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Friday, December 26, 2014

Hearts Ahead! (click images to enlarge)

Congratulations, Darcie! You've won our FIRST drawing for the Valentine's Day Contest!  Thanks for using the Snoopy Valentine Fabric for your beautifully-embroidered and quilted pillow!


We have had so many days of restricted driving due to heavy snowfall, we are going to double your opportunities to win this Valentine's Day Contest! We will hold a drawing for a winner on February 14th as scheduled, but will hold a SECOND WINNER'S NAME on February 28th! It's not too late to begin a project using our sweet collection of Valentine Fabrics!  Remember, winter hours are 2 - 7 pm, Wednesdays through Saturdays.

Our first, new quilting event for 2015 will be a Valentine's Day Contest: come in to see our new collection of fabrics and make something for a loved one using some of our Valentine quilt-quality cotton.  We have several bolts to select from, and you can design your own project. Maybe a lap quilt ... or a pair of comfy quilted slippers, or a Valentine's Day box, or bag, or hat ... or a yoga mat, or a set of placemats and napkins ... there are so many ideas on the internet today, and we have some of these as patterns in the shop! Be creative and come up with something someone you love will love!

Here's how the contest will work: there are three potential levels of your choice.
  •   If you use at least one of our new Valentine's Day fabrics in your work, you'll qualify for a level one prize ... a ten dollar gift certificate for Wooden Toy and Gift or Quilters' Quarters.  
  • If you use two of our fabrics, you'll qualify for a level two prize ... two $10 gift certificates, to spend or share with your Valentine.  
  • And if you use three or more of our Valentine Fabrics in your Valentine Gift, you'll win a $25.00 gift certificate for either Rick's shop or Terry's ~ the winner chooses! Both shops are located together at 59 North Street, Georgetown, Massachusetts ~ just two doors north of Perley School.
  • Bring your finished Valentine's Day Contest project in to our shop by Friday, February 13th to have a photo taken of it. Your name and the photo of your project will be put into an envelope and then into "the heart sack" and the winner will be drawn on Saturday, February 14th.
Wooden Toy and Gift puzzle
If you're not familiar with Rick's Wooden Toy and Gift shop, stop in to see it, or visit his website:

Here is our new collection of Valentine Fabrics; we also have a "make your own yoga mat and carry sack" pattern for only $2.00! And don't forget to mention that you are entering the Valentine's Day Contest - because that will get you a ten percent discount on the Valentine's Day Contest fabrics (prices range from $4.00 to $11.00 per yard.) You can also purchase these fabrics at our webstore: Valentine Fabrics

Fabric collection from Quilting Treasures,
an employee-owned company in the U.S.A.

Yoga Kitties in their Yoga positions...
with a matching paw-print fabric

Snoopy fabrics with kind, encouraging messages

This panel makes a fabric book of "Tips from the Gang" 
Lots of blending hearts and flowers fabrics

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  1. I really need to come in and see this line! It looks awesome! I can see yoga bags, children's quilts, crib quilts.....thanks!!

    1. Come on in, Dennis! We've extended the contest to February 28th, because, as you well know, IT KEEPS SNOWING! <3