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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Calendar Pages Are Turning So Quickly!

Well, it's true. This Friday, there will only be thirty more days 'til Christmas. And as shocking as that sounds, I just want to remind you that Hanukkah begins on the night before Christmas this year! All across this beautiful land, people are going to start scrambling to find the right gift for each person on their lists...

And so, Quilters' Quarters will be hosting Friday night workshops for elves and other creative spirits from all over ... this week, participants will be asked to bring an old or used but beloved teapot to the shop, and will be led in discovering ways to use it as a gift for someone special in their lives. It's a small shop, so we'll be limited in the number of participants each week -  half a dozen or less - call ahead to reserve a seat. Workshops will begin at 6 pm and will end when all have finished.  $15 per participant and, for this week if you don't have a teapot you can buy one at the shop for another $10 or less.

We have a lot of winter and holiday fabrics, and are going to the warehouse tomorrow to search for more. Our goal is always to find the best buys for all of our local quilters, sewists and creative makers. If we don't have something you want, and we can find it at a reasonable quantity and cost, we'll get it for you!

Stop in and see our beautiful collections of quilt quality 100% cotton. I can't tell you how many customers have commented on the diversity of our fabrics and the comfortable atmosphere of our small shop. Bring a friend with you.

In fact, if you bring a new customer to our shop on Small Business Saturday (or even a former customer who is a sewing buddy of yours) we'll add their purchase amount to  your Five Box Card. Don't remember what that means? Visit the page at this blog that explains our "Feel Good Shopping" program ... You'll find it in the table of contents over there in the right margin. >>>>>>>

<<<< This is a QQ Status Bag.
Many customers are "maxing" their Five Box Cards and receiving their first store-credit cards, and their purple "HAPPY QUILTER/LOYAL SHOPPER bags, which will be very valuable during the last week of this calendar year, because December 30th is a Fifth Friday, and as we know that is the last Fifth Friday of this calendar year but the first Fifth Friday opportunity for our loyal customers to use their "status bags" in the shop, we're extending the Fifth Friday 20% off to the entire week for our bag owners!

Last year, we closed for the months of January and February, and while we missed our drop-in customers, we knew that the temperatures in the shop would require more heating expenditures than the revenue could cover.  We didn't have as much snow as typical winters during those months, but the temperatures were as predicted ... and the barn is, in fact, a barn, without any insulation on the first floor forward ... and the quilt shop was below freezing point on many of those days.

BUT - sometimes a customer just needs needles, or thread, or a bit more batting or fabric and does not want to drive down the highway to purchase such. We NEVER refuse to open for a customer in need. If we're home, we'll open the shop for you. We recommend that you bundle up, for there is nothing colder than an unheated barn in New England during winter! Just give us a call at 978-352-2676 to let us know when you'd like to come by.

Oh - and I don't want to forget to mention Small Business Saturday, which is coming up soon. Saturday, November 26th is an open house day for Quilters' Quarters ... we'll have light refreshments, door prizes, discounts and more - see our post at Facebook, and go to our website for a special door prize ticket:

So mark your calendars:

  • Friday November 26th: 6 pm Teapot workshop at Quilters' Quarters
  • Saturday November 27th:  11am - 7pm ~ Small Business Saturday! Open House at QQ
  • Friday December 2, 9, 16, 23: 6 pm Last Minute Gift Workshops at QQ
  • Wed. December 22 - Saturday December 31, "Fifth Friday All Week" (See Feel Good Shopping Page for what Fifth Friday means at our shop.)
As always,

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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