more! The church ladies also brought a VERY heavy and ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS Singer Model 66 with Red Eye Decals, in its original fabric-covered, sturdy, "portable" case. This popular machine dates to 1923, and has a generous harp space for quilters.  I haven't plugged this one in yet, so can't say whether it will be sold with its motor or not: if I find antique sewing machines like this one with any faulty wiring, I simply convert them to a hand crank model, which is wonderful for campers without electricity, or children who are just learning how to sew on a machine.
  I'll keep you posted as to its condition as I begin to work on it in a week or so. A good working machine of this caliber will probably sell in the $100-200 range. Time will tell!

So happy to say that this model 66 has found its new home!


And one last newbie - a mint green Singer 3/4 sized sewing machine, model # 285-K, and that K tells us that she was manufactured in Kilbowie, Scotland. I don't know much about her yet, except that she is adorable to look at, though her matching plastic case seems a bit worn for her years. When I find her serial number I will date her.

I saw similar machines with this 285K model number on eBay listing for $75-80. But I watched a few you tube videos and learned that this little lovely has her critics ... with the main objection being that she is LOUD and has some early plastic parts. But somewhere out there is someone who might appreciate her in their collection, if the price is right!

In other news, Row by Row™ will continue for a few more weeks. Once the hibernation period begins, our shop hours will revert to the spring schedule of this year ... open three days rather than four, starting an hour earlier at 11 am, and closing at 5pm  rather than  6... just keeping up with Mother Nature's changing amounts of daylight in the fall. We have a winning Row by Row quilt hanging in the shop. I still have many junior patterns as very few quilters have brought little ones in to the shop. There are five pretty blue ribbons waiting to be awarded to the first five juniors who complete a project using one of the official Row by Row Junior patterns. Adult Row by Rowers have the same deadline as the Juniors ... go to the official website to learn the details. Free patterns are not available during hibernation period, which begins on Labor Day.

Thank you for allowing me to send this newsletter to your email address ... and please feel free to share it with your friends and colleagues. Let them know that our Feel Good Shopping program includes 20% discount on all fabrics sold this summer, and a 50% (wholesale prices) for any fabric purchased for a charity program all year long.

Be well -