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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Stage 2 Step 2 Massachusetts retail re-opening guidelines

Quilters' Quarters is going to postpone crossing over to the Stage 2 Step 2 timeline.  This means that, while other fabric shops are opening their doors to walk in customers as of June 22nd,  QQ is remaining on Stage 1 guidelines, using 'curb-side" pickup strategies (read that: 'storm door" pickup.) Our online webstore will also continue meeting the requests of distance customers, with the use of PayPal invoicing and payments.  At the physical shop, only cash or checks can be used to pay at the time of pickup. 

Customers who wish to come in to the shop to select fabrics or notions will be asked to wear a face mask, and to use hand sanitizer, to minimize the spread of Covid 19. The shop's space will only allow for one customer at a time, and appointments are strongly recommended. Drop-ins unannounced will be accommodated when staffing is available, but calling ahead is recommended.  Terry is vulnerable to the circulating virus due to age and medical conditions, as are other members of the shop, and minimizing health risk is a primary concern for all.

People unwilling or unable to wear a face mask will be limited to the curb-side pickup option. Orders can be arranged by phone or email (see top of home page.) QQ's inventory will continue to be shown on the shop's Facebook page. This week's post at Facebook showcases our collection of threads. 

The fabric inventory is slowing going down in size, as QQ will continue to provide free fabric to face mask makers in our area. Best estimate is that the shop will continue to have fabric for sale (and mask-maker donations) through fall of 2022. Until that point, only fabric specifically requested by members will be ordered from the distributors and manufacturers.  Interfacing, batting, stabilizer, threads, needles, pins, rulers and other miscellaneous items will also be ordered only when specifically requested by members. 

In the fall of 2022, a decision as to the future of the shop will be made ... will it continue to be a retail shop? Will it become instead a workshop where quilt and sewing classes take place? Will cleanings and lessons for self-maintenance of sewing machines continue? There are many unknowns ahead ... decisions to be made ... plans to be explored. Promises are not to be made if they are vulnerable to not being kept. 

Sewists and Quilters continue to be appreciative of the discounts QQ can offer, and are often generous in turn, leaving extra change or dollars at the shop. During the past two school years, these donations were forwarded entirely to the local school department to cover student lunch accounts that slipped into arrears. People receiving face masks from the many makers also often make donations in return, and the mask makers bring those funds to the shop when picking up more free fabric. This spring QQ was able to forward more than $2,000 to our school department to help provide the bagged breakfasts and lunches delivered by our schools to eligible students throughout the shutdown weeks.

During the summer months, while the eligible students receive state funding for extra meals no longer available at school, the donations received at QQ are being sent to a local food pantry. It is called the Abundant Food Pantry at the New Life Community Church on East Main Street in Georgetown. Please let people you know who may need food assistance to know of this local option.  During the last full week of June, QQ was able to send almost $300 to the pantry.

Sadly, as the country continues to re-open widely, the second surge of the first phase of the Corona Virus spread is growing exponentially. Here in Massachusetts, with our slower re-opening, we may see a continued decrease in cases, God willing. It depends on the the continued responsibility of people ... remember, please, and share with everyone who resists: Your mask protects me, and my mask protects you.

Be safe, be well, and be proud that we are able, so far, to do it right, here in Massachusetts.  Wear your mask, wash your hands, and keep a social distance.  Your health ... our health ... is worth it.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Beginning Stage 2 of Covid Re-opening in Massachusetts

Quilters' Quarters continues to provide free quilt quality cotton fabric to mask makers as we progress into our fourth month of the Corona Virus pandemic. As the shop is not a food source, nor an essential item source, it is restricted to opening only for curb side pickup or distance delivery. Customers, even in limited numbers, are not yet able to enter the shop to browse the shelves. I'll do my best to post new fabrics here at the blog or on Facebook,  as they arrive

Massachusetts'Governor Charlie Baker is a responsible leader who is paying much more than lip service to the scientists at the CDC and NIH, and I respect him for that leadership. During "Stage 2" (beginning June 8th) I am happy to fill customer orders for fabric and notions via "Storm Door" pickup ... bags with customer names are put outside the door during good weather, or inside during storms ... and the shop's regular hours of Thursday through Saturday will resume this week, noon to 5 pm. You can place orders via email ( or telephone (978-352-2676) and payments of cash or check can be made at the door of the shop.  I am not yet able to accept credit cards, but will also accept an IOU from known customers. And your 20% initial or 40% repeat customer discounts will continue as established.  

Here is a new panel that just arrived this week: it measures 24" x 42" and retails, before discount, at $9.00 per panel.  It has a blender fabric that retails for $11.80 per yard. Remember, ALL Quilters receive a discount on their total order with few exceptions.

Butterfly Panel by Timeless Treasures

Timeless Treasures' Blender Bolt
I'm happy to let you know that the donations left here and at other mask makers' homes have helped provide bagged breakfasts and lunches for Georgetown's eligible public school students throughout the months of shutdown.  So far your generosity has provided over two thousand dollars to the lunch program. When school closes, the donations will  then be provided to a local food pantry for the summer months, during which time the Massachusetts will provide food purchase eligible cards to families with eligible students.

And Quilters' Quarters has donated over six thousand dollars worth  of fabric to our mask makers, and those makers have created somewhere between fifteen and twenty thousand masks here in the Merrimack Valley and the North Shore communities, adding to our level of safety here in Essex County.  I appreciate the help of everyone involved in this socially responsible activity.

Please continue to behave responsibly, safely and in good health practice ... wear your mask when you leave home ... maintain your six feet of social distance, wash your hands as often as possible, and share empathy and kindness with everyone you meet, as suffering from worry, depression, loss and anxiety are not always obvious, but are always in need of support.  Thank you for what you can and will do for the common good.