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Friday, July 25, 2014

License Plate Re-order is Here!

Update 7/28/2014

Very happy to say that the new shipment of fabric Row by Row license plates are here! Price for the plate in the shop is $4.00. Price if ordered via our webstore is $4.50, including shipping:

We mailed about thirty plates today to customers who had pre-paid orders, and have more set aside for those customers waiting for the Sew a Season fabric for the pre-paid Beyond Winter Windows kits to arrive.  This new set of 48 license plates will be gone quickly. I have requested additional sets of 48 each, which will arrive in about three more weeks. All shops are seeing higher than anticipated customer traffic and we are delighted to be a part of that phenomenon. 

We are all Happy Quilters!
We also anticipate the re-order of the Sew a Season fabric needed for our "Beyond Winter Windows" row will be arriving within the next few weeks. Again, the fabric company was no doubt as surprised as all the shops that this Row by Row Experience 2014 has taken off like wildfire, and they are behind on their fabric production for such a high demand. For the next Row by Row, I will be ordering three times the amount of fabric that I did this time. Lesson Learned! 

And again, on Saturday August 2 we will be closed for a family wedding; we will again be open on Sunday August 3rd to replace that shop-hopping day.

Because not all Row by Row shop-hoppers will see these reminders of our schedule changes, we will have a folder of free patterns available on our shop door on both Saturdays for those who may not be know about visiting our shop on Sunday rather than Saturday for these two weekends, You may also leave us a note in the folder if you want us to set aside a "Happy Quilter" license plate; they are expected to arrive early next week.

Thank you for your patience with these two weekend changes. It's always a good idea to call ahead if you are planning to travel a distance. We apologize for any schedule challenges this may pose for Row by Row shop-hoppers. Our shop number is 978 352 2676

And for those faithful customers who came out in the heat and humidity these past few weeks, thank you for making this shop hop a success for us. We invite you to come back and see us - we now have a working air conditioner in the shop! 
Enjoy the better weather!
Quilters' Quarters saw more than a hundred shoppers in the first three weeks of July, 2014!
Thank you, all. We look forward to seeing as many more in August,
and will have more  Row by Row kits available, as well as the license plates. :)

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