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Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Fabrics in Stock!

Rick and I had a wonderful shopping trip to New England Quilt Supply this week, and came home with several more bolts of fabric.  I'm posting some pictures here to let you have a virtual tour of what new bolts you will find in our shop.  

In addition to the fabrics, we brought back some more Omnigrid rulers, some cute little seam rippers with rubber tops that will pick up the "otts" (bits of cut threads) left behind when a seam is unsewn, and some dear little sandpaper "dots" that our friend Bev recommended for holding the rulers still when rotary cutting fabric:

Come visit us, Wednesday through Saturday, 11 am - 7 pm. Pull in the driveway or park out front. Street parking after four pm and on weekends, or across the street all the time. We look forward to seeing you and learning what you like and would like to see in our shop.

~Terry and Rick


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Official "Buyers"

Rick and I will be making another trip to the wholesale fabric shop in Pembroke this week. I've never really thought of myself as much of a shopper ... I go looking for a specific item, like a pair of shoes for back to school, or a pair of sneakers every other summer. Every few years, I'll buy a bag of multi-colored summer socks, or take a trip up to Freeport, Maine to find wool socks for the winter. I don't have the knack for looking at clothes on a rack and figuring out which of them would fit me well. I tend to buy the same clothes over and over ... dungarees in the men's department, turtleneck jerseys or mock turtle sleeveless for summer wear. Whichever is on sale is the one I decide is right for me. And now that I'm retired I don't need to think about school clothes and can simply wear what I already have on hand. What a relief!

But shopping for fabric - that is a different thing altogether.  It's a little overwhelming to walk into a building with four floors of fabrics, plus notions, and crates full of batting and remnants sold by the pound. It took a bit of getting used to, but I'm beginning to know where to look for certain items. And I'm learning to remember to bring a specific list with me, and cross things off when I either find them or see them and decide I don't need them. Most important is having Rick with me, for he remembers where we've already been and what we're looking for on a certain floor.

In any fabric shop I'm used to always buying a bit more than I think I need, because yes, I have been the quilter looking for just one more row of that certain fabric for a nearly-finished border. But in the warehouse, most of what I buy comes in bolts of 10 or 15 yards. So the dollars add up quickly! The workers will, for a very small fee of $1.00 per bolt, split a bolt in half. That's what I've been doing with some of our first bolts, to add some variety without overbuying anything. Until we see a steady customer base we're buying blind when building our stock.

I will shop for my customers at the warehouse if what they need is what I could also sell in my shop. If they want just a few yards of a certain fabric, and I have to buy at least 7 or 10 yards, it has to be something I believe others will want to buy as well. And it will have to be in combination with other fabric and notion shopping  for our own business, because there is a minimum purchase amount for each shopping trip. I'll talk with customers as they visit the shop and invite them to search the warehouse on-line catalog for notions, threads and such, and perhaps a bolt of fabric that we can split.

A salesman called a week or so ago and introduced himself to me and asked if he might come by to show me fabric samples. I told him we were working with the warehouse in Pembroke, and he said he is, too. So I invited him to come, and he brought in large portfolios of fabric samples. Truly, I think he had a Mary Poppins' bag, for he pulled sample after sample until my entire cutting table was covered about twelve inches deep! He had many of the fabrics we'd seen in Pembroke, and new fabrics due to be released this spring. I decided to order half a dozen bolts with him of what is called "blender" fabrics ... small prints that coordinate with the dominant blocks in a quilt. They will be delivered by UPS, and we'll know then how much the shipping weight is.

Rick and I may, in time, be comfortable ordering by telephone or email from Pembroke and having fabrics shipped to us. Right now, when we go down and buy several bolts of fabric we think we are saving a lot on shipping cost. We estimated, using the federal mileage reimbursement figure, that each time we travel down to the warehouse we are using about sixty dollars in reimbursement or deductible terms. Until I'm able to purchase fabrics without touching them or holding them side by side, we'll continue to shop in person. A day on the highway with Rick is always a pleasant day, capped off with a brownie and lunch on the way home.

We plan on running the Quilters' Quarters and Wooden Toy and Gift for the next few decades; the characters in my new mystery series, Helen and Henry, are foreshadowing folks whom Rick and I might become in time. It's like writing a script of what we'd like our future to look like.  And when something is written down, it's not forgotten and can become a road map of where we want to be. That's a powerful feeling!


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Helen and Henry are in Residence at Quilters' Quarters

Look who's here to help in the shop. Henry and Helen are the main characters of my new quilt mystery series. Book one introduces them; book two begins to pursue the answers to some of the mysterious happenings of book one.  You can preview and order the books at my website, or stop in the shop to pick them up.

Meanwhile, Helen will be looking over the fabrics that are beginning to accumulate in the shop. And Henry will be admiring Rick's woodworking skills as he installs more cabinets to hold the bolts. We're happy to have them with us.

A salesman stopped by the other day and offered Terry the opportunity to order fabrics through him - fabrics that are also available at the New England Quilt Supply in Massachusetts. Terry calls him Joe Fabric. Six more bolts of a fabric line by Henry Glass, titled Folio, will be arriving in the next week. Beautiful bold colors of gold, red, blue, green, dark teal, burgundy and black on black will add to the growing collection and range of hues.

Come visit us; we  have lots to share with you. And remember, you can follow this blog and get email notifications of new updates by entering your email address in the "Follow" space of the right margin :)

Which reminds me - our Georgetown Quilts of Valor group will have its first meeting on Monday, January 20th, from 10 am to noon at the Quilters' Quarters.  Please join us in this worthy endeavor - I promise it will be fun. What better way to spend the holiday named for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., than making quilts for military veterans who served our country and protected us so honorably?

No reservations required ... come share a cup of tea and your thoughts on the project! Here's a link to the national Quilts of Valor Foundation: Look for our group (scroll down a bit) on their Massachusetts page... we are there.
~ Terry

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Welcome to the new blog for Quilters' Quarters

I have a blog for book reviews, and a blog for health updates. Rick and I also have a blog for his Wooden Toy and Gift shop. And now this blog will feature our new quilt shop within Wooden Toy and Gift.

For several years, I and many others have missed the convenience of our small town general store named Cressy's. Begun more than fifty years ago, it was managed by the Christianson family until the Dillons bought it a few decades ago. But when major pharmacy chain opened right across the street, sales began to taper off and Georgetown lost this valuable resource.

I often would go into Cressy's to buy fabric, or ribbons, needles, pins, zippers and other notions needed for my sewing. The closest shop for these items is a few towns away, either up or down the highway. I don't drive on the highway any more.  And many others my age, younger and older don't like to drive highways either. Going to Cressy's on a whim was so easy, as they were opened evenings and Saturdays which fit my schedule as a public school teacher. I and many others soon realized what we had lost when Cressy's closed their doors.

And so Rick and I have recently opened the Quilters' Quarters. We purchase fabric and notions from a wholesale on the south shore of Massachusetts. Our inventory is only beginning to grow, and we welcome suggestions from our customers.

Presently, we are carrying bolts of quilt-shop-quality fabric, batting, needles, pins, rotary cutters and threads of Gutermann, Mettler and Coats and Clarks brands. We have a small selection of nylon zippers, interfacing and spools of ribbon.

We want to be your local, convenient quilt shop. We want to carry materials and notions that you want to find here in town. We will be open Wednesdays through Saturdays, from 11 am to 7 pm for the convenience of people who work either days or evenings. We will also open at other times if requested by phone or email, to meet your time schedule.

I will begin individual quilting lessons later this month, in the morning before the shop opens. Most lessons will begin at 10. And I'll be happy to help you decide what patterns you would like to make, or what colors you want to choose. We can calculate together how much of each fabric you'll need for the size quilt you want to make.

We also have a Singer Red-Eye Treadle Sewing Machine (dated 1922) that customers may want to learn to use, and I'll be happy to give short lessons on that. We had fun during Georgetown Days this past summer teaching young citizens of Georgetown how to use one of the machines that changed the way American families sewed for the home.

Come see us, and let us know what you would like us to carry in our new quilt shop.  We promise to keep our prices reasonable, as Cressy's always did. And we plan to take orders that we can fill within just a a few days for special fabrics that you would like to have.

And if you click the link that invites you to follow us by e-mail, we'll be able to keep you up to date on new acquisitions in the shop, as well as seasonal sales and discounts.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, and writing more here to entice you to visit us at the Quilters' Quarters blog. Remember, we are within Wooden Toy and Gift, at 59 North Street, Georgetown, MA, less than 1/4 of a mile from Georgetown Square, just two doors north of Perley School. We're open Wednesdays through Saturdays, 11 am - 7 pm, and can accommodate requests for special hours to meet your scheduling needs. It's our goal to meet your wishes for an enjoyable, local shopping experience.

Wednesday Through Saturday
11 am - 7 pm
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