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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Postcard Party Event ending this coming week!

These will be highly collectible items in years to come!
All participants who want to be involved in the nation-wide Post Card Swap are returning their completed kits to Quilters' Quarters by Friday, January 15th so that they can be mailed in bulk to Janet at Calico Gals in New York for sorting and redistribution. Join us!

If you haven't come in for a kit, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are your last opportunities to complete a Massachusetts Kit.  Our shop space is booked for kit completion on Friday from 1 to 4pm for a private group, but customers are welcome to come and pick up a kit during those few hours to complete at home and return it by 7pm. Otherwise, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday you are welcome to stay and complete your kit in the shop, using our sewing machines, including

  •  a 1917 Singer Red Eye Treadle, 
  • 1950 Singer Featherweight, and 
  • a 1964 WHITE Featherweight! 

We also have modern Brother machines that you might use for your kit.

Quilters' Quarters remains the ONLY shop in this state participating in this pilot event. Other states have several shops that have quilters and needle-crafters making their states' kits come alive with their talents. If you participate, you will, in March after all the sorting is done, receive one of those cards from other states.

Massachusetts' First Year Kits will become highly collectible in later years of this program, as our shop purchased only 100 kits. And no other shop in Massachusetts purchased any! Get one for yourself, and one to send to Janet for the swap with another state.

Quilters' Quarters is on winter hours (Wednesday through Saturday, 2pm - 7pm)
Friday night, January 15th, the kits will be sent to New York; please come in and complete yours so that you can be a part of the groundswell participation in this event!

You don't have to live in Massachusetts to participate - you just have to come to Quilters' Quarters for the kit, and return it so that it can be sent to Janet.

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