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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Two Weeks Later...

I've been tracking the Coronavirus news and numbers and posting updates on my Facebook page, and continue making masks... I've had a generous donation of 1/4" elastic, and have been able to share that as well as sharing quilt quality fabric to others also making masks...

Today is April 15, always known as Tax Day, and in my previous post I promised myself, at the outset of making masks, that I would finish the tax forms and clear that stuff off my couch, finally.  Well, it is still there ... I had to buy an updated computer with Windows 10 to handle the Turbo Tax disk, which is challenging me at every turn ... but the federal and state deadlines have been pushed ahead to July, and my procrastinating self is taking full advantage of that gift of time.

At the end of today, I will have reached the count 200 masks made. Quilters' Quarters has given away well over $1,000 worth (at cost... or $2000+ at retail)  of quilt quality fabrics, and dozens of yards of donated elastic.  People needing these supplies call me or reach out on Facebook, and I cut and package their order and tape them to the storm door of the shop, accomplishing this transfer of goods without physical contact.  One mask maker is part of a larger group, and she comes by to pick up full or partial bolts of fabric. 

Individual folks needing masks (or fabric for masks) use the same process to receive them.  Though I ask them not to donate money,  several have, and I will put that money aside to buy more elastics ... and will share most of those dollars with the schools that are providing bagged breakfast and lunch 'to go' for students at home ... paying it forward. 

The paperwork for taxes remains on the couch ... the dining room table is a cutting station, the sewing room is a mask production area, and the washer and dryer in the back room have been kept busy with yards of fabric. Sadly, one of the panes of glass in the roof of the attached greenhouse blew out of its place during the windy night and shattered on the patio, where it remains until I have time to go sweep it up.  I tried calling a glass repairer but had no answer, probably because of the small business shut down. I left him a phone message, and I will put a bucket under the hole to catch any rainwater (or snow?) I will pray that chipmunks, squirrels and birds don't find the hole before I can find someone to patch it ... as it's about ten feet above ground level it is definitely not something I can patch myself, though I have done so with many lower old panes of glass... clear packing tape is my tool of choice, as most panes can be fitted back together ... but not this one.

If you are making masks, or headbands with buttons to hold mask elastics away from the wearer's ears, or surgical caps ... call and I'll cut for you and leave it in a bag on the door with your first name, for pick up. We are just this week entering the 'surge' of Covid-19, and cities like Salem, Massachusetts are requiring citizens to wear masks when out in public, so I don't think this need will diminish for quite a while. Some say we may not see a virus-ending vaccine until 2022 ... maybe not effective treatments before 2021 ...

Stay at home when you can ... appreciate those who go to work every day to keep us all safe ... to help those in need ... to keep food on the shelves, and other essential goods in our community.

Be well, wash your hands, call your family and friends. We can do this.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April Fool's Day

I wish I could tell you an April Fool's Day joke, but none come to mind ... an amazing lapse, for someone who spent many years in elementary classrooms treading lightly, wary of tricksters...

I've spent the past six days making fabric masks ... and enjoying the range of fabrics I have in the shop to choose from each day.  More for the police and fire first responders, more for the cashiers at the local grocery, more for family, for friends of family, for grandchildren and for others...

I've gone through several donated packs of elastic, and more is ahead. What I'd ordered, from both Amazon and from my wholesale distributor, won't arrive here until late May - early June. I found some twist-ties at the grocery store (in the pet food aisle, curiously.) There were ten packs, so I bought four of them ... 200 feet in all; not hoarding, for they will be used up by the end of the month, I'm certain. 


Speaking of the wholesale distributor, I called to ask whether they were closed down, or still able to deliver product ... they had put all open orders on hold, as most quilt shops are closed for the duration of the state by state orders... I told her my shop is right here in my driveway, so she removed the 'HOLD' order on my fabrics. Maybe in a few days, the beautiful bolt of floral panels will arrive.  They have a wide variety of colors, but this is the one I feel in love with... one bolt, 15 yards ... each panel is 43" and the manufacturer's suggested retail price is $16.50 ... but fortunately, QQ will discount the price. I'm looking forward to using this panel and perhaps bordering it with some soft colors, and then quilting it on the midarm I bought last fall...I'm looking forward to warmer weather so that I can work in the back of the shop, where there is no heat in Rick's absence (he has a wonderful woodstove out there, but I haven't cleared a path to it yet... one day, I will get to it.
I'll add some photos to this page, and though I wish you could come in and feel the softness of these fabrics ... but you know they are from 'good stock.'  They are all from my webstore page, and can be purchased via Paypal, and I will mail them to you. My postage calculations are most often wrong, and I don't learn that until I go to the post office, but I promise you that when it is wrong in MY favor, I immediately refund the difference to you, via Paypal, which makes that very easy.  And if it is wrong in YOUR favor ... well, c'est la vie! Just click the link and it will take you to my webstore page ... beautiful Easter bunny panel ... and a few different packs of 5" charm squares... check them out! 

Click this link to purchase:

Click this link to purchase:
Be well, stay home, wash your hands, and share this page...

Please and Thank You ~ Terry