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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Winter in July?

While the cool temperatures of last week mirrored the oddly-warm December we had this past year, they will be spiking more typical highs this week ahead.

To help you feel cooler, we'll be showcasing winter fabrics this month at Quilters' Quarters ... Christmas delights, snowy landscapes, polar bears, deer, bears and more are beautifully illustrated on fabrics from Wilmington Prints, Quilting Treasures, Ink and Arrow and more ... Here are a few to entice shoppers to think of cooler setttings and the warmth quilts will bring to them: Fabric books, panels, blenders and more! The price of each fabric book and winter fabric is  reduced by 10% for the rest of the month of July, 2016!

This new shipment of fabrics is from Wilmington Prints, and Quilting Treasures.

Fabric book

Two beautiful blenders for the fabric book

Advent Calendar with a "Home Sweet Home" view

With a subtle plug for Wooden Toys, of course!
Another fabric book

Full vertical panel of 35" x 44" 

Another fabric book!
Book pages with wonderful messages

Quilting Treasures winter fabric

5" squares and 10" squares from Wilmington Prints

Two more bolts of Ink and Arrow designs ...
some arrows are easy to spot, and some arrows are not!

Can you find the arrow in the trees?