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Saturday, February 8, 2020

February Variables

This month is quite unpredictable ... sometimes a blizzard, sometimes an early spring thaw ... a groundhog, some Valentines, president Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays ... 

Unpredictable weather is very unsettling, so to soothe my soul, I went back to a fabric line I had begun with when the shop opened ... Henry Glass's Folio print. Wonderful feeling, amazing color range, and suitable for so many different projects.  Cut into blocks, or strips, with our new Stripology rulers: I now also have in stock the replaceable arrows that are designed to help you manage different size blocks and strip cutting.  See this video to understand their power:

Here are the gorgeous bolts of Folio by Henry Glass ... there are only ten yards on each bolt, so come early to select your favorite blender colors... I'm thinking of flowers ... see the comments in the image captions (and remember, you can make the images larger by clicking on them.)

a beautiful range of colors .. which flowers can we make?

Beautiful red roses with pretty green foliage...

Begonias? Marigolds?

Lilacs, Hydrangeas?

Bluebells? Hyacinths? Daffodils?

I've salted the remaining patches on the driveway, and the heat is on, and the fabrics are ready for your eyes and your hands ... I look forward to seeing you soon! Please share this invitation with your friends and fellow quilters ... let them know of the QQ discounts,  and tell them that they are welcome to come by and explore the nooks and crannies of Quilters' Quarters. 

Happy February ~ March and Spring are up next!