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Sunday, July 19, 2015

No Question is a Silly Question ..

Sometimes I post pictures of new fabrics in the shop, and plan to add them to the online webstore. And too often, I forget to add something. If you see something here that isn't showing at the web store, please feel free to email or call me (978-352-2676) to order it. I'm happy to fill your order and can invoice you directly through PayPal. (If you are not familiar with PayPal, it is not difficult to use. You will receive an email invoice from them - of course, I'll need your email to invoice you - and you can respond to the invoice with a credit card number or a check.)  Don't be shy - if you'd rather send a check directly to me, we can do that instead.

So, here are a few I've picked up this week ... and a few that will arrive in a few more weeks! Our shop features two treadle machines and three hand cranks that visiting customers are free to try their hand (or feet) on ~ and these fabrics fit right in to our theme of old fashioned sewing and old fashioned service, where "the customer is ALWAYS right!"
Three new bolts of fabric featuring
vintage sewing machines and tools
All are quilt quality 100% cotton, 44" wide.

Old fashioned buttons with
wooden spools of thread.
$10.00 yard

$12.00 yard. 2 yard limit per order,
as fabric is not readily available for re-order.
One panel measures 25x44"and contains six 12 x 12" blocks,   $8.00
Limit one panel per customer order.
as fabric is not readily available for re-order.

And I almost forgot - we have a new line of fabric that will arrive at Quilters' Quarters in early August ... We will be carrying Shannon  Fabrics' CUDDLE! Here's a sneak peek of the beautiful colors and textures that you will find at Quilters' Quarters:

We'll also be ordering some kits that incorporate this beautiful fabric, and will hold some workshops to learn CUDDLE techniques. Exciting, isn't it?

Thanks for subscribing to our blog.  Please feel free to share this email with your family and friends who love fabric and want to get our monthly updates!

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If you haven't yet seen Rick's intricate scroll work, be sure to visit his blog to read about his work, and his webpage / store to purchase some:

Rick, web page/store, 

Rick's blog:

Monday, July 6, 2015

It's summertime, and the fabric is pretty ...

Not a lot of text today, except to say that you're always welcome to call us ahead if you can't make it to the shop during regular hours ... we'll do our best to meet your schedule.  Here are some of the beautiful fabrics you'll find at Quilters' Quarters.  In time they will all be added to the selections at our website as well (Terry Crawford Palardy webstore)

You'll see birds of all sorts and all seasons. Fruits and berries as well. Some are panels, some are yardage from bolts. A few are repro vintage to the thirties featuring children's prints, and others are fabric books ready to be made. My photos don't do justice to the beauty of these colors ... please come visit us if you can.

And as always, if you are receiving this update in your email ~ thank  you for signing on to follow our newsletters. Please forward this to your friends to let them know that we are here in Georgetown and also online. See rules for online distrubution of special items at our Row by Row™ page of this blog.

You might also enjoy checking in on the Vintage and Antique Sewing Machine page to see what's been happening with the collection, or visit the 2015 Quilting Journal page to follow what I'm working on presently. 

Be well, enjoy the summer, and happy quilting to all! When you go to the site, pleaser remember to scroll down and see all that we've prepared for the Row by Row™ 2015 event~  and thanks again!

Goldfinch, bluejays and cardinals for spring

winter cardinals

summer cardinals

more cardinals and friends

so many cardinal fabrics, for all seasons
Autumn birds

panels of cherries and bolts to blend

Strawberry panels,
and bolts of blueberries and cranberries

a fabric panel of Table Manners pages and bolts of
colorful buoys and Snoopy's heroism stars

two bolts of baseball fabrics, and a book panel
 "Tips from the Gang"

Sweet 1930's repro fabric
for children's themes.

a small panel waiting to be surrounded by high
quality fat quarters from Quilting Treasures.

Nautical and colorful fabrics to
enhance your 2015 H2O Themed
Row by Row™ quilts, with Superior Threads

We're easy to contact and would love to assist you in designing and making your own quilt.  Terry will not be taking on any more quilt orders herself until fall of 2016.

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