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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Row by Row is a success!

Hello All,

We are having so many new visitors to Quilters' Quarters because of the national Row by Row 2014 Experience - more than fifty visitors in the first ten days, as compared to an average of three to five per week on our own.  And our blog statistics have jumped from an average of three hundred  per month (not bad) to more than 1,400 in the past four weeks!

Other participating shops in the area are doing as well or even better - Salem Massachusetts' Marketplace Quilts is on their third order of fabric for Row by Row kits! We are on our second order, which ought to arrive within a few weeks, as will our re-order for "Happy Quilter" fabric license plates. We are taking prepaid orders in the shop now for 'Row by Rowers' who want to  to reserve the original "Beyond Winter Windows" kit, or the alternative "Beyond Quilters' Quarters Windows" kit which includes one window for each season (shown above in our header) with a challenging winter trees strip that will be replaced with better strips when the fabrics are received.  Presently we have only a handful of Spring, Summer and Autumn Window kits on hand. Of course, these present shortages reflect the wonderful increase in quilting customers our shop and so many others have seen because of the Row by Row 2014 Experience :) We at Quilters' Quarters are very grateful for all of you! What a wonderful boon for a new shop.
Build your own Beyond Quilters' Quarters Windows by
choosing your season and preferred view! Spring, Summer and Autumn available;
 original Winter fabrics will be available soon.

 License plates' and kits' prices vary from shop to shop, because overhead costs vary depending on the size and location of the shops. Please be patient with that. Our kits are selling for $9.00.  If prices of our re-ordered fabrics are higher than our original purchases, our prices would change as well. Our main business goal is reflected in our license plate fabric: Happy Quilters will likely be, after all, repeat customers, and so we'll do our best to keep our overhead costs as low as we can.

Please accept my apologies for the schedule glitches these next two weekends. As I wrote above in the header (which is not seen by readers who are seeing this post on email pages):

Quilters' Quarters will be closed on Saturday, July 26th for a family event, unless it is a rainy day. We will be open to replace this day on Sunday, July 27th. Or vice - versa if weather prevails! :) On the following weekend: rain or shine, we will be closed for a family wedding on Saturday Aug. 2, and will be open on Sunday Aug. 3 to replace that day. My apologies to all who are building their quilt shop hop travel plans. Please call ahead before traveling a distance: 978-352-2676. And thanks for understanding that our small shop copes the best we can with schedule conflicts. Happy shop hopping!

What's new at Quilters' Quarters?

We have three full bolts of 110" cotton flannel backing for quilts. They are Westrade's tone on tone fabrics and offer a wonderfully-warm winter sleep. Our retail price for these high-quality quilt backings is normally $16.50 per yard, but to thank our customers for the increase in our numbers, we are selling them to "Row by Rowers" for a 20% discount, at $13.20.
Three bolts of `110" Westrade cotton flannel backings in stock
We had an email just the other day from Debra Gabel, the artist responsible for the fabric license plates and the Timeless Treasures' Sew a Season fabric line - she and partner Janet Lutz of Calico Gals in New York are planning a second Row by Row for 2014, to begin in the fall when the current contest closes. I'm looking forward to hearing the details of this new event - and will surely sign on to participate again

If you haven't begun collecting your free patterns by visiting participating quilt shops and feel like you're missing out, don't worry. Every shop is surely re-ordering plates and re-stocking fabric for kits and looking forward to the August shoppers for Row by Row 2014. The free patterns are available through September 2nd, and the contests awarding 25 free fat quarters don't end until the end of October. A few quilters have already collected their prizes, but there are 2050 participating shops, and you can be the first quilter in ANY participating shop! If you happened to use that shop's row in your quilt, all the better, and you might even win a bonus prize for doing so, but you can return to any shop and try to win the fat quarters there. 

Join in - free patterns, discounts, your choice of using your own fabric stash or buying reasonably-priced kits ... what do you have to lose? It's a quilters dream come true. And it's a serendipitous blessing for new shops like ours 

As always, if you are reading this update in your email, thank you for signing up for the newsletter. We usually publish it about twice a month, but in between editions, we also update the various pages that comprise this blog. Recent additions are the Machine Quilting Classes page,  and progress on current quilts at Terry's QuiltingJournal 2014 page.  Come visit us at the blog and see what else is happening at Quilters' Quarters.

Feel free to share this email or blog link with your friends and families, and encourage the quilters among you to check out the Row by Row page of the blog as well as the website itself
We're in for a great experience this summer ~ jump in and join us!

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