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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Remember to call first during the winter months of January and February

The last thing I want to do is disappoint customers, and the second last thing I want to do is miss their company. But the third on my list of lasts is my own comfort, which is why we closed the shop for January and February ... a few minutes in a cold barn isn't a bad thing (it certainly gets the circulation going!) but staying out there for much longer than a few minutes is inviting cold, clumsy fingers and toes.

We missed two valued customers today because we were visiting another quilt shop during our winter vacation / hibernation.   We like to aid and abet other quilt shops in planning good business events (and we also, tremendously, benefit from their helping us with ours.)

So, just a reminder that while the shop is formally closed for these two months, we are happy to open for customers if we know when you are coming.  It might only take a phone call - if we're home, we'll open right up. It might take a bit more - if we're not home, leave us a message - we don't have caller ID so please leave your number.

We'll call you back as soon as we return home from wherever we are galivanting about, and plan a time for you to come visit. You can also email us to arrange a time. We're usually flexible in our own schedule, but we're enjoying these days roaming from shop to shop sharing and swapping ideas with others for making our small shops all that they can be.

Rick and I have been working on early spring cleaning in the house this month, and next month will be doing the same out in the shop.

Wilmington Prints Fabrics

New lines of fabrics begin arriving in late February; we'll also be planning workshops, making up free kits for the summer Row by Row™ 2016, and then making more for our own Humble Beginnings Adventure at the end of September. If you see our license plate for Happy Quilters parked in the driveway,  please feel welcome to come in and have a chat and a look around our shops ... we do love company!
click here
to visit the website for
Humble Beginnings Adventure

We'll be open for regular hours in March (when we begin selling Adventure Passes for JUST $6.00, and the first fifty customers to buy one at Quilters' Quarters will get this re-usable, roomy bag, a brochure describing the adventure, and a free gift;) we look forward to visitors stopping by. This blog will be updated semi-monthly with more information about new products and their arrival dates.

Important information for customers:

Quilters' Quarters telephone: 978 352 2676

Quilters' Quarters email:

Wooden Toy and Gift email:

New Spring 2016 shop hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 11 to 5pm

Regular Summer 2016 shop hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 11 - 7pm

Don't forget to ask us about our Humble Beginnings Adventure 2016

And yes, our on-line webstores are still up and running despite the winter temperatures: visit us at for Quilters' Quarters, and for Rick's beautiful wood art, which you can preview at his blog:

Stay warm, bundle up, and if you're going to be out and about, give us a call to see if we're here - we'd love to chat and will open the shops for you.

Terry and Rick Palardy

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy 2016!

Just a quick post to remind everyone that Quilters' Quarters and Wooden Toy and Gift shops are in hibernation for the snowy months of January and February. We had an amazingly warm December, but the cold is here to stay now, and the snowfall will be not far behind.

But while we are "closed" we will be around and will always open for friends and family (and all customers are our friends and family, of course) - just give us a call and let us know when you would like to stop in, and bundle up because the shop will be very chilly.
You can also see many of our things at our webstores ... though I don't post everything there, if there's something you know we have in the shop that's not posted, email me to let me know what you want and I'll quote you a price, then invoice you via PayPal or email.

webstore for Quilters' Quarters is:

webstore for Wooden Toy and Gift is

I'll continue posting twice a month and will give you information about what to look forward to this March when we re-open.

As of the first of February, I can sell "passports" for our fall quilting adventure, Humble Beginnings.  The passport is very reasonable - $6.00 will give you special offers at the six participating shops ... and a bag, and six free kits for blocks in our quilt ... and more! Much more! Visit our website and Facebook  Page to stay updated on what to expect on September 30, October 1 and October 2, 2016.

Remember to check the Moda Sampler Block page at this blog for next weekend's three free block patterns ... and follow my journal page to see how the quilts are developing this winter ... I still have two or three ahead of me to finish, optimistically by summer.

And another machine will be joining me soon on my antique and vintage sewing machine page ...

Happy New Year, and Happy Quilting~