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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Winter has arrived!

The shop space is nearly two hundred years old, and has surely survived larger storms than this week' Nor'Easter ... We received about 15 inches of light snow, and have more due to arrive over the next few days.

I had the front downstairs window replaced last summer, as it had age-related water damage ... this photo shows how that can happen over time. By the way, this is a color photograph, shot through the house window. Other than the overhead wires, one might mistake it for a vintage photo, circa 1835...

There won't be any scheduled visits in the shop this weekend ... Spring will eventually find its way here, though some say the groundhog who dared to poke out of his burrow yesterday may have seen his shadow, and so we may be in for more snow in March... our seasons seem to be shifting ... can we all say "Climate Change?"

Be safe, be warm, and be happy that your mask will at least be a welcome addition to your winter outerwear!

~ Terry