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Thursday, April 18, 2019

April Showers!

The April 2019 block of trhe month for Quilters' Quarters is ready at the shop ...  pattern is free, and kit with all materials, including fusibles, is priced at $10.00, less your personal discount, of course.

The raindrops, umbrella and bunny are fused to
the block using Heat'nBond heavy duty.

I've been visited by the salesman for Quilting Treasures, and will have dozens of new bolts of fabric arriving between now and November. Beautiful prints now featurizing the new process of digitized printing ... I was amazed to see the brilliant colors that look so much like metallic shimmers but are actually carefully crafted hues of print that will now fade despite several washings!

Yesterday a friend and I visited the New England Quilt Supply and picked up some wonderful bargain fabrics as well, and added to our collection of more threads and pre-cuts.

And I have restocked the 1/2" Creative Grid Square Templates, from 3.5" up to 12.5" ...  and was able to get a good price on 14" zippers (the ones that can be cut to a shorter length) and will be offering a lesson at the Georgetown Senior Center on making small zippered fabric pouches ... I won one in an Essex County Needlecraft Guild raffle and love it for carrying my quilting  supplies to lessons , and look forward to helping others learn  to make them.

I'm very happy to be presenting the fourth Centenarian Quilt to a woman here in town this week: here's a photo of her quilt:

I was delighted to learn that her first name is Rose!

Remember that all quilters receive at least a 20% discount on all fabric purchases at Quilters' Quarters in Georgetown, Massachusetts! All cash and check purchases get an extra 6.25% discount as well!

Looking forward to spring and more shared treasures ahead!