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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Giving Thanks Year-Round

Two weeks from today is Thanksgiving here in the USA, and here in Massachusetts it is indeed a big deal. I remember taking my second grade students on field trips to the 'Plimoth Plantation' to view lifestyle interpreters of that time period. Second grade is such a tender age, and students' curiosity made each year's trip fresh and exciting.

We have Thanksgiving fabrics in the shop, of course.  (And yes, I still use the plural pronoun 'we' despite Rick's death last Christmas morning. I feel his presence in the shop as much as in our 'forever happily ever after' home ... and so do my quilting friends who visit here.) They are not very visible in the shop's entryway, as they are tucked inside the Holidays and Books corner of the shop. 

I've told many of you that this shop was once a dress shop selling semi-and-formal wear, and that I'd bought the 'going away' dress for my and Rick's wedding here forty seven years ago. The little cubby corners of the shop served as dressing rooms then ... now one is the Holidays and Books cubby, and one is the Notions andTool Box cubby. 
Superior, Mettler, Gutterman,
Coats and Clark threads...
Not many realize that the 'kitchen counters' in the cutting room are actually from our first house ... Rick had redone the kitchen and bathroom there just before our daughter's wedding back in the early nineties ... and when we sold it soon after to buy our forever home a year later, the new owners tore it all out and installed cherry cabinets in their kitchen ... and put the still-new white cabinets out on their lawn free for the taking ~ our recently married daughter found them there, and asked if she could take them for us, for 'the barn.'  The new owners of the first house agreed, and they were set up in the barn to be a part of Rick's woodworking shop. Now, they are part of the quilt shop, and display threads, remnants, projects and, of course, Helen and Henry

It's getting colder day by day out in the shop, and I'm spending more time here in the house. I haven't yet found someone willing to install the little gas fireplace/stove, and unless I do, I'll have to close the shop down soon. When we closed it last year, we had plans for traveling through the months of January and February, enjoying the time together. Rick always wanted to travel, to see the country. Unfortunately, he died only hours after our last day in 2016, and never did get to see places he wanted to see. If he were here, that heater would now be installed (or the old one repaired) and we would be deciding whether to remain open or close again to travel more. Without him beside me, I'd just as soon keep the shop open and stay here in our home and welcome quilters in to enjoy the warmth of our shop ... but without the heater, there will be no warmth.
Beautiful winter flannels, soft and warm

If you can brave the chill, come visit Quilters' Quarters over the next six weeks or so before winter has a chance to close the shop ... it will be worth its while. There is a new supply of Superior 'Fantastico' variegated thread spools and cones, and flannel fabrics that will delight your children and grandchildren. The discounts will continue 'til the end of the year: twenty percent off fabrics cut from the bolt (fifty percent off if it's for a charity project - that's wholesale pricing!)

I promise to keep Quilters' Quarters open until Christmas Eve ... lots of Christmas,    winter and Hanukkah fabrics in stock~ 

If you know someone who has the skills and authority to repair or replace a gas furnace, please send them our way? Then, I could choose to keep the shop open longer this winter ...
wouldn't this be cozy?

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