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Monday, January 20, 2020

Happy 2020

So many sweet, local birds!
This month begins the end of the second decade in this challenging century... let's celebrate having made it this far by making something with these pretty new fabrics that were supposed to arrive in September but finally made it this week.  "First Frost" is the name of the deer and bird fabrics ... the blender firs are meant to enhance those. How the Jungle Animals joined this group is a mystery, but they will delight the young ones in your gift list.

One quilter commented that these would be great in a Three Yard Quilt.
I have a book of patterns in the shop, titled
See the video for 3 yard quilts at this link.

We have been seeing more deer in our neighborhoods, as their natural habitats are being encroached upon by human development. This fabric is part of a new line that features wild animals decorated with multicolor embellishments ...

This is a bolt of small and large blocks

And this accompanying bolt  has a 15" repeat.
Here are the two bolts of wild animals in technicolor that came in a few months ago; they remind me of the new deer bolts:

Technicolor elephant shares a panel bolt with the zebra.

And both the Zebra block and the Elephant block are enhanced
by the shabby-chic, multi-color bolt.
And here is the sixth bolt ... the stowaway print of jungle animals! 

Asia and Africa, both!
All of these beautiful fabrics share nature's beauty, and all are from Quilting Treasures. The standard retail price is $11.60 per  yard, but everyone who shops at Quilters' Quarters gets at least a 20% discount, and sometimes more. 

Thank you for following Quilters' Quarters ... Please share this email or home page link with your quilting friends ... I look forward to seeing you again!
~ Terry, at Quilters' Quarters