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Terry's 2019 Quilt Journal (all fabrics in stock at Quilters' Quarters as of date shown,)

November 27, 2019
An Army quilt for a veteran who is a friend of a friend. It will be given to him on Thanksgiving Day.

NOVEMBER 23.2019
I finished a Navy quilt this week and it is now at the long armer for quilting. This one was a rush, as I had another to make before Thanksgiving for a friend.

November 18, 2019

The Seventh Centenarian Quilt is on its way to its owner ... congratulations Armand on reaching 103 years next month! I guess I hadn't started making these quilts when you turned 100 a few years ago ... glad I caught up with you! I promised  your daughter this morning, when she picked it up, that I would offer you another one if you make 105!
Summer time~

And winter.

November 2, 2019

I have been practicing free motion quilting on both my domestic machine and now on my Sweet Sixteen, a mid-arm sit down machine with a deep harp space.  i have made up a bunch of 10" squares with batting and batting, and am having fun playing with different threads and shapes.  Here's a photo of this Tuesday's work:

August 11 2019

I have a new granddaughter, and made her a welcome home quilt this weekend.

July 8, 2019

Just finished another Centenarian Quilt, this one for a retired fire fighter from the Lexington MA Fire Department, where my son works.  I saw the notice on the  Facebook page for Lexington Fire, and made it for him this weekend. 
Front of the Quilt

The back of the quilt

June 27, 2019
I've continued to work on veterans' quilt blocks, and the fire and police children's comfort quilts, and this month began making zippered pouches in various small sizes.  Here are a few that have kept me busy!

May 19 2019
Today I finished another bunny quilt for a grand-niece of a good friend. The fabrics are from Wilmington Prints, a favorite in Quilter's Quarters. This lucky little baby girl will receive not only the quilt, but the fabric book that goes with it. Earlier this year, I made a quilt of the book pages, but this time made the book itself, to go with the quilt.
The quilt has a backing of a night sky,
with front fabrics of the evening sky and a foreground of grass.

This beautifully illustrated story exists only in the
Wilmington Prints fabric line! Author/illustrator Lisa McCue.

May 6 2019
Finished in time for Mother's Day ... a 'Pack 'n Play' sized quilt (36"x42")for my sister Pat and her grandchildren.  Fabrics I found at the Pembroke warehouse ... choo choo trains for Charlie, and Snoopy's Team of baseball, featuring Lucy as "Diamond Girl."
Similar to the Thomas trains, this is Chuggington  
Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock, Lucy and Pigpen

April 27. 2019
This month, I finished the fifth centenarian quilt for a woman named Regina, who is 102 years old and presently qualifies for the Boston Post Cane, as she is the oldest citizen of Georgetown. The first centenarian quilt I made was for the prior Boston Post Cane award recipient Ken Nunan ... since his passing, the cane had not been awarded to a new recipient, until I questioned our board of selectman about it. 

Many sewing theme fabrics, adding some color
 to the vintage black and white theme. The sashing is a white on white "Creme de la Creme" from Lakeland fabrics.

I chose to back this one with a soft pink,
on the advice of my granddaughter, Zoe.

April 7, 2019
I finished the fourth centenarian quilt today ... with another selection of black and white fabrics on the front, and a simpler, modern-style back with three lines of diagonal quilting repeating throughout the blocks. 

April 4, 2019
The centenarian quilt is finished and in the mail to the recipient. I learned the other day that we have another centenarian here in town, and so I have begun another quilt. I've used some of the same nostalgic fabrics, but arranged them in a different pattern. But first, here is the finished quilt, with a pink floral binding that matches the sashing on one side.

March 23, 2019
I'm working on another Centennarian Quilt ... this one for the mother of my friend Wendy's friend. Front and Back sides are finished and now waiting for me to make the sandwich (with Warm and Natural cotton batting), quilt, bind and label it.


March 19, 2019
The third grandchild quilt for a firefighter friend is finished ... This is for a little girl who is moving into her 'big girl' bed:
The Woodlands side is comprised of a panel of book pages from

Bordered with the blender fabric of the line,
with a foreground of grass.

The jungle side of the quilt features brightly colored blossoms
in which are hiding lions, tigers and leopards.

The jungle animals are surrounded by sashings
of the same grass fabric.
The binding of a soft yellow gingham blends sweetly
with both the woodland and the jungle sides of the quilt.
And Kitty approves~

February 20, 2019
Beginning a sample quilt for the shop, featuring a line of jungle animals ... Stay tuned for more info!

January 9, 2019
Finished the second amubulance theme quilt ... I like to bring them two by two to the dispatchers ... one of red and one of blue. 
One of red and one of blue

Backed with blue and bound with red

January 7, 2019

I began this new year with a new fabric for the EMT comfort quilts I make for the fire and police departments. This one features the ambulance images and language.
Quilted with a grey thread that is invisible
on the front but visible on the back.

Backed with a solid red, bound with
a medium blue on blue print

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