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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Encouraging (politely forcing) Spring to Warm Things Up

I usually enjoy winter. I like the cool to cold temperatures, the sound of snow crunching under foot, the holidays it brings, the sweaters and hats and gloves that keep us warm and brighten our days ... I like to hear the newscasters say school is cancelled and sledding is underway. And then it ends, and Spring arrives with beauty and fragrance and warmth.

This winter, though, has tried our patience. Schools closed due to icy roads. Multi-car accidents due to darkness and fog.  Late blooming plants this spring were unexpectedly re-buried in last night's mid-April measurable snowfall.

We had a year, a few years ago, where Spring was fleeting ... late winter snow followed almost immediately by oppressive summer heat that extended long into fall before a nearly snow-less but frigid winter. The cycle of seasons has been erratic this past decade, and I long for the days when I could look at a calendar and rely on the pages turning predictably.

So I'll tempt you to believe in Spring again, by sharing photos of the fabrics we selected for this season.
seashells and ocean currents, buoys and lighthouses

sailboats and sea breezes

Spring and summer colors

Fairies, bunnies, silly birds, hearts flowers and dragonflies

bright happy colors

all ready to blend together into something cheerful

old friends to make you smile

Bugs and Tweety, flowers and more

dogs, butterflies, baseball and blues

Beautiful complementary colors in silk and quilt squares
  All of these and more can be seen in our shop at 59 North Street, "Just two doors North of Perley School" as we say.  Come visit us Wednesday through Saturday, between 11 am and 7 pm. The evenings are growing lighter even though the temperatures continue to tease us. If dark clouds hover, we'll keep the lights on for you. Our lantern out front is blue for Autism Awareness month.

You might like to go to the blog to see the progress I am making on the tie quilt for my friend who is a retiring principal. I really like the way the blocks are coming together. Four down, and nine to go. (yes, there is an extra block in this calendar wall hanging ... it will be a surprise.) I update my Journal page when I finish a block.

You can see more new purchases for the shop online at our new Facebook page, or here At Quilters' Quarters. If your schedule would be better accommodated at hours outside of ours, just call or email us to schedule a visit at another time. We want to be your local, convenient shop for fabrics, notions, needles, threads, ribbons, batting, backings and friendly greetings.

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Please share this site with your friends and families, and invite them to join us on the web or in the shop.

Happy (whatever season this is today)~ I'm going to go out and get some forsythia branches to bring in and encourage them to open~

Be well, keep stitching and creating more beauty in our world.

~ Terry and Rick

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  1. Once again, I want to thank visitors to this blog for stopping by to see what's new at Quilters' Quarters. International visitors are always an exciting event, made possible by the internet. Special thanks to Belgium, New South Wales, Dunkerque, London and Queensland :) Also, Pembroke, Vermont, Massachusetts and Washington State! You have all made my day :)