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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Two Weeks Later...

I've been tracking the Coronavirus news and numbers and posting updates on my Facebook page, and continue making masks... I've had a generous donation of 1/4" elastic, and have been able to share that as well as sharing quilt quality fabric to others also making masks...

Today is April 15, always known as Tax Day, and in my previous post I promised myself, at the outset of making masks, that I would finish the tax forms and clear that stuff off my couch, finally.  Well, it is still there ... I had to buy an updated computer with Windows 10 to handle the Turbo Tax disk, which is challenging me at every turn ... but the federal and state deadlines have been pushed ahead to July, and my procrastinating self is taking full advantage of that gift of time.

At the end of today, I will have reached the count 200 masks made. Quilters' Quarters has given away well over $1,000 worth (at cost... or $2000+ at retail)  of quilt quality fabrics, and dozens of yards of donated elastic.  People needing these supplies call me or reach out on Facebook, and I cut and package their order and tape them to the storm door of the shop, accomplishing this transfer of goods without physical contact.  One mask maker is part of a larger group, and she comes by to pick up full or partial bolts of fabric. 

Individual folks needing masks (or fabric for masks) use the same process to receive them.  Though I ask them not to donate money,  several have, and I will put that money aside to buy more elastics ... and will share most of those dollars with the schools that are providing bagged breakfast and lunch 'to go' for students at home ... paying it forward. 

The paperwork for taxes remains on the couch ... the dining room table is a cutting station, the sewing room is a mask production area, and the washer and dryer in the back room have been kept busy with yards of fabric. Sadly, one of the panes of glass in the roof of the attached greenhouse blew out of its place during the windy night and shattered on the patio, where it remains until I have time to go sweep it up.  I tried calling a glass repairer but had no answer, probably because of the small business shut down. I left him a phone message, and I will put a bucket under the hole to catch any rainwater (or snow?) I will pray that chipmunks, squirrels and birds don't find the hole before I can find someone to patch it ... as it's about ten feet above ground level it is definitely not something I can patch myself, though I have done so with many lower old panes of glass... clear packing tape is my tool of choice, as most panes can be fitted back together ... but not this one.

If you are making masks, or headbands with buttons to hold mask elastics away from the wearer's ears, or surgical caps ... call and I'll cut for you and leave it in a bag on the door with your first name, for pick up. We are just this week entering the 'surge' of Covid-19, and cities like Salem, Massachusetts are requiring citizens to wear masks when out in public, so I don't think this need will diminish for quite a while. Some say we may not see a virus-ending vaccine until 2022 ... maybe not effective treatments before 2021 ...

Stay at home when you can ... appreciate those who go to work every day to keep us all safe ... to help those in need ... to keep food on the shelves, and other essential goods in our community.

Be well, wash your hands, call your family and friends. We can do this.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April Fool's Day

I wish I could tell you an April Fool's Day joke, but none come to mind ... an amazing lapse, for someone who spent many years in elementary classrooms treading lightly, wary of tricksters...

I've spent the past six days making fabric masks ... and enjoying the range of fabrics I have in the shop to choose from each day.  More for the police and fire first responders, more for the cashiers at the local grocery, more for family, for friends of family, for grandchildren and for others...

I've gone through several donated packs of elastic, and more is ahead. What I'd ordered, from both Amazon and from my wholesale distributor, won't arrive here until late May - early June. I found some twist-ties at the grocery store (in the pet food aisle, curiously.) There were ten packs, so I bought four of them ... 200 feet in all; not hoarding, for they will be used up by the end of the month, I'm certain. 


Speaking of the wholesale distributor, I called to ask whether they were closed down, or still able to deliver product ... they had put all open orders on hold, as most quilt shops are closed for the duration of the state by state orders... I told her my shop is right here in my driveway, so she removed the 'HOLD' order on my fabrics. Maybe in a few days, the beautiful bolt of floral panels will arrive.  They have a wide variety of colors, but this is the one I feel in love with... one bolt, 15 yards ... each panel is 43" and the manufacturer's suggested retail price is $16.50 ... but fortunately, QQ will discount the price. I'm looking forward to using this panel and perhaps bordering it with some soft colors, and then quilting it on the midarm I bought last fall...I'm looking forward to warmer weather so that I can work in the back of the shop, where there is no heat in Rick's absence (he has a wonderful woodstove out there, but I haven't cleared a path to it yet... one day, I will get to it.
I'll add some photos to this page, and though I wish you could come in and feel the softness of these fabrics ... but you know they are from 'good stock.'  They are all from my webstore page, and can be purchased via Paypal, and I will mail them to you. My postage calculations are most often wrong, and I don't learn that until I go to the post office, but I promise you that when it is wrong in MY favor, I immediately refund the difference to you, via Paypal, which makes that very easy.  And if it is wrong in YOUR favor ... well, c'est la vie! Just click the link and it will take you to my webstore page ... beautiful Easter bunny panel ... and a few different packs of 5" charm squares... check them out! 

Click this link to purchase:

Click this link to purchase:
Be well, stay home, wash your hands, and share this page...

Please and Thank You ~ Terry

Thursday, March 26, 2020

What is under your needle this week?

I'm continuing to make fabric masks ... I just finished #40,  and am gradually improving my speed.  All of mine go out as soon as theye are finished ... and none have yet made it to a local hospital.  Some went to Boston Children's with a friend of mine, and I brought some to our post office for the counter clerks, and to the cashiers at our local grocery store. The fire and police department accepted several, and family and friends have the rest. 

Tomorrow I must do my taxes and file those returns ... they are a weight on my shoulders that I need to shrug off. I know we have a federal extension of time to July, but the state form date hasn't changed, and can't be completed without the federal, so best to just get it done and file those folders of papers papers papers away.

Once the taxes are done, I will move back to doing more face masks, and if they aren't needed here in town by someone, I will get them to a local hospital. I am having fun making these ... I have a shop full of fabrics to choose from, and as I knew most of the people who received the first few dozen, I picked fabrics I thought they would like.  Here's a photo of some of the scraps from this first bunch of masks.

All of these fabrics are available at QQ, and if you are
using them for charity (ie, face masks, etc,)
I will give a 50% discount.

If you've heard from anyone that "Your masks are ineffective and more dangerous than helpful because they aren't up to OSHA measurements," here's a link that voices a different opinion. That the hospitals are asking folks to make these masks nationwide tells me that they know where they can be used and are smart enough not to assume more efficacy than we can offer. 

I wear my mask whenever I go out of the house, whether to shop for groceries, or to take a walk.  I don't have any reason to believe that I have the virus, or that the people I may pass by have the virus, but by wearing the mask, I'm reminding myself and others that we need to assume any one of us could be a carrier unaware, and keeping our physical distance, washing our hands, and avoiding crowded spaces is our responsibility, to ourselves and to others.

Happy stitching!  

Saturday, March 21, 2020

On a Different Note

I've put some of my quilts  on hold today... a friend shared a link from a hospital asking sewists like all of us to switch gears and start making CDC-approved masks for health care worlers and elder care relatives.  

There are many different links featuring face masks.  While our government, burdened by the extent of this Coronavirus Pandemic, is slow in bringing forth the high quality masks that they are capable of producing,  all we can do is the best we can do ... our 'home made' masks will not be OSHA guaranteed ... getting the right level of filtration to stop the transmission of the virus particles is not something I can stock in my shop ... but I am willing to make these masks, and for now, use a less effective filter. At least I know that when the proper filters may be available to domestic sewists, the masks will be ready to accept them. Until then, I will offer what I can to nurses and first responders who are in desperate need, presently. 

Here is the link for the pattern I've chosen to use. As I said, there are many out there.

Here is my first finished mask, modeled by yours truly. This mask goes from under your chin to the bridge of your nose, with a pair of twisties in a pocket at the top to adjust to your nose shape (I doubled the twisty, and am doubtful that it will last through more than one or two launderings... It also has an open pocket that will accept changeable filters ... OSHA approved filters, eventually, but in the meantime, folded kleenex or paper towel.

But that is the positive thing about these masks: they are made of quilt quality, washable, reusable 100% cotton.

Maybe you'll join me in making these for health workers near you who deserve much better from our government, but may be at least a bit safer with these until the government gets its act together and supplies our health workers with critically-important Personal Protection Equipment that meet OSHA standards. 

It takes less than a quarter yard, width of fabric, a half yard of elastic, and two used or unused twisties ... Please give it a try.

I'll be back here in a few days to post more photos of fabrics available at Quilters' Quarters ... and I will share photos of the masks I've made for adults and children at risk.

Masks in process

As always, thanks for following and reading the blog. Please feel free to share this email with friends who might join us as well!

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

In South Boston, Saint Patrick's Day was the scene of the City of Boston's Evacuation Day parade, celebrating the day the new army under General George Washington succeeded in forcing the British Navy's evacuation of Boston Harbor ... The Coronavirus Pandemic caused the cancellation of the parade this  year ... respecting Governor Baker's State of Emergency guidelines. So if you're home, as many of us are, and looking for projects to keep you occupied ... 

As promised, Quilters' Quarters will remain closed, but our customers can access fabrics and notions via email ( If you are mobile you can come by for curb-side pickup and payment (cash or check) or, if you are self-quarantining, you can pay via paypal (I can invoice you at your email) and I will mail your purchases to you (or, if local, I can deliver it to your driveway.)

I will post some of the newer, and some of the most popular, items here every few days to tempt your creative side ... like these labrador retriever fabrics/blenders... $11/yard ... less your 20-40% discount...

This new Creative Grids curvy log cabin trim tool is now in stock, ... has a video that explains how to use this tool to make a few new patterns from your favorite log cabin block at this link:

MSRP: $23.49, less QQ discount
And here is a bonus video ... different quilter, different voice, but beautiful blocks.
I am ordering these Cut Loose Patterns ... their manufacturer's suggested retail price is $3.50 ... but remember your discount~ 

By the way, these curvy log cabin blocks work very well with your jelly rolls you've been saving for something special ... or you can cut your own strips with the Stripology ruler ... also in stock at Quilters' Quarters... Three different sizes, three different prices, but always less with your QQ discount~ 

Stripology Rulers ... Three sizes ... XL, Regular, Mini
MSRPs: $64.49, $52.99, $39.99 minus QQ discount.

Stay safe, all.  Be well, and enjoy your time at home!

Friday, March 13, 2020

Temporary Shop Closure

Our town of Georgetown is making every effort to minimize the transmission of potential virus contagions, and have closed all schools for the next two weeks.  All group activities scheduled in town buildings have been temporarily suspended. Our annual Book Sale at the public library has been indefinitely postponed...

Some say this is an over-reaction ... others realize that such actions will enforce the State of Emergency our Governor has asked us to observe. It is time to be responsible about protecting each others' health.

Out of respect for all involved, Quilters' Quarters will remain closed tomorrow, and for the next two weeks. Opening will be determined by the state of health in our area at the end of that period.

If there is something you need that I can provide, I will happily suggest you contact me by email. I will respond and if I have what you are looking for in the shop, I will get it ready for you to pick up at your convenience. I'll continue to post images here in lieu of your being able to browse the shop ... I'll include prices as well. Stay tuned, as I'll update the posts more often while the shop is closed. 

You can reach me at I'm going to do my best to minimize my own group attendance, and encourage you to do the same.

Thank you for your patience.

Be well, all.

~ Terry

Friday, March 6, 2020

Opening a little bit late this weekend

Saturday, grandson Ian is having his second birthday party, so the shop will open a little later than usual ... I'll be open at 2 instead of noon.

I want to give a shout out to all the quilters who continue to "leave the change" at the shop ... it always goes into the envelope to support the school students whose lunch accounts are in arrears. This month there was over fifty dollars, which was appreciated by the superintendent when I walked it over to her office.

The other good news is that the community has assisted again in raising money for the Rick Palardy Scholarship account for graduating seniors who are pursuing a career in the trades to help maintain our community ... this year I was able to add a fifth $500 scholarship to the existing four ... so now two seniors at Georgetown High, two seniors at Whittier Tech, and one at Essex North Shore Tech will be recognized for their community dedication and hard work ethic.  Thank you, all, who have supported this effort.

I received one new bolt this week ... it was a delayed delivery from an order placed last year.  It's a rich black fabric with gold, gray and white stars and planets by Michael Miller ... someone just called me last week and asked if I had any Michael Miller prints ... sorry it hadn't arrived yet. But it's here now! 
This bolt's selvage reads "Michael Miller ... Galactic ... Making It Fun"

If you want to see what I've been up to recently, check the 2020 journal page (see the right margin list). Lots of spontaneous quilts this past week.

Enjoy the coming good weather (ignore tonight's snow ... it will melt rapidly.  Don't forget to set your clocks ahead Saturday night ... and remember to wash your hands and sing Happy Birthday while you do!

Saturday, February 8, 2020

February Variables

This month is quite unpredictable ... sometimes a blizzard, sometimes an early spring thaw ... a groundhog, some Valentines, president Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays ... 

Unpredictable weather is very unsettling, so to soothe my soul, I went back to a fabric line I had begun with when the shop opened ... Henry Glass's Folio print. Wonderful feeling, amazing color range, and suitable for so many different projects.  Cut into blocks, or strips, with our new Stripology rulers: I now also have in stock the replaceable arrows that are designed to help you manage different size blocks and strip cutting.  See this video to understand their power:

Here are the gorgeous bolts of Folio by Henry Glass ... there are only ten yards on each bolt, so come early to select your favorite blender colors... I'm thinking of flowers ... see the comments in the image captions (and remember, you can make the images larger by clicking on them.)

a beautiful range of colors .. which flowers can we make?

Beautiful red roses with pretty green foliage...

Begonias? Marigolds?

Lilacs, Hydrangeas?

Bluebells? Hyacinths? Daffodils?

I've salted the remaining patches on the driveway, and the heat is on, and the fabrics are ready for your eyes and your hands ... I look forward to seeing you soon! Please share this invitation with your friends and fellow quilters ... let them know of the QQ discounts,  and tell them that they are welcome to come by and explore the nooks and crannies of Quilters' Quarters. 

Happy February ~ March and Spring are up next!

Monday, January 20, 2020

Happy 2020

So many sweet, local birds!
This month begins the end of the second decade in this challenging century... let's celebrate having made it this far by making something with these pretty new fabrics that were supposed to arrive in September but finally made it this week.  "First Frost" is the name of the deer and bird fabrics ... the blender firs are meant to enhance those. How the Jungle Animals joined this group is a mystery, but they will delight the young ones in your gift list.

One quilter commented that these would be great in a Three Yard Quilt.
I have a book of patterns in the shop, titled
See the video for 3 yard quilts at this link.

We have been seeing more deer in our neighborhoods, as their natural habitats are being encroached upon by human development. This fabric is part of a new line that features wild animals decorated with multicolor embellishments ...

This is a bolt of small and large blocks

And this accompanying bolt  has a 15" repeat.
Here are the two bolts of wild animals in technicolor that came in a few months ago; they remind me of the new deer bolts:

Technicolor elephant shares a panel bolt with the zebra.

And both the Zebra block and the Elephant block are enhanced
by the shabby-chic, multi-color bolt.
And here is the sixth bolt ... the stowaway print of jungle animals! 

Asia and Africa, both!
All of these beautiful fabrics share nature's beauty, and all are from Quilting Treasures. The standard retail price is $11.60 per  yard, but everyone who shops at Quilters' Quarters gets at least a 20% discount, and sometimes more. 

Thank you for following Quilters' Quarters ... Please share this email or home page link with your quilting friends ... I look forward to seeing you again!
~ Terry, at Quilters' Quarters