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Friday, September 6, 2019

More to See at Quilters' Quarters

They apparently had a backlog of fabric orders overseas (where many of our fabrics today are printed.) But the July order of Quilting Treasures fabrics arrived this week, and I'm told the August order will be here sometime in the next month ... then more later as winter begins. 

Fabric prices have increased each year ... those I purchase from the companies directly show the steadiest climb, and today's prices can run between 11 and 13 dollars per yard, retail. But you will always have at least a 20% reduction in per yard prices at Quilters' Quarters ... and sometimes I can buy last year's prints at a lower price, and when I get a sale, so do you!

Here's what arrived just the other day:
This line is titled Blanc et Noir, and I chose
the floral and 'scribbled floral' bolts

Carnivale Dots and Floral Designs

The unicorns measure about five inches in length
and are scattered across the 44" width of fabric.  

Here they are shown with some batik fabrics
that blend beautifully with the Mystical line.

Artworks Rainbow Animal Panels is the name of this line ...
the animal bolt has alternating zebras and elephants

The blender bolt that accompanies the panel is called
"Paint Strokes."

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Love the Rainbow Animal panels and the Blanc Noir! Be by soon.