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Saturday, March 21, 2020

On a Different Note

I've put some of my quilts  on hold today... a friend shared a link from a hospital asking sewists like all of us to switch gears and start making CDC-approved masks for health care worlers and elder care relatives.  

There are many different links featuring face masks.  While our government, burdened by the extent of this Coronavirus Pandemic, is slow in bringing forth the high quality masks that they are capable of producing,  all we can do is the best we can do ... our 'home made' masks will not be OSHA guaranteed ... getting the right level of filtration to stop the transmission of the virus particles is not something I can stock in my shop ... but I am willing to make these masks, and for now, use a less effective filter. At least I know that when the proper filters may be available to domestic sewists, the masks will be ready to accept them. Until then, I will offer what I can to nurses and first responders who are in desperate need, presently. 

Here is the link for the pattern I've chosen to use. As I said, there are many out there.

Here is my first finished mask, modeled by yours truly. This mask goes from under your chin to the bridge of your nose, with a pair of twisties in a pocket at the top to adjust to your nose shape (I doubled the twisty, and am doubtful that it will last through more than one or two launderings... It also has an open pocket that will accept changeable filters ... OSHA approved filters, eventually, but in the meantime, folded kleenex or paper towel.

But that is the positive thing about these masks: they are made of quilt quality, washable, reusable 100% cotton.

Maybe you'll join me in making these for health workers near you who deserve much better from our government, but may be at least a bit safer with these until the government gets its act together and supplies our health workers with critically-important Personal Protection Equipment that meet OSHA standards. 

It takes less than a quarter yard, width of fabric, a half yard of elastic, and two used or unused twisties ... Please give it a try.

I'll be back here in a few days to post more photos of fabrics available at Quilters' Quarters ... and I will share photos of the masks I've made for adults and children at risk.

Masks in process

As always, thanks for following and reading the blog. Please feel free to share this email with friends who might join us as well!

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