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Monday, May 30, 2016

In the Very Merry Months of May and June...

Quilters' Quarters saw four times as many customers this May as compared to last May ... I think all the new fabric in stock was sending out telepathic messages to quilters nearby. Thanks to all who visited us. And there are still more shipments ahead!

June begins this week, and we have a new beneficiary of our "Feel Good Shopping" promotion. The Georgetown Historical Society will be re-opening the Brocklebank Museum for their annual Third Grade field trip next week, and that is the inaugural visit for this year's season. To help them raise money for the year's activities, Quilters' Quarters will be donating ten percent of our first week of June's total sales. Come shop with us knowing that your purchases will help both the Historical Society, and you! Our number of "Five Box Cards" is increasing ... we keep them for you so you won't have to remember to bring it when you stop in to shop.

The summer-long Row by Row™ for 2016 begins in three weeks, and Quilters' Quarters is ready.  Kits are being prepared; patterns have been printed. If you visit our Facebook Page for Quilters' Quarters, you'll see our row there. Here's a small peek:

 Rick continues to build more shelves to hold more bolts of fabrics that suit the "Home Sweet Home" theme for this year.

Some of our new fabrics are reminiscent of last year's nautical theme ... this is a 24" x 44" Wilmington Prints panel of quilt-quality cotton, and would make a great beach blanket. We always have coordinating bolts of seashells anad starfish, as well as strips that have smaller images of the same.

We also have a wonderful collection of red, white and blue fabrics, and our fabric contest using these fabrics is up and running - you'll find the details of the contest at this page.  And we've added some new bolts to our red white and blues!

This is still one of my favorites: we've used it on
a few of our Local Heroes' Quilts of Valor.

Our collection of red, white and blue
fabrics continues to grow.
close up of one of the original flags 
on the 24" x 44" panel by Wilmington Prints

The Wilmington Prints panel

Santa panel for patriotic memories, 
also by Wilmington Prints

a patriotic blender bolt of small stars
We're looking forward to seeing you again, and sharing ten percent of your purchase with our Feel Good Shopping beneficiary each month.

Thank you for your loyalty!
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