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Saturday, March 28, 2015

The End of Winter Hours

Just a quick note regarding open hours at Quilters' Quarters: Our shop is currently closed due to illness, but will be open again when April begins. At that time, we will revert to our non-winter hours, opening at 11 am on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and remaining open into the early evenings, closing at 7 pm to accompany quilters with day jobs.

Sometimes, family events necessitate closing on a Saturday, and when that happens, we'll post it here in advance and open instead on Sunday that weekend.

We've been busy preparing for the 2015 Summer Row by Row international quilt shop hop.  Here's a sneak preview of our new free pattern, using fabrics that complement the 2015 theme of WATER:

Click to enlarge: row is embellished 
with whale, dolphin, and boat buttons

Our new license plate, designed by Debra Gabel, also features the water theme. The plates have arrived and will be sold beginning the last week of June. We still have a supply of 2014 plates (with the theme of SEASONS) and some Post Card Party Kits available as well.  And new this year are Row by Row metal pins that will be sold during the Row by Row months of late June through early September, as long as the supplies last.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spring Fabric Contest

Our second bi-monthly design contest will begin on Wednesday, March 18th~ come in before hand to pick up a flier for the Spring Fabric Contest.  As with our first event (Valentine's Day Fabrics) we will offer a ten percent discount on Spring Fabrics, including our new line titled "Tweet Town."
These 3 Wishes Tweet Town Fabrics are also available
at our webstore:
Your design might be our next winner! Make an outfit that sings Spring! Or make a light-weight purse or busy-bag, or table toppers, place mats ... anything that will help you put the winter behind and celebrate the coming warmth!

Here are our bi-monthly contest details: there are three potential levels of your choice.

  •    If you use at least one of our new Spring Tweet Town  fabrics in your work, you'll qualify for a level one prize ... a ten dollar gift certificate for Wooden Toy and Gift orQuilters' Quarters. 
  • If you use two of our fabrics, you'll qualify for a level two prize ... two $10 gift certificates, to spend or share with your friends. 
  • And if you use three or more of our Spring Fabrics in your design, you'll win a $25.00 gift certificate for either Rick's shop or Terry's ~winner's choice ! Both shops are located together at 59 North Street, Georgetown, Massachusetts ~ just two doors north of Perley School.
  • Bring your finished Spring Fabric Contest project in to our shop by Wednesday, April 15th to have a photo taken of it. Your name and the photo of your project will be put into an envelope and then into "the fabric sack" and the winner will be drawn on Thursday. April 16th. 2015