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Terry's 2017 Quilt Journal

October 18, 2017

The second Centenarian Quilt will be delivered tonight to the recipient's daughter, who will take it to her dad. This man is 104 years old, and still travels locally with a musical troop to sing 'for the old folk' in nursing homes and senior centers ... we should all be inspired by his continued volunteerism and strength!

This quilt consists of eight fat quarters from the Wilmington Prints line "Play Your Song" (with some other related remnants from my stash.) It is backed with a West Trade 108" fabric of gold vines on a rich dark black, and bound with the same.

I look forward to finding more of our local elders who have reached the centenarian age!

July 14, 2017

A new project has begun ... Comfort Quilts for our police cruisers, ambulances and rescue truck!  I had bought fabric intending to use it for the Junior Row by Row this year, but learned that I must only use the program's five patterns ...

It's a great panel, and I've begun making and donating the quilts to the police and fire departments here in town. In time I may invite my new quilting students at the senior center to join me in this effort ... it's a 36 x 44" child size quilt, easy to manage on a domestic sewing machine, and fun to work with!

This panel is from the 'First Blush Studio'
of Henry Glass Fabrics, and is titled Be My Hero.

I've quilted it with a serpentine stitch in diagonal rows about 1.5" apart, and it works up quickly, using a quilt spray rather than pins to hold the layers together.


Here it is already June of 2017 and I haven't posted anything in my quilt journal yet. Truth be told, I don't think I've finished any quilt so far this year, but I've started a few.

At the end of winter, I began a new quilt to showcase the spring fabrics in the shop - unfortunately Spring came and went before I finished the top of the quilt. It still needs side sashing, batting, backing, quilting and binding. I'm now trying to decide if it is big enough, and whether to hang it, given that summer begins in three weeks. But here's a photo of it:

The first Centenarian Quilt!
The back is a splash of sunflowers!

Ken receiving his quilt from Terry

I've also begun a new venture ... making a quilt each time someone new receives the Boston Post Cane award. This award is given in the form of a certificate, and the cane itself remains downtown in the lobby of town hall, within a beautiful cherry cabinet Rick made last year at the request of the Chief of Police, Don Cudmore. Since the recipient of the award doesn't receive the cane itself, I decided to make a "Georgetown-ish" quilt that they can keep. Here's the beginning of the one I'm working on ... it needs more blocks on the bottom for length, and then a header and footer of sky and grass. Then I think I'll back it with a huge sunflower fabric print ... as the recipient is from a family of florists.


Blurry photos of the finish
ed Centenarian Quilt ... I backed it with a large sunflowwer print, then quilted it on the bias with a serpentine stich, about one and a half inch spaced rows. Binding is the same sunflower print.

There is another project that I've finished this new calendar year, and I started and finished it just last week, in time for the Flatbreads' Fundraiser for the Friends of the Georgetown Peabody Library, I had some help cutting out the patterns for the lettering, but then was able to complete the wall hanging in a matter of days ... no batting, backing, binding and quilting on this one:

And I have been remiss in not finishing the bridal quilt for my daughter in law. With any luck I'll remember to get it finished in time for their first anniversary this fall. People say I'm allowed a year from the wedding date...

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