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Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Middle of August, and a Tax-Free Saturday and Sunday!

Quilters' Quarters is happy to comply with Massachusetts' Tax Free Saturday on August 15th. And, to sweeten the pot, we'll offer a ten percent discount to your total purchases on that day, bringing your cost down a total of 16.25%!  We will also open on Sunday August 16th for our regular shop hours, 11 - 7. On-line sales at our Web Store will also be Tax Free on that day. And remember, if you are buying fabric, thread etc. to make clothing of any sort, the materials sold for that purpose are always tax-free in Massachusetts.

Today we began hosting a new pair of artists in our shop: Anita Young and her daughter, Elise, are making crocheted long-stem roses in twelve beautiful colors. They will also fill orders for just the rose heads, to be used as decorative pieces on your own items, clothing, accessories, etc.

Beautiful Cuddle fabrics are so soft!

We have a new line of fabric ~ Cuddle (known as Minky, to some) ~ and we will be selling it at a reduced price with our introductory bolts. There are only six yards (of 58" fabric) on each of these bolts. Don't wait too long!

Cuddle Fabric Colors are Vibrant!

Row by Row™ quilters are beginning to increase their numbers in our area, and that's exciting news.  We still haven't had a winning quilt brought in to Quilters' Quarters, and look forward to displaying yours if you are our winning First Finished~ twenty-five free, beautiful fat quarters are waiting for you! If your winning quilt includes our Windows on the Water row, you'll also receive a free yard of Cuddle Fabric!

Remember, we have everything you need for a successful season of 2015 H2O them of Row by Row™ ~ we have nautical fabrics (some as low as $5.00/yd~)

Come in for your free "Windows on the Water" row pattern~
or buy a kit for the row: $9.00~
Or buy a 'mini-kit' of 1/2 yd Bobbin the Robin H2O fabric for $6.00 to make the large exterior pocket for your2015 Tote - free tote pattern included~
To make Bobbin the Robin, get your pattern: $9.00~
We also have RxR's Pin-Peddler circular and license plate pins: $6.00~
Our license plate with the slogan "Happy Quilter" is $5.00~
And we have an assortment of nautical buttons to purchase
separately ($0.20 each) or in packs of $2 - 3.00

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