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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More New Cabinets Hold More New Fabric!

Spring will come, I promise.  Today's temperatures reached 55 here, and the air outside of the shop was warmer than inside. Rick and I spent yesterday at our favorite warehouse, New England Quilt Supply in Pembroke, Massachusetts.  We were able to buy several bolts of fabrics that sing Spring and Summer!

When we came home, we unwrapped the bolts and  placed the fabrics into the new cabinets that Rick has been adding to our shop.  His design, his work ... well, each picture is worth a thousand words!

One beautiful wall of cabinets

Gingham and seersucker in  pink, green, lilac, blue and yellow
light teal and lilac, with flowers, Tweety and Bugs Bunny 
beautiful pinks, floral, birds, butterlies, fairies and compliments 
kid prints with Linus, Baseball, Dalmatians, Mutts, flowers and dots

nautical fabrics with lighthouses, sailboats, shells, ocean currents, buoys

red white and blues for Quilts of Valor and more

blossoms, bids, berries and blenders in bold bright colors 

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Keep smiling, keep shining, and keep stitching!
                           ~Terry and Rick

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  1. I would love to share comments with Rick about his cabinets ... What do you think of his design?