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Monday, December 20, 2021

Just memories, and projects ahead...

Thank you to all the customers who visited Quilters' Quarters in its final week of retail. The fabric that remains will be put to use for charity quilts. I've returned this week to making child-sized comfort quilts for the Georgetown Police cruisers, Fire Department trucks and our local ambulances.  

I will also continue to make Centenarian Quilts for our town residents who reach the age of 100 years. And if the need returns, I'll have plenty of fabric on hand for mask makers who give these important covid mitigators away to hospitals and schools as well.

 I'll probably keep the town certificate for Terry's Thoughts and Threads renewed, but will let the two for Quilters' Quarters and Rick's Wooden Toys and Gifts expire. The signs for both of those small businesses will then go away, but will be replaced by the former one for the quilt lessons and book writings (T.T.T.) ...  that will allow the sole proprietor zoning exception in this residential area to continue uninterrupted, and will encourage me to dedicate time to holding sewing lessons here in the back of the shop. If I don't charge any fees for lessons, I think I'll be free of filing quarterly tax returns, which will be another relief. 

I will miss the happy exchanges with fellow quilters, but can always be reached by phone or email if there are questions or need of advice or assistance. And I will continue to welcome beginner and experienced sewists and quilters at the Georgetown Senior Center's Sit 'n Sew sessions on second and fourth Tuesday afternoons.

The Google and Yelp online pages may take some time to reflect the permanent closure of the retail shops, so if you can help spread the word that I am no longer a shop, I would appreciate it. I don't know where else the shop may be mentioned ... but if you see it online perhaps you could let me know so I can advise whoever of the closure.

Wishing a better (healthier) New Year ahead for all of us!

~Terry (and Rick, who is always with me in spirit.)

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