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Friday, November 17, 2017

Quilters' Quarters ends its Fourth Year, and Begins a New Fifth with a New Format

They say if a business is still running in the red after five years, it is a failure. I don't like the word failure ... I think it is more related to the state of the retail world than a particular business ... brick and mortar small businesses have to compete with big box corporations that can buy in bulk at vastly reduced prices and a wider variety of goods, and so sell at lower prices while still meeting and exceeding their costs. To not be able to compete with such an unlevel playing field does not define a failure ... it defines a need to re-evaluate, and re-configure.

I didn't open Quilters' Quarters with an eye toward reaping a profit ... I have already worked a full career and have earned my pension, and am not depending on the shop to generate money for groceries or other necessities. I opened it in part to widen the customer base for Rick's Wooden Toy and Gift shop ... and I opened it to provide a local place where quilters could find quality fabric, threads, tools and notions at reasonable retail prices. 

Quilters' Quarters is presently a sole proprietorship ... as was Wooden Toy and Gift. But today, that means it has become a solo act. Rick is no longer here to 'spell' me ... and his sign that reads "Buy them all; we can make more!" can no longer fulfill that promise ... his goods are now dwindling and finite in number and will soon be put away for our grandchildren. 

I live here on the property, and 'regulars' know that, whether the sign says open or closed, they can always call me and drop by to get what they need. For 2017, I've been offering two ongoing discounts: one is twenty percent off for any fabric cut from the bolt, and the other is 50% off for any fabric cut for a charity project. This is a small town and I am involved in various quilting communities, all doing charity work and also routine friends and family work, I can use the honor system relative to the wholesale pricing for charity work. I don't have a staff to pay ... l can turn off the lights when I'm not in the shop ... my utilities are kept in check. I'm beginning to plan, since my husband's death on Christmas morning, toward changing my identity from a retail shop to a collaborative, where quilters can come and share questions and ideas, skills and talents, tools and patterns. 

For 2018, I envision the shop as more of a gathering place, where fabrics can be purchased and shared closer to wholesale 100% of the time ... where one day a long arm machine can be housed and used by local quilters who want to do their own quilting ... where workshops and sew - ins can be housed comfortably. I will still schedule with fabric reps who will bring their samples but perhaps more often display them to a group of quilters rather than just to one person, and orders can be placed to accomodate the tastes and wishes of the group. 

The shop will be opened when people want to shop, be it early mornings or late evenings, but ... there may be times when someone other than myself is able to open it and host others within. There may be times when I am traveling, but other locals will have a key and access to the shop, and locals will know they are welcome whether I'm in town or not. Quilting workshops will have a space where projects can be begun and left and returned to without having to be packed up to serve a family dinner. 

There will be some travelers who may still find the shop through published quilt shop directories, and they, too, will always be welcome to shop here, catch as catch can without a set schedule of hours. The prices will continue to reflect the 20-50% discounts for all quilters. 

I look forward to more time with my young quilters, and with those at the senior center. I ask patience from those who would prefer a set schedule of hours, as I no longer can offer that, once I end this 2017 current schedule of Thursday through Saturday. I encourage all to use the telephone to call and advise me when you would like to stop in at Quilters' Quarters, and I will do my best to be here for you. 


Terry Crawford Palardy, owner, Quilters' Quarters, Georgetown, MA.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Giving Thanks Year-Round

Two weeks from today is Thanksgiving here in the USA, and here in Massachusetts it is indeed a big deal. I remember taking my second grade students on field trips to the 'Plimoth Plantation' to view lifestyle interpreters of that time period. Second grade is such a tender age, and students' curiosity made each year's trip fresh and exciting.

We have Thanksgiving fabrics in the shop, of course.  (And yes, I still use the plural pronoun 'we' despite Rick's death last Christmas morning. I feel his presence in the shop as much as in our 'forever happily ever after' home ... and so do my quilting friends who visit here.) They are not very visible in the shop's entryway, as they are tucked inside the Holidays and Books corner of the shop. 

I've told many of you that this shop was once a dress shop selling semi-and-formal wear, and that I'd bought the 'going away' dress for my and Rick's wedding here forty seven years ago. The little cubby corners of the shop served as dressing rooms then ... now one is the Holidays and Books cubby, and one is the Notions andTool Box cubby. 
Superior, Mettler, Gutterman,
Coats and Clark threads...
Not many realize that the 'kitchen counters' in the cutting room are actually from our first house ... Rick had redone the kitchen and bathroom there just before our daughter's wedding back in the early nineties ... and when we sold it soon after to buy our forever home a year later, the new owners tore it all out and installed cherry cabinets in their kitchen ... and put the still-new white cabinets out on their lawn free for the taking ~ our recently married daughter found them there, and asked if she could take them for us, for 'the barn.'  The new owners of the first house agreed, and they were set up in the barn to be a part of Rick's woodworking shop. Now, they are part of the quilt shop, and display threads, remnants, projects and, of course, Helen and Henry

It's getting colder day by day out in the shop, and I'm spending more time here in the house. I haven't yet found someone willing to install the little gas fireplace/stove, and unless I do, I'll have to close the shop down soon. When we closed it last year, we had plans for traveling through the months of January and February, enjoying the time together. Rick always wanted to travel, to see the country. Unfortunately, he died only hours after our last day in 2016, and never did get to see places he wanted to see. If he were here, that heater would now be installed (or the old one repaired) and we would be deciding whether to remain open or close again to travel more. Without him beside me, I'd just as soon keep the shop open and stay here in our home and welcome quilters in to enjoy the warmth of our shop ... but without the heater, there will be no warmth.
Beautiful winter flannels, soft and warm

If you can brave the chill, come visit Quilters' Quarters over the next six weeks or so before winter has a chance to close the shop ... it will be worth its while. There is a new supply of Superior 'Fantastico' variegated thread spools and cones, and flannel fabrics that will delight your children and grandchildren. The discounts will continue 'til the end of the year: twenty percent off fabrics cut from the bolt (fifty percent off if it's for a charity project - that's wholesale pricing!)

I promise to keep Quilters' Quarters open until Christmas Eve ... lots of Christmas,    winter and Hanukkah fabrics in stock~ 

If you know someone who has the skills and authority to repair or replace a gas furnace, please send them our way? Then, I could choose to keep the shop open longer this winter ...
wouldn't this be cozy?

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Terry, at Quilters' Quarters
Call or Text: 978-352-2676

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

As Cold Weather Approaches

“The best laid schemes o' mice an' men / Gang aft a-gley.”

Robbie Burns was my father's favorite poet - being a Scot, that makes perfect sense. Burns' poetry often featured the working class, their trials, their tribulations, and at times their triumphs. You can find some of his poetry online, I'm sure, and certainly in your local library. He is worth a reader's time, and maybe dime.  Here's a link to a translated (Scot to English) version of that famous oft-quoted one:   The best laid schemes...   Truth be told, I prefer the original Scots version, as did my dad.

I'd planned on having a new furnace in the shop for this winter ... the old wall mounted heater has worked for probably forty years or so, and is not as efficient as it might once have been, and surely not as efficient as a new model might be. Last fall, when the temperature control stopped working and we couldn't turn it 'down low for the night' reading, it became too expensive to operate. Rick and I decided we would close down for the coldest months (January and February) and take a long awaited vacation together ... But the best laid schemes... I miss him so much.

 This fall, without Rick's steady guidance and on impulse, when seeing a second hand like-new Franklin Stove style heater on a Facebook yardsale page, I negotiated it to a price I could afford, and bought it. Two youngsters, sons of an author-friend of mine, came with me and we brought it home to the back of the barn. From there, I hoped I would have a plumber move her into the space where the current heater is, and have the current heater removed and put out to pasture. I envisioned a cozy little spot by the front door of the shop, with the stove emanating heat, perhaps a little braided rug, and a few rocking chairs with quilt books and magazines nearby...

Here she is, waiting to be made useful...but ...

But alas, it turns out that replacing a heater is far more involved than just disconnecting one and reconnecting another. The new model is 'vent-free' and that brings some concerns and restrictions. I have a vent, as the old heater was vented to the outdoors, but the new one is said 'not to need a vent.' But I've since learned from a salesman of vented natural gas Franklin-Style-Stoves (which sell for considerably more than what I paid for my find) that people sometimes find the vent-free is not always odor-free, and that dust particles in the air might attract and hold those gas molecules (not that a quilt shop would generate any dust, right? Oh, yes, not right.)

And those who would install such appliances have their own concerns ... none want to install a second hand, gently used appliance, as it is not under manufacturer's warranty, and should something go wrong, badly wrong, the installer might be held liable, and who wants that to happen?

So, the cute little Franklin-Stove-Style gently used natural gas vent-free heater might just become a curious display table with no other purpose ... or it, too, may be put out to pasture before its intended time. Meanwhile, I'll keep searching out the right way to either repair or replace the heat source for the shop, so that I can keep us warm as we fondly select and use beautiful fabrics...

For now, fall and early winter hours are as posted: Thursday and Friday, 11-5, and Saturday 12-5.  Quilt lessons are taking place in the house rather than in the shop, for comfort as much as for space. New fabric arrivals are slowing down for the season now, but our sales policy remains the same: Twenty Percent off all fabric on bolts ... Fifty Percent off all charity project fabrics.

I'll keep you posted on what happens to the heating dilemma... Thanks for reading!

More photos ahead ... there is so much fabric yet to be featured!

Please feel free, if you're reading this in an email, to share this with your neighbors, friends and family. I look forward to meeting them!


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Yes, it is still a Fabric Shop.

I've been so pre-occupied with finding homes for the vintage machines that had found their way to me that I haven't kept up with posting pictures of the changing stock of fabric at Quilters' Quarters. I'll make up for that with this post ... Scroll through to see all the eye candy I've acquired, and how well it blends into our eclectic collection here.

And just a reminder that I'm offering a 20% discount on fabric yardage, and more if you are sewing for a charity (veterans, children in crisis, homeless shelters and others.)

The shop's Autumn hours are posted on the blog's home page, in the right hand column.  So are the page links that you might want to check out sometime.

You can click on an image to see it closer and in larger detail.

Qilting Treasures blenders go with so many other fabrics~ 

Quilting Treasures offers such variety of prints and themes 
Moda Marble Swirl rainbow!

Butterflies go with everything!  

Henry Glass Folio line 
Batiks, and Fifties' "Shabby Strawberry" line 

More beautiful batiks have arrived 

Nostalgic floral prints of 100% quilt quality cotton — 

Thirties prints from Riley Blake 

Quilting Treasures' Ink and Arrow prints, and more

Vintage sewing themed prints

Benartex Batiks, prints, and other prints 

Hoffman, Benartex and Batiks blend well.

Quilting Treasures and other nostalgic
 floral prints of 100% quilt quality cotton 

Reasonably priced metallics

John Deere! 

Quilting Treasures gorgeous prints! 

Kona and Fiesta solids ... prices vary and are reasonable.
More bolts that are not pictured here

Quilting Treasures unique colors and prints 

Autumn fabrics of several makers ... Northcott, Williamsburg,
 Quilting Treasurers and more

winter fabrics 

More winter fabrics 

Don't miss our patriotic Santa door panel!
Thanks for signing up for our newsletter updates of Quilters' Quarters fabrics and notions ... I'll have some new notions to post in the next update, too!

Please feel free to send a link to our blog to your friends and family, and invite them to peruse the many pages here.  Remember ... we discount most fabric yardage in the shop!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

More in Store at Quilters' Quarters~

I've been downsizing our collection of vintage and antique sewing machines, and several have been re-homed this spring and summer. But a new collection has just found its way to our little quilt / fabric shop.

Come in and see THREE Featherweight 221 Singer Sewing Machines, each complete with its handsome case, traditional foot pedal and wiring, the original box filled with assorted presser feet, extra original bobbins, the original bobbin case, and manual!
These machines are dated 1950, 1953 and 1957. All are in good running order.
Click on each image to enlarge it for more detail.

The second Featherweight, dated 1953, sold today! Only two more machines from the Newburyport UU church to sell. Remember, all proceeds from these sales benefit the church's charity work. Here they are: 
1957 Featherweight 221 with everything shown in photo;
the one remaining FW for sale at Quilters' Quarters.
Proceeds will go to the
UU Church of Newburyport, MA

Singer model 285 with original stainless steel
foot pedal, manual.
Portable with latching case, but very heavy

Previously: 9/7/2017: 
Three Featherweights owned by UU Church in Newburyport
now for sale at Quilters' Quarters.

I am selling these for a local church organization that, as has happened with other machines in my past, were found in a closet and have been unused for who knows how long. I am not taking any money for cleaning, servicing and advertising these treasures as I believe that the proceeds will be taken by the organization and put to good use in their charitable works.  That's a major part of Quilters' Quarters and our Feel Good Shopping program, after all.

Each machine will be cleaned and oiled; I will run it to be sure all is in good condition, and will sell for what I see now as a standard price: $400.00 each. (Yes, you can find Featherweights at lower prices, but they are often in weak or ill-used condition, without essential parts, manual, case, wiring, bobbins etc. You must come in to the shop to see and appreciate these extraordinarily-well-preserved machines!)

And there is more! The church ladies also brought a VERY heavy and ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS Singer Model 66 with Red Eye Decals, in its original fabric-covered, sturdy, "portable" case. This popular machine dates to 1923, and has a generous harp space for quilters.  I haven't plugged this one in yet, so can't say whether it will be sold with its motor or not: if I find antique sewing machines like this one with any faulty wiring, I simply convert them to a hand crank model, which is wonderful for campers without electricity, or children who are just learning how to sew on a machine.
  I'll keep you posted as to its condition as I begin to work on it in a week or so. A good working machine of this caliber will probably sell in the $100-200 range. Time will tell!

So happy to say that this model 66 has found its new home!


And one last newbie - a mint green Singer 3/4 sized sewing machine, model # 285-K, and that K tells us that she was manufactured in Kilbowie, Scotland. I don't know much about her yet, except that she is adorable to look at, though her matching plastic case seems a bit worn for her years. When I find her serial number I will date her.

I saw similar machines with this 285K model number on eBay listing for $75-80. But I watched a few you tube videos and learned that this little lovely has her critics ... with the main objection being that she is LOUD and has some early plastic parts. But somewhere out there is someone who might appreciate her in their collection, if the price is right!

In other news, Row by Row™ will continue for a few more weeks. Once the hibernation period begins, our shop hours will revert to the spring schedule of this year ... open three days rather than four, starting an hour earlier at 11 am, and closing at 5pm  rather than  6... just keeping up with Mother Nature's changing amounts of daylight in the fall. We have a winning Row by Row quilt hanging in the shop. I still have many junior patterns as very few quilters have brought little ones in to the shop. There are five pretty blue ribbons waiting to be awarded to the first five juniors who complete a project using one of the official Row by Row Junior patterns. Adult Row by Rowers have the same deadline as the Juniors ... go to the official website to learn the details. Free patterns are not available during hibernation period, which begins on Labor Day.

Thank you for allowing me to send this newsletter to your email address ... and please feel free to share it with your friends and colleagues. Let them know that our Feel Good Shopping program includes 20% discount on all fabrics sold this summer, and a 50% (wholesale prices) for any fabric purchased for a charity program all year long.

Be well -


Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Middle of July?

It's 59 degrees out here at noon in Georgetown, Massachusetts. It was in the high eighties and low nineties with incredible humidity the past few days, and now the storms have brought our temperature down to the spring temps we never had this year. What a strange weather pattern we are experiencing here in New England ... what must our out of region summer travelers think?

Row by Row ™ has had a very slow start here, but Quilters' Quarters made  a very moderate preparation for it ... Of the fifteen row kits put together, I still have six in the box. If those begin to sell (at $9.00 each) with the license plates (at $5.00 each) I'll make more, week by week. Our row has received many compliments, and I'm sure you will enjoy putting it together, hero by hero!

The labels? They're not in the kit ...
I printed them on fabric on my inkjet printer.

You'll want to personalize yours, I'm sure! 

In the meantime, that fabric I'd bought for our Junior "Hereoes on the Go" row?  After learning that each shop must offer the program's junior rows only in order to be able to award a winner's blue ribbon for a junior finished project - each shop has five to award - so, I've begun making comfort quilts and bringing them to our police and fire department, to be used with children who are at a fire or accident scene. Lemonade from lemons ... another way to Feel Good by helping others!

Please remember that Quilters' Quarters likes to encourage quilts for charity ... whether it's a quilt of valor, or one given to a homeless shelter, or raffled off at a fundraiser ... or pillowcases for children in hospitals,  or in the back seat of a cruiser or rescue truck ... you will be given a full 50% discount on fabrics that you purchase for those endeavors. We have one customer who has already made (some with our fabrics) over a hundred "weighted" quilts that help calm some with varying conditions ... what an amazingly generous quilter! We have others who have made scores if not hundreds of pillow cases for Boston Children's Hospital ... I am always so inspired by the things quilters do 'out of hand' for others; what a wonderful community to be a  part of. Won't you join us?

I'm teaching a free 'beginning quilters' class at the Georgetown Senior Center (just two doors south of Quilters' Quarters on North Street) on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, from 2 to 3-ish in the afternoon. You're welcome to stop in to see what we're doing~

I appreciate the many expressions of condolences for the passing of my husband and better half, Rick Palardy. There is a limited supply of his wooden creations in the shop for sale, and sadly, when they, too, are gone, there will be no others.

In Rick's memory, I've initiated a scholarship for our local high school. This award will be given to a male and a female student who intend to pursue a career in the manual trades (construction, highway, fire, ambulance, police, and other roles that protect and improve our community. There is a page on my website to help people donate via PayPal ... click this link to reach that page ... Donations are also accepted at the Georgetown TD Bank on Central Street, and in Quilters' Quarters as well. If you're on Facebook, visit this page to keep track of our progress. With your generosity, the first two scholarships have been awarded, and we are well on our way to funding next year's.

Thanks for following us at the blog ... if you received this in an email, feel free to share it with your friends who will enjoy the fabric discounts and Feel Good Shopping incentives at Quilters' Quarters!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Yes, Today is the Start of Summer Hours, and Row by Row™ 2017 at Quilters' Quarters!

Our shop will now be open four days a week, from noon to six pm.

I did manage, in these thirty-six hours, to get the Junior Row by Row official patterns printed ... and the Ninth Row patterns as well.

Patterns AND KITS are also ready for our 2017 row, HEROES ON THE GO, honoring the public safety community that keeps us all safe ... and we include school bus drivers and teachers as well.

Please plan to visit our shop ...

Go to the official Row by Row™ website to see which other shops are participating ... there are thousands across the globe this year.

If you have someone aged 6 to 14 shop-hopping with you, you might enjoy visiting the Junior Row by Row page that has special activities, tips and printouts for you.

See you soon!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Row by Row begins Wednesday, June 21st!

In thirty-six hours, Row by Row™ 2017 will begin, and Quilters' Quarters is getting ready ... kicking into high gear now, to get kits together, free patterns printed, fabric license plates ready and ... oh, we're also offering free patterns for Row by Row JUNIOR this year ... and, wait, there's something else ... a NINTH ROW! Yes, Row by Row is offering a chance for you to help a charity of the shop's choice by making a ninth row for your quilt! (Hmmm ... I wonder what I'm supposed to have ready for that?  I've only 36 more hours to figure it out ... but I will, I promise.

But here is what we have in store for you later this week: 
First, our 2017 Massachusetts HAPPY QUILTER fabric license plate, in retro blue (well, it's more lilac than blue, but go with me here. ) If you can tell me the last year Massachusetts used bluish-purplish plates, you'll win a prize! 

Next, of course, is our row for 2017: designed by contest winner Kim Schweisberg, I'm calling it HEROES ON THE GO! Kim did some research on the blog, found out about Rick's and my dedication to public safety, our connection with the  Erie 4 Fire Association (which just happens to be THE OLDEST STILL OPERATING PRIVATELY FUNDED FIRE SERVICE IN THE U.S.A!) And Kim dug a little further, finding my books on education and medical conditions ... and ... voila!  Police, Fire, Ambulance and a School Bus grace our row this year. Well done, Kim!

I misunderstood the intent of the Junior Row by Row event ... and I began creating our own Quilters' Quarters junior row and titled it JUNIOR HEROES ON THE GO!  Unfortunately, I later learned that I missed the part of the directions that said all shops must use one of the five authentic Row by Row™ - designed junior rows ... or the rows won't count toward a blue ribbon for the first five young quilters who bring their finished rows in to my shop ... And so I put my junior row idea to rest, for now. Maybe in the future I'll bring it back out. 

Meanwhile, I'll get those free patterns printed up so I'll be ready to hand them out to Row by Row visitors beginning in thirty-six hours! Phew! Clock is ticking and I STILL have to find out the details for the NINTH ROW opportunity. I did make the shop's donation ... did I receive the free pattern template? Time will tell...

Oh, and yes, all shop fabric is reduced at 50% IF it is being used for a charity project! That's the wholesale price that I've paid ... no profit for the shop, other than the happy feelings of helping quilters help others. So many of you do so much and I'm honored to be able to help you out!

When you visit, be sure to ask about Quilters' Quarters' spectacular deal on Oliso Smart Irons! Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Black are currently in stock! And I guarantee I'm lower in price than you'll find in other quilt shops or online!

Looking forward to seeing you again!

Be well, be happy, and quilt on!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Beautiful Fabrics Arriving at Quilters' Quarters!

I have a friend who has been searching for a fabric for several years ... once long ago, she had made a quilted item using this certain red poinsettia cloth, and would like to replicate it but cannot match her remnant to a new fabric.

Often, quilters will buy only as much as they need for a designated project, because we all have to live within our means ... You know the old saying borrowed from woodworkers: Measure Twice Cut Once ... Rick once made a plaque of that for quilters, and added the line Or Buy Extra Just In Case!

I've been able to buy dozens of bolts of Quilting Treasures' former lines of fabric at a reduced wholesale price, and you now that means you will have a reduced retail price ... because when I get a sale you get a sale. I don't really worry about whether a fabric print is this years, last years or from a decade ago, which is why warehouse shopping works for Quilters' Quarters.

I'll post photos of those gorgeous 'curiously left behind' bolts when they arrive later this week ,.. until then, come on in and see some of the fabrics that I'll soon have to be moving into my own storage areas to make room for the new ones ... my fabrics are ALL on sale at 20% off while they last ~ unless you are using them for a charity project ... then, they are 50% off!

Quilters' Quarters has also just acquired several bolts of Ann Lainhart's beautiful fabrics that lend themselves so well to her fussy-cut patterns, and though I can't discount her bolts, I can tell you that I'm not taking a commission for selling them, so they are also priced reasonably. That's another old saying that's worth remembering: For those who have been shared with much, ' paying it forward ' is expected (well, I paraphrased that, because I don't know who originally began that similar saying and don't want to plagiarize ... or, because I can't remember the exact words. 😉 Here are some photos of Ann's lovelies ... all are 44" wide bolts of quilt quality cotton fabrics:

Prints, solids, florals, abstracts ...
and they all work together beautifully!

Uniquely blended solids and prints,
some with metallics, and some without

Silver and Gold metallic medallions

Three different colorways of medallion prints 

hummingbirds and favored blossoms in ten inch blocks

Large and small butterflies and florals

cardinals and beautiful backgrounds

Cats and dogs galore~

Quilters' Quarters Spring Schedule continues until June 23rd ... Thursday and Friday 12-5pm; Saturday 12-3pm. Call to arrange other hours (978-352-2676)

Feel Good Shopping continues through Spring ... 20% off all Quilters' Quarters fabrics, unless for a charity project ... then it is 50% off! See this page:

Donate to the Rick Palardy Scholarship Fund; see this web page for further details:
There never was a better man than Rick!
We need to help more become like him ♞