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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Quilters' Quarters is Now Open: 20% Discount on ALL fabric opening week!

Welcome back to all our quilters and sewists. I've missed your company and conversations during these two winter months. The shop is ready for your return and I look forward to seeing everyone again.

Sweet cotton flannel with spring birds and butterflies
This winter has brought some changes to our community - the most significant being the loss of my husband, Rick, who died suddenly of an unexpected heart attack early Christmas morning. Life is very different now, as he and I were nearly inseparable and spent most of our time together. We were fortunate to have these past six years of retirement and never expected our Happily Ever After season to end so quickly.

I know he was pleased with our past year together ... many people came into the shop via Row by Row™ and Humble Beginnings, and when they found his woodworking art here with the fabrics and quilts, they were very complimentary. His work was beautifully done and appreciated by so many of you, and I am grateful that those wonderful memories will be with me for the future.

I will be selling off (or giving away) many of the antique and vintage sewing machines that Rick and I acquired over the past two years in the shop; restoring them to their wonderful, beautiful selves was a project we shared, and without him it is one I will be unable to fulfill, as the woodworking part of restoration is something I cannot do. If you spoke to me before this and have been waiting for a word from me that a  particular type of machine is ready for sale, please get in touch and remind me, as my memory has not improved since we last met.

In time, Rick's showroom of his wooden art will be reopened to visitors. Some of his work will be on display at our local public library just around the block, as Rick was a large part of the Friends of the Georgetown Peabody Library, and they, too, want to honor his work.

If the shop continues to attract enough customers as it has in the past few years, it will remain open. I have plenty of fabric in stock, and am happy to acquire whatever types of notions you wish to find here. I am able to sell things at a reasonable price as I buy much of what is here at a wholesale warehouse here in Massachusetts. My goal in opening this quilt shop four years ago was two-fold:

  • I wanted to provide quilters and sewists a local setting to gather and find the necessities of sewing without taking to the highway. Having a low overhead here at my shop helps me keep retail prices reasonable.
  • My other goal was to help Rick promote his art with greater visibility ... I knew that quilters were a community of artists themselves, and would have an appreciation for the dedication Rick put into each one of his many creations. 

There won't be any more shelves added to my space, nor any more delightful pairs of wooden scissors, or Christmas ornaments, or plaques for American Heroes. But Rick's spirit will always be with me in the shop, and it will remain a comfortable place for quilters to come and gather, and share their stories, their quilts, their questions and their challenges. 

Please come by and say hello when you're in the area ... I look forward to seeing all of you, again, and sharing your stories, and ours,

email:   phone: 978-352-6758

New Spring Schedule for Quilters' Quarters: 
Thursday, Friday noon - 5pm, 
Saturday noon-3pm.
Lessons to be scheduled before and after shop hours. 

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