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You can purchase many items from our shop at our web store, via PayPal.
You can also email or telephone me to order an item: .978-352-2676;
Please make checks out to Quilters' Quarters or Terry's Thoughts and Threads Many thanks.

Feel Good Shopping at Quilters' Quarters

  Quilters' Quarters is happy to announce our "Feel Good Shopping" plan !  
     Sponsored "Non-Profit of the Month"  Community Benefits

o   Each month Quilters’ Quarters will sponsor a local non-profit in or near town. 
o   10% of the purchases in our highest sales week in that month will be donated to the featured group. 
o   Customers can nominate groups for this benefit by filling out a nomination form at Quilters’ Quarters.

Please see the list in the right margin to know which non profit will benefit  through your shopping at Quilters' Quarters month by month.

We will always have an envelope on our table for anonymous donations  to the Georgetown Public School Lunch Program from our customers. This is a program to which we will personally continue to make monthly donations, and we welcome others who wish to do so anonymously to stop in at Quilters' Quarters, with our promise that whatever you leave in the envelope will be taken to the Superintendent's office during the last week of each month. This is our effort to provide a full, nutritious lunch to students whose accounts are in arrears through no fault of their own.

 “Five Box Loyalty Card”

o   Shoppers fill out a loyalty card and keep it in the Loyal Shoppers File at Quilters’ Quarters.
o   Each time a shopper comes to Quilters’ Quarters their card is pulled out of the file...
o   The total purchase amount (excluding tax) is written in one of the boxes.
o   When five boxes are full, the card is worth 10% of the TOTAL purchases for store credit at Quilters' Quarters.
o   Cards may be “saved” and combined for larger expenditures.

“Fifth Friday Special” for Loyal Shoppers

After a Five Box Loyalty Card is completed and the shopper has received and used the 10% store credit, the shopper will be given a  Happy Quilter / Loyal Shopper Bag for Quilters’ Quarters.
This bag can be used by our loyal customers on a ‘Fifth Friday’ in any AND EVERY month that has one.
The shopper can put as little or as much in the bag as will fit, and will receive a 20% discount on the bag’s contents on that day.
And yes, you can begin with another Five Box Card!
2017 months with Fifth Fridays: 
  • March
  • June
  • September
  • December
Please let your neighbors and friends know of the "Feel Good Shopping" 2017 promotion.

Stay tuned to hear which non profit organization will be featured each month~You'll find the list at the top of the right margin of each home page. And remember: you can nominate a beneficiary!

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