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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Driveway is newly paved ... and a smidgen wider!

We left for the wedding just as the construction cones were being placed at the end of our new pavement ~ clearing snow will be much safer this year as all the rocks and pebbles are now out of the path of the snow blower and our house and shop will be spared any further dings!

Previous Post: 10/12/16
We've just heard that our driveway will be inaccessible beginning tomorrow (Thursday 10/13/16) morning ... While the shop could be open for 'walkers' who are able to park on the other side of North Street, or on side streets nearby, and enter to the shop through the side gate near the front door of our house (the south side, toward the school,)  the local paving company is coming to repair our driveway and will be closing it off tomorrow morning to begin work.

We had planned on being closed on Friday and Saturday of this week anyway, as our son is being married this weekend. That has not changed. We are closed this weekend. And that will give the new pavement a chance to set.

We look forward to seeing you again next week!

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Terry and Rick

ps - did you know that our son, the groom, always celebrates his birthday the week of Columbus Day? When he was a young child, I used to tell him each October that the trees were putting on their best colors to celebrate with him! His wedding will be a lovely event in our beautiful New England Foliage Season!

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  1. In about 3 weeks' time, Renocrete will return to lay the painted stencil finish to the new concrete driveway (excluding the Council's "asset"). They will also paint and finish the concreted front steps and patio/entrance area, and they'll paint and stencil the concrete in the Alfresco Cabana area at the rear of the house.chain link fence slats