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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Beautiful Foliage, Beautiful Fabrics, and Time for Quilts!

If you scroll down to this month's earlier post, you'll see some of the fall fabrics we have in stock ~ wonderful, quilt-quality fabrics that will bring the outdoor beauty into your hands and into your home. Here are more that capture the seasons colors, designed by our local (Newburyport) artist Elizabeth Golz Rush for Northcutt Fabrics:
When I get a deal, you get a deal. These gorgeous
quilt-quality fabrics normally sell for $12/yd, but
I can offer them, courtesy of the artist, for
$6/yd ... Half!

We also have some vintage sewing machine fabrics that are fun to work with and can be used not only to cover beds, but to cover your treasured sewing machines. I'm beginning to post those fabrics at the web store for our distance-customers ... and have had one inquiry from the Netherlands!

I'm starting my niece's ballerina quilt, using the many fabrics of her costumes through her childhood years of lessons. This will be another learning curve for me, similar to the months that I worked on a friends' silk tie lap quilt. But this one will be bed size, and will involve more fabrics than silk and cotton alone; I'll be working with some different weights and different fusible materials, finding my way through the challenge by reminding myself that we quilters are often our own most severe critics, and that often what we see as problematic is not seen at all by the recipient of the quilt.  There will be mistakes, and as one friend would advise "iron the problem away," and another will say "quilt it out, quilt it over." I'll do my best with these fabrics and make what will optimistically be received as a nostalgic memory quilt. You can monitor my progress on this one by clicking on  this link to Terry's 2015 quilt journal.

Shannon, the original Cuddle Fabric
$15.50 at Quilters' Quarters
We have the coveted Shannon Fabric, "Cuddle," in various colors and textures, but no one has attempted to work with them yet. If they remain on the shelf into the winter, I may send them back to the makers, as this is an introductory offer for first time buyer-shops. There are less expensive forms of Cuddle made by other manufacturers that are bought in larger quantities at lower prices, and it may be that my shop is too small to sustain such a quality collection competitively. My price is $15.50 for the 54" wide yard. I have lower overhead than other small shops, but cannot buy in the quantity of larger shops and so have the lowest price I can offer for this luxury fabric. 

We also have a full rainbow of colors
in the popular "Moda" marble swirl pattern. These fabrics were requested by name by a few customers this summer. They are also 100% cotton, quilt quality, 44" in width, and feel wonderful to the hand. Moda cannot be purchased in small quantities; new shops purchasing have to invest nearly a thousand dollars to stock this fabric, so we bit the bullet on this one, too, anticipating that quilters will recognize the quality and beauty in these bolts. Moda sells for $11.00/yd.

We've also acquired some sample panels of Dr. Seuss fabrics that would be wonderful children's quilts or classroom designs ... Some have coordinating fabric samples attached as well.
All are 100% quilt quality cotton, and all will bring a smile to your face! Teachers, don't miss these deals, and remember to ask for your professional discount! Each panel set is priced at $7.00 to $8.00.

More panels
Now,we are almost two months from Christmas, and would love to see you and your friends in our shop. After the holidays, Rick and I will be closing the shop down for the bitter winter weather in January and February, as heating the space is a challenge in this new century's changing weather patterns. (Nine feet of snow last winter kept customers away, no doubt busily clearing their own driveways... I hear the
Farmer's Almanac is threatening as bad or worse this year~) But we will be reopening in March, with Spring and Summer collections in stock.

Our quilting lessons will continue through those cold months, but will take place in the house, by the warmth of the woodstove and the healthy air surrounding the greenhouse geraniums. And customers who need a piece of fabric or a spool of thread or such can always phone us to open by appointment. After all, we opened this fabric and quilt shop to provide a local spot for needleworkers shopping for supplies. 

'Til then, we're here, 11 to 7 on Wednesdays through Saturdays, and are open 'til 9 pm for Free Friday Sit'n Sew with our people-powered treadles and hand cranks, or affordable Weekend Workshops on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons (click links to see those pages.)

And, I almost forgot to mention: the Minions are due to arrive later this week! Stay tuned ~

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