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Sunday, July 19, 2015

No Question is a Silly Question ..

Sometimes I post pictures of new fabrics in the shop, and plan to add them to the online webstore. And too often, I forget to add something. If you see something here that isn't showing at the web store, please feel free to email or call me (978-352-2676) to order it. I'm happy to fill your order and can invoice you directly through PayPal. (If you are not familiar with PayPal, it is not difficult to use. You will receive an email invoice from them - of course, I'll need your email to invoice you - and you can respond to the invoice with a credit card number or a check.)  Don't be shy - if you'd rather send a check directly to me, we can do that instead.

So, here are a few I've picked up this week ... and a few that will arrive in a few more weeks! Our shop features two treadle machines and three hand cranks that visiting customers are free to try their hand (or feet) on ~ and these fabrics fit right in to our theme of old fashioned sewing and old fashioned service, where "the customer is ALWAYS right!"
Three new bolts of fabric featuring
vintage sewing machines and tools
All are quilt quality 100% cotton, 44" wide.

Old fashioned buttons with
wooden spools of thread.
$10.00 yard

$12.00 yard. 2 yard limit per order,
as fabric is not readily available for re-order.
One panel measures 25x44"and contains six 12 x 12" blocks,   $8.00
Limit one panel per customer order.
as fabric is not readily available for re-order.

And I almost forgot - we have a new line of fabric that will arrive at Quilters' Quarters in early August ... We will be carrying Shannon  Fabrics' CUDDLE! Here's a sneak peek of the beautiful colors and textures that you will find at Quilters' Quarters:

We'll also be ordering some kits that incorporate this beautiful fabric, and will hold some workshops to learn CUDDLE techniques. Exciting, isn't it?

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