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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fewer Hours but Greater Sales

Quilt made of Rick's plaid flannel shirts and others,
made by our quilter friends in memory of his work
I have reduced the number of days that my quilt/fabric shop will be open as my better half is no longer with me ... Losing Rick early Christmas morning was a shock and his departure has truly broken my heart. I want to continue with the shop to honor his and my commitment to bring fabrics and notions to a local site that doesn't involve highway driving, and to bring the prices to a more reasonable level for people who do such charitable work as part of their days.
To that end, I'd like to let all know that Quilters' Quarters in Georgetown (two driveways north of Perley School on North Street) will have Spring Hours on Thursday and Friday from noon to 5pm, and on Saturday from noon to 3pm. But though the hours and days have decreased, the sales and discounts have increased; anyone who belongs to any guild or other charitable organization, or who supports the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, or who just sews for family, friends and charities, will receive a 50% discount (that's wholesale pricing) on any materials bought for charitable projects. And there will also be a 20% discount on all fabrics and notions bought for personal use.
This is not a 'going out of business' sale ... but is intended to get the bulk of my inventory into the hands of the people who will make the best use of it. Rick built as many shelves and cabinets as we had room for, and they are currently full of beautiful fabrics bought from various quilt-quality vendors. I have very low overhead (as anyone who has visited the shop on a cold day can attest.) I'm not trying to run a business to 'earn a living' - I've earned my living, teaching thirty years in a good school district. I'm not out to beat other quilt shops' prices down ... I simply want to be a pipeline of reasonably-priced, quality goods.
Quilters' Quarters 'Feel Good Shopping' program will continue to support the Georgetown Public School's Lunch Program in donating funds monthly to provide a real school lunch to children whose accounts are in arrears for whatever reason. And we will also donate to other non-profits, such as the Lowell quilt museum, our local fire department, the public library, etc.
Quilters' Quarters is my way of giving back to the wonderful people who have welcomed me into this community of giving and doing. When I had to retire from my classrooms due to a debilitating diagnosis, I thought I would never again be part of an inspiring, collegial, giving community. But I am. And better yet, Rick was, also. He shared his connections with me, and helped me re-integrate into our small town after having taught elsewhere for so many years. I was truly blessed to have Rick in my life for fifty years ... I now have to learn how to best use my time so that I can rejoin him one day.
Thank you for being a part of what public good I can do with Quilters' Quarters.
UPDATE on Vintage Sewing Machines:
One Featherweight has sold. Another is ready for sale.
One Red Eye model 66 Singer Treadle is sale pending.
Other treadles and their cabinets are available and ready for your maintenance.
White model 77 in cabinet has sold.
 Singers are still waiting to be re-homed...
Singer model 99 

Please share this email with those who would want to know about Quilters' Quarters in Georgetown, Massachusetts. Let them know that the shop is just a few miles west of route 95, and just two driveways north of Perley School on North Street. 

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