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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Leprechaun's are influencing Mother Nature's temperament this year

The vernal equinox, March 21-22, has always been 'the first day of Spring." But the network meterorologists began 'simplifying' the calendar a decade or so ago, proclaiming it 'easier' to label Spring as beginning on March 1st ... and, ever since they brazenly ignored the revolution of the earth's path around the sun, winter has taken a later, not earlier, hold on our portion of the planet (and yes, the north and south poles do move gradually every year.) Seems to me that Spring weather (which is what meterologists are supposed to be aware of) arrives later rather than earlier ... we've even had snow as late as April Fools Day in recent years ... that may have been Mother Nature's taunt at those weather fools ... her effort at bringing them back to her reality ... and her punishment of the rest of us seems to be her arbitrary shortening of Spring and Fall, and her extension of the blasted heat of summer and the bitter cold of winter ... or maybe that is her collusion with those who choose to live at the highest and lowest latitudes... just sayin' ... I'm going to call Spring the brief four weeks between Tax Day and Mothers' Day ... Let's be real about this. Thanks a lot for ticking her off, meteorololgists...

And so she is threatening another snowstorm this coming week ... which makes re-opening Quilters' Quarters on the first day of spring impractical. There is no heat in the barn. It is presently 40 degrees outside and 30 degrees within. I can't cut fabric with frozen fingers. Customers are not comfortable shopping for fabric and notions while wearing winter coats ... they cannot feel the 'soft hand of quality fabric' while wearing mittens or gloves. Spring is dilly-dallying somewhere else on the planet, and is sorely being missed here.

The revised plan for the re-opening is now set for Thursday, April 5th. My apologies to all ... I clearly have no pursuasive power with Mother Nature, nor with the weather pattern we are enduring here. Three classic nor'easters in the past two weeks? Over two feet of unmelted spring snow? More ahead? Really? Can we all say "Global Warming's Extreme Effects? Or shall we all just blame the foolish meteorologists' tinkering with the calendar date for First Day of Spring (read that: Vernal Equinox.) Apparently, she's offended. 

See you in April?

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